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  1. Thanks for all of the info, everyone. I was eventually granted service connection for my back @ 20% from 1/2000 and 0% for my foot from same date. Foot was upgraded to 10% in 2010 after surgery. I appreciate all of the comments and advice along the way. Thanks for your service!
  2. This claim suddenly became visible via vets.gov. I only noticed it, yesterday. (5/14/2019) The estimated completion date was sometime in 2020. Today, it has moved to step 4, Preparation for notification, and the Estimated date is 12/1/2019. Any insight or educated speculation provided is welcome.
  3. So, how did it go? Did the doctor test ROM? Do you have your results back?
  4. I don't understand why they would move the date. I have no other appointments scheduled. I've had C&P exams for each of the issues that I am aware of (back and foot). They've received all of the available information and records from civilian doctors. Frustrating...
  5. I was just told over the phone today that they now estimate this claim to be complete in April of 2020.
  6. Thanks, louis stewart! Results from Foot pain C&P: MEDICAL OPINION SUMMARY TYPE OF MEDICAL OPINION PROVIDED: [ MEDICAL OPINION FOR DIRECT SERVICE CONNECTION ] a. The condition claimed was at least as likely as not (50% or greater probability) incurred in or caused by the claimed in-service injury, event or illness. c. Rationale: -- C-file review: -- 09/02/1999 right foot examined, on the plantar aspect of the lateral surface of the right foot is a large callus with central verrucous papule; dx plantar wart -- condition was first diagnosed in the military as documented; condition is still present during C&P Exam **************************************************************** *********
  7. I recently received a phone call from the VA to schedule a C&P for my foot pain. Scheduled for tomorrow morning.
  8. I just called the 800-827-1000 number and was told: He does not see anywhere in the claim (526 Form) which I signed 2/15/2000, and was submitted on 3/2/2000 where the claim was closed, denied, adjudicated or rated in any way. It looks like it just 'dropped through the cracks'. He said there was an annotation of "Correction of Local Quality Error" and that was as "still open". The claim still shows they are waiting for other info from a private doctor, but that they had in fact received that info on 2/1/2019, so it is waiting to be processed and reviewed. No, this was at a private doctor. I was told they had records going back to the 80s, and the were counseled that could destroy everything over 10 years old, and they did it. She told me she had a record of my appointments, but nothing about what the appointments were for, etc. I had two appointments. Only one of which I showed up for. I will contact my regional office and request a copy of my c-file. Again, thanks everyone for your help, and your service!
  9. As far as other documents related to the back pain claim, I have nothing. I did not even remember making this "claim", exactly. As I was out processing from the AF, I am sure someone at the hospital asked me about medical problems, and I told them I had back and foot pain. I do not know if there was a claim filed at that time, or not. I never thought about it again, until I got a letter asking about it, which only happened because I wanted to see about getting hearing aids, and that led to all of this. So, I guess there must have been a claim filed, but I did not even realize it. So, no, I never made any appeal, as I didn't know if (and still don't) if it was denied, or what. Regarding my condition from 2000 to 2018, as I said (and she recorded) 2. Medical history ------------------ a. Describe the history (including onset and course) of the Veteran's thoracolumbar spine (back) condition (brief summary): -- relates -- "I had to change really heavy parts in the bottom load of the air craft while I was in the military. They had these monorails but they didn't always work so we had to pick them up a lot of times. I can remember having back pain and having physical therapy in the Air Force and having to go to traction but that's all I can remember about what they did. Since then I have always had back pain, upper and lower back. I have pain all the time, especially if I try to stand up for ten or more minutes. I can try to lean against something and put pressure and that seems to help. At night when I am sleeping it will wake me up with pain and I have to roll out of bed and walk around for a minute. I have just been living with the pain." Not sure if the above has any merit, or not. The VA has never asked me for more information about my back, only the C&P. They wanted all sorts of info on the foot pain, however. I did see a doctor about my back sometime around 2006. I called them to get records, but they told me they'd already destroyed them all. Thanks! I appreciate your help!
  10. I recently (October 2018) made my first claim and was examined and rated @ 10% for Tinnitus. Immediately afterwards, I received a letter from the VA stating that they had made an appointment for me for back pain that was from a claim in March of 2000. (I left the USAF in January, 2000). This is the result of that C&P exam. I was also sent a letter about foot pain that I had claimed in 2000. I ended up filling out more paperwork to explain condition, and sending in medical records from private doctors. I believe that they combined the foot pain, and the back pain into one claim. I cannot see anything on eBenefits regarding the status these claims since they are so old (that's what they told me). I am also soliciting opinions as to what the effective date for these claims would be. Please let me know what you think regarding this DBQ from a C&P exam: Thank you VERY much! Thanks! mhv_Xxxxxxxx_.pdf
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