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  1. Thank you, on his behalf. He does donate already. Has for years. He just got his papers today. No backpay in is direct deposit account yet, but he said he has waited years for this.....he said he can wait a few more days (or even a few more weeks)...
  2. He is still getting his old payment amount, not the increase. His disability went rated 10% to 100%; the 100% disability was decided January 31st, and he filed for the increase in disability November 14. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Thanks so very much for the info..
  3. Thank you so much broncovet. Yes, it is so hard to determine. So it looks like they only do payments on the 1st of the month. For some reason I thought I had read somewhere that the backpay could be deposited within 15 days after the decision, which the decision was January 31st. So to that notion, we were thinking he would get his backpay by February 15. He has been on pins & needles and driving me crazy..he is old school and doesn't do online banking to check, nor does he want to call the bank to check, so he just drives me batty asking me daily..more than once daily, too..lol... https://www.va.gov/disability/about-disability-ratings/after-you-get-a-rating/
  4. Dad qualified for an increase in his disability. He should have backpay for December and January, right..? It was effective November 14th 2018, and the claim was closed January 31st 2019. He got his old disability amount deposited into his account today. I did see on the VA website that typically backpay is within 15 days, but I am thinking if he already got his old amount, will he have to wait now until March 1st to get his backpay and new disability amount..? If so, on March 1st, he should get 3 months of the new amount, right..? Or should he expect the 2 months (December and January) to somehow be added by the middle of February..? Will the VA deposit an amount mid-month..? Also, how long does it take to receive driving/mileage pay for going to his exam back in the middle of December..? We mailed the form in a couple days after the exam, so they should've gotten the form by the end of December, at the latest..the mileage pay was to be deposited, and so far, nothing has been deposited for the mileage..Been over a month now..ahh, the government..lol..
  5. Thanks Berta..I am still wondering where I can see the results for his aid and attendance decision online..? I can see the results for his disability claims, but not the results for aid and attendance..and the claims lady was acting so scatterbrained when I asked her, she did not seem sure..So I am back to wondering where, if possible, I can see the actual decision for aid and attendance online..? You're right, I think we need a new claims rep..*sigh*..
  6. (OP: Dad is now (newly approved) 100% disabled, and we also put in for aid and attendance at the same time as his disability, but I can't see any results for aid and attendance on va.gov or ebenefits...I poked around both sites pretty well. Where can A&A report/results be seen online..? Thank you) EDIT, pt II: I still don't see an actual decision for the aid and attendance online. If I see the results for his disabilities (all filed the same day, c&p exams the same day), shouldn't I be able to see the aid and attendance decision somewhere online..? Like I can see the decision for the disabilities.. EDIT: I called his claims rep. First she said yes, he got the new 100% disability (for his hearing loss), but first she said the aid and attendance was 'overlooked' or 'adjucated'..(sp?)..but then she said his aid and attendance is denied. I asked if we can reopen his case, and she said 'no'...what..?? NO..?? I asked her if we can have a hearing on it, and she said no, to wait 6 months to reopen. Dad literally can't get up out of a chair on his own..he is a big safety risk if he lived without assistance, and he would be in a nursing home if he did not have someone helping him DAILY..doing things for him daily like cleaning, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, I even have to shave him..he drops a lot of things (I want to get plastic cups and dishes, but he refuses)..he is a huge safety risk if by himself..I am shocked that his A&A was denied..at his C&P exam, the examiner could see he can't even get in and out of a chair on his own... He is also only getting 10% for his knee..what..???? Which is what he was getting before (we applied for an increase)...still only getting 10%...are you kidding me..??? The man can't even get in and out of a chair without someone helping him.. Can we ask for a hearing for both his knee and aid and attendance..? Can we ask for a hearing and not even bother with his claims rep now..?
  7. It's so confusing to read about this stuff online. Say a vet applies for both aid and attendance and disability at the same time, and qualifies for both, say the vet gets 60% disability, can he still get aid and attendance from the VA..? I read that the vet gets one or the other, disability or aid and attendance, whichever is higher, but the vet won't be receiving both from the VA. Does anybody know if this is true, that the vet can't get both aid and attendance and disability..?
  8. Thank you, Buck..no, the vet is 88 years old, not seeking employment..
  9. TYBuck52. I guess my question is, what is the combined total for these (3) ratings..? Does it take him under the 100%..? If the vet has no desire to file again, what is this combined total rating..? IE, also, what would the vet be paid with this rating..?
  10. I am thinking the vet would get 100% regardless..? I know they combine all the disabilities, and do some kind of "VA math"..and average it all out somehow..so how much would the 'average' be if the veteran qualified for 3 disabilities that were 100%, 10%, and another 10%..? Or, if the vet gets one 100%, then the other (2) 10% disabilities are then disregarded..?
  11. I do know that the examiner mentioned that normally these take several months to hear anything back, but she said we should hear something in 6 to 8 weeks..not sure if that is a good sign or not..?
  12. I am so sorry for your loss and the VA dragging it out..that is my fear (concern more appropriately), too, is that if anything...they will drag this out.. if not totally deny him altogether.. as I said, he was his own worst enemy in the exam.. *sigh*..
  13. Thanks for the replies. And particularly Richard's case, God Bless you... I guess my main concern is how my father downplayed his problems.. The examiner could clearly see his huge trouble/impossibility in even getting in and out of his wheelchair on his own. But I'm afraid the final reviewer will only see that dad told the examiner that he feeds himself, showers himself, dresses himself, toilets by himself, and cooks himself..all of which is totally untrue!! And it burned my muffin that all I could do was sit there and say nothing bc the examiner told me to shut up.. I help him get dressed, I help him into and out of the shower, he does feed himself but he makes a mess that I have to always clean up..food all over himself, the table, the floor..but he is stubborn (and truthfully, can get downright mean) and insists on feeding himself..and he sure as heck does not cook..He might start to cook one meal himself a week, but he gets it started, and I always have to finish it! I do all the cooking and cleanup for him.....not that I mind, but he just denied all of this to the examiner!! The only good thing is his PCP from the VA did write a good report on his paper that we turned in..On it she diagnosed him with: Osteoarthritis, Arthralgia of knee (he got his knee hurt in Korean war), Neck pain and Essential hypertension. Then she did say on the paper work that we submitted that he does need help bathing, getting dressed, preparing his meals; due to pain and ambulation difficulties. The only thing that I know is actually conflicting is on the paperwork, the PCP put (among many things) that he cannot bend and extend knee. At the exam, the examiner had him bend and extend his knee, and while he had trouble doing so, he eventually did. He also has a strong grip (if shaky). But the paperwork turned in by his PCP said pretty much everything that he needs, and his problems/cannot complete with daily activities. But then at the exam he denied all of this..and I'm thinking that is all the final reviewer will see, is what he told the examiner...and while he did struggle to bend and extend his knee, he eventually did do so..and while it was a struggle, my fear is that he did finally bend and extend, regardless of the difficulty and pain....The PCP did write a lot down for the restrictions, but I cannot even read what she wrote....not sure how the reviewer will read it..I guess that's why they wanted the exam..
  14. Thanks for all the replies..How do I read his cfile..? Where is that..?
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