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  1. Thanks for all the replies..so much excellent info, suggestions, and things to consider..
  2. Long story short,an examiner determined dad incompetent to manage his finances. My brother and I both stated in 2 exams (knee exam and A&A exam) that my brother and I manage dad's finances. But long story short, they are going to call to set up an appt to have a field examiner come to see dad's competency. A family member might be appointed if dad requests (which likely he will), but my question is, they ask for (2) character witnesses. I basically have become a hermit in taking care of dad..I really never see anybody other than in passing at the grocery store these days. I can provide the character witnesses, but my question is, do they ask the witnesses how often they see me..? Because I really never see anybody these days..I lead the life of a nun, which anyone who knows me would say, but if the examiner asks the witnesses how often they see me, or the last time the person saw me, that could be.."hardly ever" or "several years now".. Now, my other question is about some Brady Handgun Violence Prevention law about firearms. I am licensed to carry and I legally own a firearm that is locked up and only I and my brother have the key to access. Dad lives with me, so while he has no access to the key (hence, nor the gun for that matter), I still worry about this....Should this pose a problem..?
  3. Yeah, dr's writing is hard to decipher... Can't find any info on his "supplemental claim" on the va.gov site...the VA claims rep submitted the supplemental claim on Friday afternoon...Is it too soon for it to appear on the va.gov site...?
  4. Right, that is why I posted the clip part of his 2680. Is that not considered a diagnosis? This is so confusing...
  5. This is the 'diagnosis' that his VA rehab/knee doctor filled out today on the 2680 form. The VA claims rep said this part is key. But even though he was rated 10% disabled for his knee many years ago, I am wondering if this 'diagnosis' that the rehab/knee doc filled out today coincides with his knee injury when he was in the Korean War...To me, this 'diagnosis' today looks more like age-related condition. And he is "only" rated 10% for his knee...But the claims rep seemed pleased with this 'diagnosis' today.
  6. Thanks..it's so confusing..His rehab doc is surprised he was only rated 10%.. I guess it is wait and see now..
  7. Thank you..Will be interesting to see what happens..Gosh, he might even get denied again..By saying "when the doctor said you were disabled"..that part is what confuses me..he was initially 10% disabled for his knee that was service connected YEARS ago..So, other than his rehab/knee/VA doc filing out the 2680, I am not sure a doctor specifically said he is disabled due to his knee..?..would his 10% disability for his knee be what they go by..? Or does he need some type of letter from a doctor specifically saying he is disabled due to his knee..?..and if so, who does he see for that..? Would we need to ask his rehab/knee doc for all his files..?
  8. Dad applied for Aid and Attendance back in November, and he was denied. We were under the impression that bc he needed 24/7 care and was service connected, for daily tasks like grooming, dressing, showering, etc, which he does. Basically he had (2) doc's initially fill out the 2680 form, and long story short, his heart doc, who for whatever reason, dad thinks this heart doc is God, well...this heart doc screwed him bc the heart doc answered 'yes' to he feeds himself, etc..The heart doc sees him barely once a year..his VA doc, who he sees every 3 months, said he does need help with feeding himself, etc.. So..had the c&p exam and he was denied.. When he was denied, the VA claims rep told us to wait 6 months and appeal or whatever..Which we did..Last week someone was filling in for the regular claims rep, and old us to fill out a new 2680 and ask for a reconsideration. BUT, today the regular claims rep said to have his rehab doc fill out the 2680 for his knee, bc he is service connected disabled due to his knee. By luck, he had an appt with his 'rehab' (knee') doc today, and we had the rehab doc fill out the 2680, which, he sees this rehab doc weekly (even at VA daycare), so the rehab doc knows dad's daily living help that he needs......finally..getting dad away from insisting on using the heart doc who basically screwed him out of A&A back in November.. Now, this is where I am confused..I thought if they determine that dad qualifies this time, he gets backpay from November. But I'm thinking this is a whole new claim..? The rehab doc filled out a new 2680, which we submitted to the VA claims rep today, and she confused me as to if it will be backpay to November or not. She herself submitted for dad form 20-0995, where she filled out or "13A. Specific Issues": aid and attendance due to service connected knee condition and for "13B. Date o VA Decision Notice" she put today's date," 06-07-2019." So, is this basically a whole new claim..? What is this "Supplemental Claim" she put in today..? I did not read the part where it said "Supplemental Claim" at the top, she was rushing us out bc she was so busy today..
  9. They turned dad down for Aid and Attendance and he has gotten worse, so we are going to I guess ask for a reconsideration. How does this work..? We had his VA doc fill out the same paper as before. Do they take his previous doctor papers into consideration, or not, being he has gotten worse since November...? Also, will he have to go or another c&p exam..? The doc said he needs help with 5/6 ADLs, but also said he can feed himself. 5/6 is big, but also, feeding himself is the very first question on the paper, so it is pretty big in itself.
  10. Dad is 88 years old and is 100% disabled rated by the VA (actually 110%)...He told me today that he was talking to a 93 year old at the VA hospital, the 93 year old lives there, is a permanent resident. The 93 year old supposedly told dad that in addition to living at the VA, he still gets his 70% disability direct deposit every month... I could've swore when/if you go to a nursing home and the VA pays for the NH, that you lose your monthly disability money? I did a google search and can't seem to find anything, but I could swear I read that somewhere before. Is that possible..? I find it hard to believe, I mean, I thought the disability money was to cover cost of living for the vet..? So if he goes to a NH, he would then lose the disabilty money, right..? I'm wondering if dad misheard (very hard of hearing), perhaps he misunderstood, or perhaps the 93 year old perhaps has Alzheimers and was perhaps was not fully communicating well..
  11. Thank you, on his behalf. He does donate already. Has for years. He just got his papers today. No backpay in is direct deposit account yet, but he said he has waited years for this.....he said he can wait a few more days (or even a few more weeks)...
  12. He is still getting his old payment amount, not the increase. His disability went rated 10% to 100%; the 100% disability was decided January 31st, and he filed for the increase in disability November 14. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Thanks so very much for the info..
  13. Thank you so much broncovet. Yes, it is so hard to determine. So it looks like they only do payments on the 1st of the month. For some reason I thought I had read somewhere that the backpay could be deposited within 15 days after the decision, which the decision was January 31st. So to that notion, we were thinking he would get his backpay by February 15. He has been on pins & needles and driving me crazy..he is old school and doesn't do online banking to check, nor does he want to call the bank to check, so he just drives me batty asking me daily..more than once daily, too..lol... https://www.va.gov/disability/about-disability-ratings/after-you-get-a-rating/
  14. Dad qualified for an increase in his disability. He should have backpay for December and January, right..? It was effective November 14th 2018, and the claim was closed January 31st 2019. He got his old disability amount deposited into his account today. I did see on the VA website that typically backpay is within 15 days, but I am thinking if he already got his old amount, will he have to wait now until March 1st to get his backpay and new disability amount..? If so, on March 1st, he should get 3 months of the new amount, right..? Or should he expect the 2 months (December and January) to somehow be added by the middle of February..? Will the VA deposit an amount mid-month..? Also, how long does it take to receive driving/mileage pay for going to his exam back in the middle of December..? We mailed the form in a couple days after the exam, so they should've gotten the form by the end of December, at the latest..the mileage pay was to be deposited, and so far, nothing has been deposited for the mileage..Been over a month now..ahh, the government..lol..
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