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  1. I'd need verification for this news item before I make any conclusions. Federal programs are not that easy to kill.
  2. Google tells me the first of each month, but for the past several months or more, I've received payments as early as the 23rd... It's driving me nuts not knowing.
  3. The hope is incredible, isn't it? My whole life has been turned around through my disability awards.
  4. Aha! That explains it fully. I have severe obstructive SA (just lost 11 lbs). Thank you.
  5. Now, sleep apnea secondary to depression is a new one on me. What does secondary mean? I have 30 for asthma and 70 for bipolar and have a sleep apnea C&P exam for next week that I'm pretty sure is secondary to asthma. How exactly would sleep apnea be related to a mood disorder? Should I look into that route, too?
  6. I also filed charges against them with the EEOC. Could those documents be used as proof? It includes my statement made about a year ago and filed officially about them denying two requests for accommodations (wouldn't give me a day off for my sleep test that I was desperate to get to treat my sleep apnea and stop the brain damage) even with two doctor's signatures. I'm sure they'll give me copies if I can't find mine. Dang, I should find the copy of the VA sleep doc's recommendations after getting my sleep lab results. It showed my blood oxygen perfusion getting down to 55% twice an hour.
  7. Thank you, doc! Just what I was looking for. What is DBQ and how can it help me?
  8. Is there an article, perhaps, that could help me?
  9. I'm pretty sure it's for my claim that sleep apnea was caused/exacerbated by my SC asthma (30% awarded last year), because I saw on eBenefits last week, a note about that particular claim being referred for examination or something. Then C&P called right after that and set up this appointment. At the time the sleep apnea was at its worst (2 years ago or so) my asthma had been also very bad for a year, to the point where I often could not speak for the frequent coughing. It was a debilitating cough. Almost cost me my job because I couldn't stop coughing in front of my customers who faced me on a gambling table. My roommate would complain that my coughing in my sleep would wake him and he was 78 and hard of hearing. At that time I lived at an elevation of 9200 feet and my sleep apnea and coughing would wake me every two hours, wide awake. That's when I figure I was getting the least amount of oxygen in my brain (oh yeah! right about then, a civilian lab suggested I get a sleep test when it saw my red blood cells were way high- a sign of exhaustion), so my blood changed in efforts to get sufficient oxygen to my organs. I think I can find that report online. So- back to the topic- the asthma obviously lowered my lungs ability to gain enough oxygen, hence it damaged my brain and made my bipolar (just got 70% for that) crush me. I am hoping to get some pointers on how to participate in my exam. Thanks in advance.
  10. I see a fax number for my 21-8940 form, so I know I can submit to the VA that way. Can I also photograph the Employers Form 21-4192 make it into a .pdf and email it to my former employer and ask them to complete it and photograph it as a .pdf, return it to me and fax that to the Evidence Intake Center?
  11. I just filled the 21-4192 and where it asked when did my SC disability begin to affect my employment and I answered 1980 when it began. Got kicked out of the NAV due to mental health reasons according to my DD 214. I must have had at least 30 employers. My last 5 years reflect gross underemployment. I had to leave Vegas and relocate 800 miles and endure 6 months of low pay just to get the right-paying casino dealing job. Proof for proving I was disabled for IU? Should I submit them with the 21-8940? I successfully sued a Vegas casino for violating my rights under the ADA. Tried to sue these birds, too, but the EEOC hack who took my application fouled it up for me. I may revisit that, for I suffered horribly under them and have proof my boss lied to HR about my schedule making me look like a no call- no show, a fireable offense, so I had no interest in returning. And I did file within time...
  12. Awesome reply, Bronco, super appreciate it. He was active duty Navy oncologist at the time we spent together, so he treated me in-service. Now, it appears he's a Civil Service specialist on the same property in San Diego. I'm going to contact him and see if he remembers me and our interactions. Is there a certain way I should phrase my words to him about this? I do want to do this pro se, I guess the term is. I love this kind of thing. I won a $12k settlement in the past negotiating with an attorney over a 5 week period and know I will be angry if I give up 20% or more contingency by hiring an attorney. I have always asked of many counselors when making big decisions for I'm extremely impulsive, so I became a subscription holder. You all may soon be inundated with questions as I seek clarity. I am articulate and all that, except for organized, but I'm hiring a professional office assistant, maybe a paralegal, if I can find a good one. The big deal is how my disability affects my cognitive abilities. Today is my 2nd unsuccessful attempt at starting to fill out the 21-8940 form. Can't find the page on this site that had detailed instructions I saw a couple weeks ago. Where would I buy a Veterans Benefit Manual and is a searchable electronic version better than paper? Edit: How do I get my cfile and at what cost? I also identified events in my service record like NJP and a hospitalization that the VA may not have used yet. So that would also justify back pay. Oh, yeah. I first submitted a claim for bipolar 23 years ago.
  13. A doctor I worked with as a corpsman in the Navy also saw me as a patient once. That was when my bipolar symptoms began, he suggested I run to relieve my headaches from sleep deprivation and stress. Additionally, he noticed in the following year my mood swings and would regularly comment about them. Well, I just looked him up in the same city and he's got a thriving practice. I'm sure he'd recall all I mentioned. Would that help my cause for 23 years of back pay? I do have other evidence for it.
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