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  1. Thanks GB, makes sense. Just wondering why they put these as increases as if I requested that. I'll try 1000 too.
  2. I don't know if this is good or bad. It might be good as the VA thinks these should be increased, it might be bad as I think they were static and I might have c&ps.... I'm 100% schedular. I filed for syringomyelia for a cyst on my cervical spine from neck trauma in Iraq. It carries a 30% rating but I likely need surgery to relieve it. Just checked VA.gov on the claim and they added all these increases as part of my claim.... 1. Is this possibly a good thing? or 2. do I risk my static ratings that already have me at 100%? Sorry for the formatting. Thanks in advance! Notice the syringomyelia is SEC but the rest are INC (increases) that I didn't ask for. In case it doesn't come through, this is from Ebenefits: What you’ve claimed Syringomyelia(due to TBI in Combat) (Secondary) chronic posttraumatic headaches with muscle tension headaches (Increase) thoracolumbar strain with scoliosis Intervertebral disc syndrome and degenerative arthritis of the spine (previously rated under dc code 5237) (Increase) spinal stenosis levo scoliosis intervertebral disc syndrome and degenerative arthritis cervical spine (Increase) traumatic brain injury(also claimed as head pressure that affects ability to concentrate) (Increase) Syringomyelia(due To Tbi In Combat) 06/21/2019 SEC View Pending Claim Traumatic Brain Injury(also Claimed As Head Pressure That Affects Ability To Concentrate) 06/21/2019 INC View Pending Claim Chronic Posttraumatic Headaches With Muscle Tension Headaches 06/21/2019 INC View Pending Claim Spinal Stenosis, Levo Scoliosis, Intervertebral Disc Syndrome And Degenerative Arthritis, Cervical Spine 06/21/2019 INC View Pending Claim Thoracolumbar Strain With Scoliosis, Intervertebral Disc Syndrome And Degenerative Arthritis Of The Spine (previously Rated Under Dc Code 5237) 06/21/2019 INC View Pending Claim
  3. Sorry I meant that I reached 100% but then received several other decisions in my favor.... although I'm maxed out at 100%. I just have SMC K. Also theres no language to misinterpret in my letters as none of them refer to permanent or temporary or any of the other terms the VA uses. My Ebenefits letter says 'no' on being permanent. So... trying to go from 100 schedular to 100 P&T. Wondering if I need to file a claim to do that ?
  4. Hello, just subscribed to Hadit as I've received so much good info searching the forums. Thanks to all of you! One last hill to climb, I'd like to receive P&T but I have no idea how. I am 100% and beyond (schedular), with SMC-K as well...so I have the 'total' part but not the 'permanent.' When you Google the topic you usually get answers for how to get P&T from if you are under 100%, or the years it takes for the VA to jump through hoops for reexaminations. I found one law blog that states to write your VARO and 'just ask for it.' Has anyone done this? I'm debating building a packet with IMOs that state my conditions are permanent...but it might be tough to get all my doctors' IMOs. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello HadIt community, Just had a c&p for a claim for an increase to a previous 0% shoulder rating. If it matters, it was a nurse practitioner and not a doc. When we went through ROM I couldn't raise forward beyond 30* due to being in a current flare up, and she stopped the test right there as she stated 'I can't do a ROM test on you due to you being on a flare up'. I asked if that meant I would have to come back later and she 'didn't think so.' Now, it's possible this could be in my favor if written as 'severely limited ROM', but I was at about 30* and she stopped the c&p right there. Has this happened to anyone else, and if so what was the outcome? Thanks in advance!!!
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