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    Is the fax number 303.331.7808 still valid. I'm faxing from the Philippines and I get no answer. Is it 24/7? In addition, I sent two VA 10-7959C via FEDEX and registered mail and it's been nearly a year and NO response.

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    2. broncovet


      Try another source:  ebenefits/va.gov

      Its not suprising a fax number is not working, most people dont use fax anymore.  email, upload, or snail mail it.  

    3. ewsieczka


      Mail and fax are the only options. Mail has been delivered several months ago.

    4. vetquest


      One option is to wait and see if they respond.  Another is to send the information again, they get dups sometimes and it takes them a while to figure it out but if it is a time sensitive appeal I would resend it registered before the deadline and track the letter through the post office.  Finally you can call the 1-800 number and see if there are any updates to your case file.

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