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  1. I waited almost a year to receive the few items I got. I did get a computer. I also asked for some camera equipment and was turned down. I don't know if the amount is same in all states but I was told $2000.00 per person in the program was authorized and 24 months was the limit, with possible monthly extensions as needed. I just had my second in home visit Aug 25th which means my time is almost up. Overall it's not bad program and it sure helped me.
  2. halos2, 1) I was first granted 30% 2) I had four appeals 3) My claim finally left the VARO in Jan 2002 and went to the BVA. Was remanded to tne AMC in 2004 (I think) where I was rated 60% and after appeal I was raised to 70% in 2006 and TDIU was denied. Huntington raised my back percentage from 40% to 60% from Aug 2002. 4) I was in touch with the AL rep in DC who stopped taking phone calls so I really don't think he helped. I mailed and faxed additional info to the AMC and not him. 5) I went to Voc Rehab and was placed in the independent living program. I think this was really a plus. 6) I've said thank you all day. Really excited and suprised. Waiting on reality to set in !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. First applied in Mar 2000. After years of appeals, today I finally received the decision from Huntington WV approving 100% IU from Aug 2002. It's said persistance and patience pays off. I've been both. I thought it should have dated back to 2000 when I had to resign from my job with the SC Dept of Corrections but at this point and with this decision I think I'll leave well enough alone. For everyone fighting the good fight, don't ever give up and maybe it's true that good things come to those who wait. Thanks for all the help over the years. I've never done a lot of posting, just ask a question or two. I'll stay around to help with any questions I can answer. When I receive the backpay I will donate. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING.
  4. I've sent documentation in the past registered mail and the return receipt come back with no signature. Makes you wonder.
  5. I was told by the Appeals Management Center my remand was sent to Huntington WV for rating. I've tried to contact them for a status but could not reach them using the phone numbers listed under Goggle search, calling from AL, Not even the 800 number. Anyone have any different numbers? If so please post them. Thanks Much!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was told by BVA that my voc rehab records had to received directly from the agency, not from me. Something about since it's another government agency they have to send the request. Don't understand it but who understands the VA?
  7. No, You're Not Alone...... I filed SSD and Unemployability in Jan 2000. Approved for SSD and still fighting for Unemployability. I've appealed their decisions three times since and now being told my second remand is in Huntington Wv for a decision. Don't know the deal with Huntington but I'm still waiting.............. Tazz
  8. Called this morning for the status of my remand and was told that all the info needed to process my remanded appeal has been there since Oct 2007 and my file was in a backlog overflow room waiting to be put on a raters desk to be processed which would probably be another six to eight weeks. This is the second or third time I've heard of this overflow room. Anyone else know or heard of this place? What happens, when a rater decides their ready to work a claim they just reach in and grab a file? With a name like "overflow" it doesn't sound like much organization to it. But after waiting eight years I guess I can wait six weeks longer unless this is another "tell him something so he'll stop calling every day. I'll wait and if there's no answer I'll need phone # to someone in the AMC that can get things done. BIGPAPA92
  9. My TDIU remand has been at the AMC for almost four years. I'm rared 70% and they even said my remand was sent for an extra-schedular evaluation. Why? No one told me. Since then they claimed they we waiting for med records for the second time. Now I'm told my files were supposed to go to the rating board last Monday. I don't know how long the boards take so I decided to wait 30 days before I call them again unless someone knows a quicker way to get updated info. BIGPAPA92
  10. My question is how will we know whose ssn's are involved? If there's any money paid the VA will claim they've paid some large amount and there's no way to verify the truth. We all know how the VA operates. For some reason I don't believe the info will be available through the FOIA. We'll have to file a lawsuit to get that info then go through a five year appeal process. I hope this doesn't happen but these are my thoughts. BIGPAPA92
  11. If your files are at the BVA or AMC you won't receive your retro pay until the files are back at your RO. This is the situation I'm in now. BIGPAPA92
  12. I've been through all this before also. They ask you to send any documents you have, then six months later they'll tell you they can't accept yours, they have to request them. I sent med records that it took them almost a year to get. I received a letter saying they have requested records for the second time after I faxed them in the beginning. Sometimes I wonder if it's a delay tatic or just plain stupidity. Our so called reps at the AMC leaves a lot to be desired also. It seems that their part of the problem too!! It's a darn shame we don't have the kind of help we really need to push our claims through. It's great to read these post that helps us get around the "Bull" we're feed because we don't know. I was just told my claim has a suspense date of 01 Nov. Don't know what it means but my claim has been there about four years so I don't get excited about anything anymore. Good Luck, Hope you get the news you expect soon!! bigpapa92
  13. Josephine, You're going through the same thing I'm going through now. I send info they ask for and they say they can't accept it from me, they have to send for it. Then it's lost and they have to send for it again. I've been told three times they have all the info they need and a month later they tell me their sending for info they already have. I've been going through this since 2000. I can't talk to my American Leigon rep because he won't return my calls. It's even hard to get a name for my records because no one wants to be involved. When you write your senators and they inquire on your behalf, the AMC gives them the same lies they feed us so there's really no help. The last info I got a few weeks ago was they have all the info and it should go to the rating board in the next few weeks. We have to face the fact we have no help and are at the mercy of the system. All we can do is support and pray for each other. Is there anywhere we can find how many claims the AMC process each month? And whos screening these past claims for overpayments? All i know to do is wait and read this board and look for some good news from other members to let me know something is being done. Take Care and Hopefully things will work out for the best. BIGPAPA92
  14. I have a question. Did anyone on this board receive their VA Retro Award while their files were still at the BVA or Appeals Management center? If so, what did you have to do? I'm told by the RO that nothing can be done until my files are returned and they can't use the temp files. I've been trying to find a rule, directive or reg that pertains to this type of situation but nothig yet. If there is one and someone knows about it please let me know. I'm A little skiddish when I'm told this and they can perform other financial duties without the files. For example: I was divorced in June 2007. Sent copies to RO in June 2007. Received letter in Aug adjusting my pay and saying I was overpaid and how much and it would be withheld. Making their own rules is how we got into this Retro Award program in the first place. Thanks Much Bigpapa92
  15. I called and left messages for my Amercian Legion rep at the AMC all last month. Never received a call or anything. I contacted my congressman and The AMC sent him a letter with the same information you received. I don't understand why they want updated info from your doctors every time they are supposely ready to rate your case. I notified my rep and the AMC in writing a year ago I relocated from South Carolina to Alabama and my med records were sent also. In my letter it also states "this is our second request for your records from the Greenville SC outpaitent clinic." I call to speak with my rep last tuesday to remind him my records were no longer there but had to leave a message with this info because I knew he wouldn't return my call. I can only hope he got or looked at my message. I don't know whats going on there but it seems a little strange. My remanded appeal has been there abouth four years now. Hopefully It won't take as long for them to complete yours. BIGPAPA92
  16. Ricky, I know how you feel. My claim has been bounced around since Jan 2000. It took about 2 years for my claim to go from the RO to the BVA. It was remanded to the AMC and has been there since. For some reason the AMC keeps asking for info the've had for years. I don't know what kind of games they play but I Know It makes you feel like giving up. But don't do it. I been going through the same feelings. Call your rep and if you get a chance to talk to them they tell you what is suppose to be the status of your claim when they don't really know. My appeal has been going before the board for the last three years and a few weeks later you get a letter asking for info they said they already had. We don't have the representation we need and I think its set up that way. One of their games is to frustrate you to the point you give up. You lose your benifits and they have one less claim to worry about. I can't tell you how to feel but please don't let this cause you to have other health problems. I had been seeing a physic until i realized thar the VA is my problem. Now i deal with it by praying and leaving it all in his hands. I'm not depressed anymore. If you're able to do any of the things you used to do them. anything to take your mind off this VA . It's going to come. Also stick with HADIT. Not a better group of people around!!!!!!!!!!! Hang in there, We'll make it through together
  17. Has anyone with an appeal at the appeals management center or the BVA received your VA retro award yet? I' m being told that I won't receive my award until my appeal is complete and my files are sent back to mr RO. This don't sound right to me since they have a temp file at the RO. I recently got divorced and sent a copy of my papers to the RO and my pay record has been adjusted. This only took one month. The RO is who told me they had to wait so if anyone has received their Retro Pay please tell me what you had to do to get it. I received a letter Friday telling me their requesting information again that they already have. I spoke with my rep a few months ago and he told me they had everything needed and my appeal was going to the board. I have an idea. How about no more enlistments until this BACKLOG in gone. You know, give them the time they need to catch up!!!! Wouldn't work huh? Just a thought. THANKS ALL
  18. After two weeks I finally got in contact with my American Legion Rep at the AMC. He said that my seven year old IU claim (two years at the AMC) is work in progress. Has anyone ever heard of this status? I ask if this ment I should hear something in about 30 days and he said " no, probably longer". My question is has anyone ever heard of this work in progress status before or do i need to do a writ or should I notify my state congressman or notify the news media. Any and all ideas will greatly appreciated. BIGPAPA92
  19. Cherie33 I've recently went through this program. Someone will visit you to see what you need to help you live independently with your disabilities. I'm rated 70% for my back and both knees. I was given long handled devices so i don't have to bend, a stool for the kitcken, a chair for the shower and a few other things. I also got a computer. They will not give you a list of what they have. so make your own list of what you want yo ask for. I didn't know this. My appeal is at the appeals management center and they have my info from Voc Rehab about my being in the assisted living program. My rep said it should help my IU claim. Hope so. I filed in Jan 2000 and been appealing since. Hopefully you won't have to go through what I have. File ASAP. BIGPAPA92
  20. Hello Hadit, I've Relocated to Alabama and haven't posted in a year or so. I requested info on my va retro pay and found out that since my file is still at the appeals manangement center (already been there two years) I won't get any retro pay until my appeal is completed and file returned to the RO. Anyone else know this? Also has anyone received any approvals from the AMC lately? I was approved for the assisted living program through VOC REHAB and given a Computer. Maybe this will help with my IU claim. Glad to be back among the greatest people in the world and look foward to working with you all again. The Board has changed a lot so if I make a few mistakes please bear with me until I get used to posting again. Thanks and HELLO again Bigpapa92 (old darlenewayne / TAZZ)
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