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  1. I have seen people at the hospital in the early hours who looked like Tom Cruise walking on the red carpet, well dressed and clean shaven and all. I have heard and seen vets with ptsd and service connected (well rated) who have friends, steady jobs (and well paying), and functional lives who well lived lives. I personally think those individuals dont have a problem or are overly rated. From someone who has been dealing with this trauma for years and who's been homeless and lives the disability (but also thought it wasn't a disability due to among other things, and having all of my limbs...some would think that they didnt qualify or shouldn't talk up about it.) Sometimes it seems a bit racist or there are other factors into play. But it is a shame some vets get denied the help and clearly can't function, while others are perfectly ok. its not right.
  2. It also seems they are very racist and discriminatory on who they SC and want to help. I have been homeless and am on the verge of becoming homeless again. I have had extreme difficulty getting and keeping a job due to my conditions since being discharged, but yet they denied me 10 years ago. And even now, they are trying to find loopholes and putting words in my mouth in my file. I have seen all kinds of craziness they want to fund and help from hoodlums on drugs to funding gender reassignment treatment. Beyond my understanding. God help our country.
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