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  1. BioThrax is made by Emergent BioSolutions, formerly BioPort, has been a target of criticism ever since the company, founded by Fuad El-Hibri and other investors, including the late Adm. William Crowe, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, bought the lab in 1998. BioThrax, was made in a formerly state-owned lab in Lansing — that remains the only of its kind licensed for use, with no clear competitor in sight.
  2. Saw the clinical psychologist. She wasn't aware of my Anthrax claim. She only received my service connected information...sleeplessness, which was already rated a few months prior. I don't know what will come with this. I may have to run tests on auto-immune diseases. What I found disturbing is that while I was interviewed by the psychologist, they were asking questions to my girlfriend about me. WHAT? When I was done, I stepped into the lobby and my GF was missing. She was in the back room with someone asking questions. WTF?
  3. Saw the head shrinker. Both doctors knew nothing about my Anthrax claim. BS.
  4. Of course it on me. I filed the form and received an appointment through VES. Afterwards, started to receive funds. Doesn't matter what OPS you fall under. Caregiver is my gf. Disabilities have to be to a point your mobility is hindered.
  5. Last Friday I had an appointment through VES ref the Anthrax vaccine issue. Sent me to a dermatologist. LOL. Monday, have to go to a clinical psychologist ref Anthrax.
  6. Well, more good news. I filed for caregiver funding and it was approved. Received my initial amount Feb 1. Still working on the anthrax issue.
  7. Be advise, once your PTSD claim is approved and you are a gun owner, you may have your guns taken away from you due to a law signed by Slick Willie.
  8. I'm filing a claim ref to this story -New Anthrax Vaccine Email On Bad Batches Requires Scrutiny https://www.disabledveterans.org/2019/01/23/anthrax-vaccine-bad-batches-scrutiny/ It will be filed today at the VA Clinic Manila. Presently, I'm at 70% and show several symptoms of autoimmune diseases. I'll keep you updated on any developments.
  9. EPs 680, 681, 682, 683 and 684 are authorized on specific Central Office direction and apply to special reviews which require rating activity reviews. EP 683 is used for SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense) (see M21-1, Part IV, Subpart ii, 1.I.7).
  10. You have lower degeneration of the lumbar area of your spine?
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