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  1. I want to say I guess it depends on the VA you go to. I would like to think they have some good ones out there with good people who help and assist vets. I have only been to 3, and they were all crap and the people who worked there were horrible, especially in L.A. They all seemed to be a bunch of hoodlums and people who were selling drugs on the side or soemthing. And when they discharged me out of the homeless domicle when I was trying to push myself to work and get on my feet, it is something I would never forget considering I was struggling with a condition and I needed help. i can see how vets off themselves such situations. From the VSO's to the doctors..they were so concerned on painting a good picture and stating everything was ok with me at the time so they would not have to assist me and sc me. I think its a great idea for them to allow the veteran to choose who they want to recieve care from if that is possible. if the VA actually assisted the veteran I doubt anyone would want to leave and would speak in good favor of them. I know I would. ...but I had diffrent experiences.
  2. SEALVET-33

    C&P question

    Is it just me or does it seem they do these exams crappy exams 'poorly' just to push back for time...? no telling when the next exam would be after requesting because of the fudged one. I remember my C & P doctor wrote in her report that I was rude to her and that I demanded she repeat back what she wrote - that was a lie knife straight out of hell in my back. What I did ask her was if everyhting was ok, because I noticed she wasn't paying attention to what I was saying, and she was looking at some notes on the side of her desk when I was talking, and it seemed she wasn't paying attention as she typed. but she obviously used that to put that in the report. that was when I was like damn. she would probably much rather assist illegals coming into our country i guess. So I went out and found a private doctor afterwards. its really scary what they do. but i shouldnt have been surprised. they treated me the same when I was homeless on the streets of L.A. dealing with my conditions on my own. Good luck.
  3. is there a way to find if one has an AB8 letter on ebenfits..?
  4. sorry to ask all of these questions, but what is an AB8 letter...??
  5. Thanks again. confusing. they should give soldiers an orientation upon discharge about all of this stuff. I never was told. just dealt with it on the streets and coping with it by alcohol. was even kicked out of the domicle. damn shame. anyways, thanks again.
  6. Thanks broken soldier, i just noticed I was finally sc for tinnitus. but it shows 'effective date' for only last month...?? I submitted for that last year, in combination with other claims. Did they make a mistake? Would I be able to update that on ebenfits myself or do I have to speak with an agent? or is that a whole nother process in itself and one of the many tactice the VA uses. its clear as day I submitted for that last year months ago.
  7. letters section? Is that where it say 'decesion letter sent'...? I tried to click on it but it doesnt open up. It just says a letter was sent.
  8. Thank you for the info. I read something on here that some vets found that there was a payment in their account before they even got the letter, so I thought for sure they denied me again. Fortunately I have an address where I can receive mail so that wouldn't be an issue. thanks again for your help.
  9. I see on ebenfits that they had an indication of 'decision letter sent out'' or something like that. If you get a decision of notice sent out to you in the mail about a claim you submitted and you notice there are no funds in your account nor the backpay, does that mean they either just service connected you at 0% and/or they denied you?? I submitted for tinnitus last year and I noticed they closed out some of my claims, but I was never compensated for it. If anyone could share, I would appreciate it. I have been discharged and dealing with depression and being on the streets off and on for over 10 years due to my inservice condition, but still dont understand anything about these claims and the process.
  10. Just the other day I received a phone call from a private number - Turns out it was the person rating my claim. They asked me if I had any additional things I wanted to submit or if I had any questions, as they will be rating and closing my claim, and that everything is done. I asked them if they got by reports and DBQ's from my private doctors about my combat PTSD and they said they have recieved and read everything I submitted. I told them that I had no other questions and thanked them for the call. I then noticed my claim at the 'preparation of notification'. the last one. Then today I just happened to notice it went right back to 'gathering of evidence' and my dates have been pushed back by 5 months....!?? What is that?? Oh, and they also want me to go to another C & P. Will they compensate me for my private evaluations that I payed for from 2 different doctors? I really dislike how the VA operates. Has anyone ever had this experience? It clearly seems they are up to something and probably want to challenge my private exams. This really hinders a veteran's ability to get the treatment and assistance they need.
  11. Yes, you are right. My claim was in the 'gathering of evidence' stage. And after I told the social worker that I would be looking into getting treatment outside, I noticed they were persistent in getting in touch with me. I called the VA several times to check the status of my claim and the dates went back about 4 months so I was wondering what was going on. They said they were requesting things from social workers. When I went into myhealthy vets to get my med info to show to my new doctor, I noticed the notes of the social worker how they put all kinds of stuff in there I didnt even say. After reading about many of the horror stories on here, and how they try to do anything and everything to lower a veterans rating or completely deny them from getting the assistance is horrible.
  12. Yeah, turns out she is a social worker. I made a mistake. Not a coordinator. It is abut my combat PTSD and depression. Thnak you for oyur help.
  13. Buck52 thanks for your feedback and thank you for your service. its crazy how they twist what you say like that. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID WITH ME!! again, not sure if she is a doctor or social worker, but she is one of the coordinators I have been meeting with about my depression and anxiety in certain situations related to my trauma. I am wondering if it would be a bad idea to call her and mention it to her and that her statement was not what I said. She'd probably twist and sculpt that around. This is why I do not want to deal with them anymore and I want to get my therapy through a private doctor. But again, I am unemplyed and it is hard for me to even work and be to be in certain situations. I am sometimes very scared to leave the house but I want the treatment. They should make to were Vets can use their benefits for treatment with outside doctors. I remember one time I made a complaint about something they put in my records years back that I never even knew was in there until I read my C & P exam, and I can see how the examiner went fishing for it in the deep ocean, and twisted it around so strange that it didnt look good and gave the statment a bad ring. When I went in and showed a bit of anger and disatisfaction about it...they called the police on me. They then sent me a letter in the mail saying they werent going to red flag me now but it could happen in the future. that was when I really started to see what they were about. very scary. I am praying for all of you out there and the war we all seem to continue to fight.
  14. Hello Berta and thank you for your feedback. When I was looking through my treatment records on myhealthy vet to check info to submit to my new private doctor, I noticed the updated changes in my file and the notes she made about our last conversation, and I noticed those notes were sent to the VA. So it kind of seemed odd.
  15. Thank you for the welcome. The comment isn't in my C & P. The c & P was done long ago. It was a phone call I recieved from a coordinator. She put a comment in my records and it seems as if she submitted it to the VA. And from how she put it and the words in my mouth, she makes it seem as if I am completely fine and dandy and I am not struggling with my situation. I didnt even finish with the claim yet. Does anyone understand what I am talking about? I am not sure if she is a doctor, but she is a coordinator who I have been speaking with numerous times about how the condition has been effecting me. But my question was, and I would appreciate it if someone could help me, can they use short over the phone talks to put things in your record to deny or reduce a Veterans assistance for their treatment throught their claim while they are in the process?? doesnt seem like anyone udnerstands what I am asking.

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