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  1. Thanks MarkInTexas. I've got a new car and life is great! Got it a week before your last post. Kind of thrilled to be rated 100% P&T...over 6 years of waiting. Now I'm enrolled in dental and am debating whether to get a base card as I'd like to tour the great nation. I'm not sure if my rating can be reduced or if I can work and keep the benefits? Anyway Hoping to be responsible and takes things as slowly as I can.
  2. Yes I filed for service connection within a year of discharge and have been battling this for 6+ years. My file is also flagged for hardship. —Thanks jefri. I have found the following online after hundreds of calls to the RO. https://vetsbenefits.net/disabilities-claimed-attorney-fee-new-t178357.html Was told today at the 1000 number to have notification any day now.
  3. Hi all! I’ve finally been granted service connection for my condition at the BVA level. A couple issues got remanded. I am wondering when I will receive benefits. As I am seeing a claim for attorney fees now in ebenefits. Last time I seen anything resembling an attorney fee’s was Mar. 23, 2018 and I got my first VA check Apr. 2, 2018. So I am hoping it’s kind of soon. And good news to see. No update on percentage. Can anyone relate a time frame? It’s supposed to be expedited.
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