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  1. Actually, though, my TDIU says I'm permanently disabled and also that no reexamination is required. Would that mean I would lose nothing if I earned high income?
  2. I see, Buck52, I would be able to keep more money if I had a true 100% should I return to the workforce. I just had sleep apnea approved secondary to asthma. Would a claim for apnea also secondary to bipolar be a good idea? Is that possible?
  3. I'm also at 90% (sleep apnea secondary to asthma 50% and bipolar 70%) and just received TDIU. Is there much advantage to getting to 100% without TDIU?
  4. Thank God for TDIU. I had my claim for sleep apnea secondary to asthma accepted 3 weeks ago and was awarded a bump from 30% to 50% which brought my overall 80% up to 90%, with that small raise in pay. Today, VA.gov said this
  5. A lot to unpack here. Thanks, guys, you've given me lots to consider.
  6. I understand your reasoning but I don't want to give up 33% of the lump sum. That could be over $100 grand. I know my shaky cognitive abilities has me asking many questions. But I'm good at this stuff, I have won a settlement previously without a lawyer. Could I hire an attorney or legal expert who could assist while I still handle the tasks?
  7. Thank you for the language. So, my VARO will tell me who to address it to?
  8. I think I'm about ready to work on my 23 year back pay. They tell me they have everything for a decision for my sleep apnea/TDIU claim except for my SSDI medical evidence. I'll do that tomorrow. They told me it'll be 2-6 weeks. As I submit for my C file, I'm wondering if there's an advantage of submitting a CUE saying the C&P examiner reported that my bipolar started during active duty and I submitted a bipolar claim 23 years ago (which awarded me a 70% rating), please pay me my back pay. I mean, if there's a 5% chance it will work it is worth it, isn't it? Am I missing something?
  9. Rather simple form. Who do I send it to? Do I need a name? Also, for Information Requested, I just say C file?
  10. I doubt I did. I told my sleep apnea C&P examiner the above scenario minus the vaccination, so he may have done something with it. I think I can bring it up on Healthevet. I will try to find his report.
  11. With all the current concern over measles vaccines and all, it dawned on me this morning that my 30% asthma problems started in boot camp when I came down with measles from their vaccination. And now the VA is deciding on my claim of sleep apnea secondary to asthma. The OSA caused brain damage when the asthma and its debilitating cough (roommates had moved out because I coughed so loud and often at night) was rampant and I haven't been able to work since Sept 2017. I'm now pondering the implications of it all starting with the boot camp MMR vaccination.
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