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  1. Well, Social Security shot me down, again. I guess I'm not disabled enough. 😠😠😠 100% totally and permanently disabled per the VA.



    1. vetquest


      Now that is a joke.  I think you need to appeal.

    2. Hamslice


      My wife was shot down twice too.  SSDI is very different than VA comp.

      Now, you can appeal again and get a court date with a judge a year or two out.  That's what we did.

      Then I found ALLSUP on the internet.  I gave them a call and they are not lawyers, but paralegals that do SSDI for a living.  They get 20% of back pay.

      They had the ability to short circuit the system and meet with the judges staff and my wife got SSDI about 4 months after the call, a year and a couple months ahead of seeing the judge.  

      Judges, lawyers and paralegals make deals you or me can not.  We got the disability check right away, but no healthcare for 24 months, which didn't matter because I had healthcare through work.  But the SSDI check sure helped out.

      Her back pay was $6600.00 and they took something like $1800.00 for their work.  Easy peasy.

      One warning, they have a 98% percent success rate.  You will find out with the call whether they will take you or not right off.  If they do, you will win.  If they don't, then you probably don't have a case. 

      The phone call is free.

      Just sayin,



    3. ewsieczka
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