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  1. My rating is 80% combined and I get paid at 100% because of I/u p&t. Are you saying that I don’t qualify for a&a or smc with my rating, even if my doctor gives me favorable answers on form 21-2680
  2. According to my vso I should have no problems apply for a&a due to the effects my stroke had on me mentally, this what he has noticed by dealing with me. I haven't applied for anything since my last rating in 2005. since this rating I have had a stroke(tia) with afib now, conjestive ht failures, ht stent, aortic valve replaced (ht).
  3. Thx brocovet. yes i have a 22-2680 for my pc md to fill out. I'm not only trying to get A&A I'm also trying to get the highest rating for (smc) that I qualify for. i get paid 100% but I'm considered 80% pt. sc and they awarded me I/u pt because of all my ratings, my highest rating is 60%. am I going about this the wrong way???
  4. Does the va associate tbi with a stroke?? im sc for cad,hypertension & copd. I've suffer from post stroke problems such as comprehensive of what I read, saying exactly what I'm thinking, remembering things the brain issues are constant. I also suffer from balance issues, right hand shaking & use of hand, etc. these things are not Constant only a couple times a week, they are much worse if I get upset. do I have any recourse with (smc) other than A&A??
  5. The first time I applied for csa they denied me saying that it wasn't sc. But all of my new evidence is in my va med records.
  6. Thanks for the research doc 25. i see in the csa rating that long term csa can cause major pulmonary and heart problems. i have copd been diagnosed with chd several times, va give me a cpap for my csa, hypertension and leaking aortic valve in my heart they just replaced. According to my heart surgeon he's surprised the Navy missed it. I guess I would qualify for 50% or 100% with these issues.
  7. I was diagnosed with central sleep apnea and given a bipap machine for this, according to the examiners my heart just quits beating, this test and diagnosis was from a va doctor. i requested a rating for sleep apnea and was disapproved as non service connected. I have a Sc rating of 60% cad, sc rating 10% copd, sc rating 10% hypertension, sc rating 10% anxiety disorder. I have also been diagnosed with thrombosystosis, loss of spleen due to splenic infarction (spleen stroke), heart sttack, heart stent, aortic valve replaced. Would my central sleep apnea be secondary to all of these blood problems that I have experienced???
  8. Please bare with me, since my stroke I don't always understand or convey things properly.i did electronics and electrical work in the Navy so I had to be a little sharper than I am now. i understand that I can only be rated one rating (s,m r1 etc.) at a time. My question is once my MD fills out my 21-2680, should my vso request a&a or should he file (ask) for a certain letter on the Smc chart that best fits the answers on my 21-2680 or will the VA RATERS assign a smc rating on thier own??
  9. If u get A&A can you qualify for smc ratings other ?? my vso gave me a 21-2680 to have filled out and bring back to him, so he can file a form requesting a&a. If I'm approved will they give me ratings that I qualify for or just a&a?
  10. I am most definitely confused now!!! i thought if you qualified for A/A and you were100%you automatically qualified for smc???
  11. Thx vetquest the way I read the va decision, they granted me tdiu on all of my ratings combined. In my last post, the first 2 paragraphs I posted is the reason they gave me for approval. does this mean that I don't qualify smc(s)????
  12. Thanks for the response. TRUST ME IM CONFUSED TO!!!! Reasons for decision 1. Entititlement to I/u entitlement to I/u is granted because you are unable to secure or follow a substantially gainful occupation as a result of service-connected disabilities. according to va form 21-8940, veterans application for increased compensation based on I/u. You are currently SC for the following cad 60%, residuals, fracture right elbow radial head 10%, copd 10%, hypertension 10%, mechanical low back pain with degenerative disc disease, residuals of fusion at L5- S1 10% combined rating 80%. letter from my Pc Md. stated u have been treated for a. number of medical problems which include hypertensive vascular disease, chronic bronchitis and radius impairment. Md states because of your medical conditions, which include low back pain, you are unable to maintain full time employment. c&p Md. states the following medical conditions cause functional impairment and impacts on sedentary employment are ( all my ratings) low back pain caused by degenerative disc disease causing chronic pain for which you take pain medicine, which causes significant limitation of STANDING, WALKING AND ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING and are unable to pursue gainful or sedentary employment. it goes on to say that I am p&t. I have read a few times especially on attorney sites like CC&K that if you were tdiu (P&T) it is a separate 100% rating on its own!!! They also go on to explain how I'm Ch. 35 and my dependats quality for educational assistance. With all of this being said, do I qualify for smc(s)???
  13. I read on H&P attorney site, one way to qualify for smc (s) u can be tdiu permanent & total and at least 60% sc by its self or combined. What makes it 100% this way is the permanent & total.the other way is a secondary rating of 100%. has anyone filed and was awarded this way???
  14. I'm sure my doctor will put in form 21-2680 write up, that I need 1. A&A 2. Loss of use( from stroke) 3. Loss of right radial head and a couple inches of bone in my elbow. 4. Mental criteria 5. One testicle not normal i thought to qualify for smc, u had to had to meet a two certain % ratings that were sc?
  15. Thanks doc25 how do I know if I qualify for smc?? Yes if I can file for back pay to affective date, I will. ill be surprised if I don't qualify for a/a. I'm not housebound I can get out of the house. I'm pretty sure my Vso can see how my stroke a couple of years ago is affecting my mind/memory. Since my rating I've had stroke, afibralation, heart stent, conjestive heart failure(s)and aortic valve in my heart replaced . Surely I qualify for something.
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