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  1. I finally figured out how to do this! I hope this is all thats was needed.. thanks again, everyone.
  2. OMG do i have some learning to do! I've got to admit i am lost as to all the EED, CUE, VARO and all of it..wow I need to get all this down..I really really appreciate this help and advise here. Thanks everyone I'll try to post my papers here shortly, hope i can get that done!
  3. Submitted multiple claims in 96' I was told nothing in from VA office multiple times. Fast forward to May 2017, I visited VA again. They scheduled physical exam and was given a 10% disability. Based on my prior claim for only 1 of my issues. I was back paid from 96' but all other claims were denied. I went back to appeal and was told that there wasn't a "time limit" even knowing my papers said i had 1 year to appeal. I came into active duty with a prior jaw injury, while in service I had a complete reconstruction of upper jaw with bone grafts from hip and 4 implants to upper maxilla which took over 2 years to complete. This is now causing me pain and smelly discharge from my implants, What can i do since i missed my 1 year window of appeal? I also want to appeal the 10% rating...What would you guys recommend?
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