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  1. Berta, I am not getting SSDI. I am not understanding what you mean by TDIU. I didnt apply for anything like that. Are you saying I should rate it because of my ratings?
  2. Berta, I am not unemployed. As a matter of fact one of the C&P states that I am currently working. I was just wondering if they paid while they were working on the deferred or if I was going to have to wait until that is completed. Lesson to be learned. Just like Broncovet said: eBenefits is unreliable. According to the VSO she was reading my letter off to me, but yet eBen has nothing. Still waiting for decision approval according to eBen...
  3. My rating came out to 70%. Several 0% and a couple "no's". 1 item is deferred. I did not see a letter on eBenefits. She said it was dated at the beginning of the week. eBen said "pending decision approval" with an estimate date of April-June. I guess that is due to the deferred item? She said to check the mail... nothing received. She said check my bank account because they pay out on the 1st... nothing. I have some issues that were not on this claim (1 major item that I recently ended up in the ER for and off work a couple days). Their advice was to wait until this deferred item was done. So, here is a couple questions and some advice to others: 1. The VA accepted my claim in October. Will I get paid November-March all at once? 2. Does the deferment mean another C&P or just additional time for them to decide? Advice: As prior military we are taught to complete the mission, fight to the end, never give up. Do exactly that! I tried to put a claim in right after I got out 10 years ago. The county VA where I lived at the time told me it was impossible because I did not receive a rating when I got out and needed to see civilian Dr's etc (even though I was only out 1 month...) I couldn't see Dr's because I had no insurance and was a full time student. She said get a job, get insurance and come back. Long story short she and the county director were eventually removed from their positions. Eight years later new county and new VSO. I stopped by and inquired. She said sit down we are starting a claim right now! Be patient with them and the VA. CHeck the websites 100 times if it makes you feel better, but it will only drive you Crazy! Get on this site and read others stories. Have faith and wait for the light to show at the end of the tunnel. At your C&P's, be genuine and honest. Whether its the VA or a contractor... They know the story. Help them help you! I had 1 C&P with the VA and the rest were with QTC. I walked in to my last C&P's (with QTC) armed and dangerous. I had every document organized and separated for each condition. They really commented on how organized I was. I even took official photographs with me from different time periods to show various condition at different stages. It helps! Again, help them help you! First impression is a lasting one correct? Make sure what they are writing down is an accurate picture!I was really irritated at my first C&P when the VA only saw me for one condition. I went in there with no ammo in hand per se. I thought i was going to be seen for everything. That issue was secondary in my opinion to my major issues. SHe kept saying we're not here to talk about those issues, only about this one... I walked out of there saying that was only practice for the next one... Take my advice. Read other peoples stories and ask questions. It will only make things easier. Relax, there is no magic button that anyone can press to hurry the process. Its like being in boot camp sometimes. HUrry up and wait. Do they really need me to treat me like this? Will it ever end? At this point, you know those answers. Thanks so much for sharing, answering and supporting. My story isn't done, but I hope this helps someone. LR
  4. I love the accuracy of these systems! VA.gov last week said 10/29/2019. Changed to 6/10/2019. It also says in Evidence Gathering, Review and Decision. EBenefits (first time i really looked at this site) - Says Estimated Completion: 04/11/2019 - 06/10/2019. Also says pending decision approval. Left hand not talking to right hand... and we are asking for a disability rating
  5. The completion date actually went from 10/29/19 to 6/10/19!
  6. My issue is that the option to do that has suddenly disappeared as an option. The option to add files is still there though. I wondered if it was a light at the end of the tunnel... As in we are currently working on your denials haha.
  7. I filed for 8 items back in October. I had my last C&P's Jan 21st and VA Received the results on the 25th of Jan. Since its been 30 days, I logged on and checked my status and noticed the "request for decision" option was gone and the wording on one of the requests (under documents filed) changed. Has anyone experienced this? possible decision coming sooner than later? thanks in advance! LR
  8. Thanks for the advice. I was told by another individual that you never want to add anything to a claim while it is in process. I will just get my ducks in a row in the meantime and be ready for the worst case. But I have nothing but faith that the VA will see it my way.
  9. I am not confident that they will award me anything because of how the C&P went and figured that I will have to appeal. Would it help or hurt to to see an outside doctor at this point? Thanks to everyone who has replied so far.
  10. For #2, can I get that done at an actual VA hospital, or do you have to go to a regional office? What do they require - that I haven't already given them - for a premium account?
  11. I’m not sure, they didn’t X-ray my back. Only my hips. I haven’t received anything from that C&P yet. I just figured I was going to have to go back through all of this to link my back to my feet and knee issues.
  12. Hi All, I recently found your sight and I must say you all are a wonderful source of knowledge! I have been out of the military 10 years. When I first got out I tried to do a claim with the county Veterans Office where I lived. LOng story short I wasn't eligible, I should've received a rating when I was discharged blah blah blah. Wasn't what I was told when I left the military, but because they were the local experts I let them lead me the wrong direction. A year later, I submitted a claim online. Didn't hear anything and made a call. They never received anything. I gave up. After all these years and several moves, I stopped into the Veterans office in my new county to just make some inquiries and the sweet lady in there ordered me to sit down and start my claim at that visit! That was in October. I had all of my documents with me and she submitted everything. Two weeks later I got a phone cal for a C&P. BAM! That was quick and easy! I had to drive 100 miles for it. Checked in at the desk and then waited two hours! My appointment time passed so I asked if something was wrong. Ooopsey, she didnt check you in correctly. The Dr has been coming out and asking us if you had arrived. I said that I didnt hear my name called and she told me that they didnt think I was there because the lady didnt check me in correctly. The PA or NP brought me in and started the routine for my back and hip issue. OOOPSEY again, I thought I was there to be seen for everything! Wrong again! I got the thanks for coming, sory for the confusion, go to xray and then to the cashier for travel.That was in November. Last week, I got a phone call for another appointment. I asked if I could be seen for numerous things and said I would wait longer if they could get me in for multiple appts. SHe told me if I could come on the 22nd they could see me for 8 of the remaining items. Score! It was with QTC and it was a much more pleasant C&P than what I had before with the VA. I had to drive 120 miles the other direction for this one and then across the city for x-ray's. So at this point I think there are just 2 more issues that I need to be seen for. I am about 12 weeks into the process at this point and have a few questions from the pro's: 1. Will the VA wait for the last two items to be completed before they issue a rating and anything? It has been 8 weeks since my first C&P. 2. I have tried to look at my info online, but I need a premium account and have to be verified in person? I would think that they would make the access easier so they didnt have to answer so many calls... or maybe that would cause more? 3. The one time I called for info, they told me that my estimated completetion time would be 10/2019. Does that seem right? My military med. records and history was submitted with my paperwork... 4. I feel as though my back and hip issue is related to my feet. My first C&P was for the back and hip. I started bringing up about compensating for feet etc and she kept saying that we are here to discuss the back. If you have connected issues, how do they determine ratings if the issues are seen at different times? It doesnt seem right... Sorry for being long winded. Thanks so much for the awesome resource! LRLRLRK
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