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  1. So the VA will call the social security to at least verify when I worked? The reason I asked is because I had a couple of places I worked that weren't reported and I thought about using them because I could get a buddy letter from them. And then not using the other places but if they will look anyway then I should put them. And the VA rep that called: I think she said she was from the Atlanta regional office. But she could have said that she was from the Georgia Department of Veteran Services. The number that showed up on my phone was not the 1-800 number but it was the number to the GA dept of veteran services. And I can't remember if she said she was an appeals coordinator, a VA rep or what. But she was able to tell me all my new ratings while everyone else kept telling me they couldn't tell me. And its still not changed in ebenefits. So now that its decided, how long until the money comes? It going to be about 100K.
  2. The VA rep that called said I can send in the form for the IU because even though I'm 100% now, I could potentially get more back pay if I could get IU back to June 1, 2013. But while I haven't really worked since 2013, I have had small jobs that lasted no more than a month just to make ends meet over the years. But I never discussed my disabilities with my employers so I doubt they would or could fill out their part of the form. So how would I fill out that form to get IU back to June 2013? Or should I just not worry about it and be happy with the 100 I have now?
  3. @shrekthetank1 @GBArmy @vetquest @GeekySquid So I just got a call back from my inquiry. My ratings have all been decided. My fibromyalgia was rated at 40% effective to my original claim date 6/1/2013. My mental disorder was rated at 70% effective back to original claim date. The third condition that was newly connected was lower bilateral radiculopothy rated at 20% right and 20% left as of 2/26/2015. So my total combined rating is 100% as of 2/26/2015. And while she didn't say specifically, I gathered from the newly SC conditions and their rating and their ED that before I got 100% as of 2/26/15 I should have been 90% from 6/1/13 to 2/26/15 when I should have been 100%. So she said that my award amount is just being figured and authorized I guess but she is putting me at the front of the line so I can get paid. And then I will get a notification letter breaking down all the ratings and ED. So now I just check my bank account? Hopefully it won't be too long.
  4. Thank you. I was considering filing a writ of mandamus before I got my SOC as I had been waiting over four years. I brought it up to the 1-800 number rep and she gave me the number to the CAVC who gave me information on a writ. While talking to an attorney about possibly filing one, I got my SOC. But I've thought about still filing one for the rest of it to finish. A VA rep put in an inquiry request for me to my regional office to have them send me my notification letter because she said everything was decided but they hadn't sent the letter yet. What does that mean?
  5. How long do you think that may take? I know that you never know with VA but maybe someone has a general idea?
  6. @shrekthetank1 and @GeekySquid sorry it took so long to respond. I had to scan cooies of my SOC to post here and show you both. On page 1 of my SOC the issues section outlines five of the seven issues I was appealing. And then below it is has a note that states that I was granted service connection for the other two issues I was appealing plus a third that I didn't claim but I'm told comes with having back issues. But they don't have a rating assigned to them. The 1-800 number and my VA appeals coordinator said that they are rated but they can't tell me what they are because they haven't been finalized yet. Then on page 34 is the decision. I was granted increased rating for my back and my knee. My sleep apnea stayed the same and then they denied the other two. The increase on my back and my knee alone will increase my overall rating and give me a back pay. I was told by one VA rep that I wouldn't have to wait until the new service connected issues were finalized to get my back pay for the increases. But then I was told by another VA rep that I would have to wait until the newly service connected issues were finalized before I would get any back pay so it's done all together. So if that's the case how long should it take for the new service connected issues to finalize? Its been over a month now. Also, I appealed the effective dates of my back and knee that was in the SOC and I was told that wouldn't affect the back pay from that but then I had another VA rep tell me that since I appealed those effective dates that I could potentially have to wait until that goes to the BVA before I get back pay. So I'm just really confused. Why did they not finalize everything together in the first place? SOC.pdf
  7. I have had an appeal in for over four years now. In January I was put on financial hardship to expedite my file. I was sent an SOC April 10th detailing why they couldn't fully grant my appeal. I did get two things increased but three other things denied. Also in the SOC they said that they newly granted me service connection for fibromyalgia, mental disorder and sciatica. But they had no rating in the SOC just a note saying "an award letter would come under a separate cover". The 1-800 number says that there has been a rating assigned to the new service connected conditions but they can't tell me what they are because they haven't been finalized yet. They are being reviewed and authorized. So my question is how long will that take to finish usually? And why did they do them separately?
  8. @GBArmy no I am not a Vietnam veteran. I served from 2009-2013. My initial claim was for sleep apnea, mild degenerative disc disease, right knee condition, left knee condition, fibromyalgia, depression and a foot condition called metatarsalgia. Here's my timeline: -Filed initial claim while still in service April 2013 -Got out May 31, 2013 went home to follow up on appeal at local VSO -Did my exams July 2013 -Received decision Feb 21, 2014. 50% sleep apnea, 0% back, 0% right knee, no to the other four. -Appealed with a lawyer, filed NOD Feb 20, 2015 just at the deadline. I did not know anything about the VA or the rules that's why I waited so long. Lawyer appealed for higher rating on back and right knee and service connection for the four that were denied. My lawyer elected to have a DRO hearing. - Finally 12/2018 they said I was ready to be scheduled for a hearing. Thankfully my appeals coordinator knew my case and told my Dro I needed exams so I was able to forego the hearing and jump to exams. - Had exams 1/3/2019 and 1/4/2019. I was put on financial hardship 1/23 and I called almost everyday for status updates -Had SOC sent 4/10 they increased my back and right knee rating to 20 and 10, respectively, but denied the left knee again and the foot again but they granted service connection for the fibro and mental disorder and added a service connection for lower bilateral radiculopothy, which I never even asked for. But they have no rating that I can see. My appeals coordinator said that he could see a number and it wasn't zero but he couldn't tell me what it was because they aren't final. But how long until it's final and why did they not finalize everything at once? I can't get any back pay until it's all done. I'm supposed to appeal by 6/9/19 but I don't have the ratings for the other things so I'm really confused.
  9. I recieved an SOC dated 4/10 of this year. Out of seven of my issues it had a decision on five of them. Three were completely denied and two were increased and backdated (which will increase my rating and give me back pay by itself). Then there was a note in the SOC that said in a separate action I was service connected for my other two issues that I was requesting service connection for. And also one other condition that I never even had on my appeal. But these new service connections have no rating (that I can see). The note just says that they are granted service connection and an award letter will be issued under a separate cover. The 1-800 number and my appeals coordinator said that the new SC conditions do have a rating but they cant tell me what they are because they are being authorized and aren't final yet. And I won't get any rating change or back pay until it's all finalized. So my question is how long will it take for those three things to finalize usually? I am on financial hardship. Also I have 60 days to appeal the decisions in the SOC but not everything is done yet.
  10. I checked my VA.gov status 4/12 and it said my status changed to please review statement of the case with the exact same wording as yours "couldn't fully grant". I received the SOC 4/18 and it had a decision on 5 of the 7. They granted two increases but no to three others. Then there was a separate section of two of the other seven that were newly service connected but there was no rating to them yet. It just said an award letter would be sent under a separate cover. So as of now I'm still waiting on the increases to change in ebenefits and my retro for the two things that were increased and for a decision on thd new SC issues and their rating.
  11. Jeffthevet How long did it end up taking to get your retro pay? I got an SOC dated 4/10/19 with two things increased and others denied. Those increases will up my overall rating and give me some retro but I'm just wondering how long? I'm already expedited for financial hardship but I got newly service connected for three other things that aren't rated yet and the 1-800 number told me I won't get retro until those are decided.
  12. Rakkasan, How long did it take to get your award letter and award? I received my SOC April 10th, with two of my already service connected issues increased, which will increase me all together and give me a back pay. I was also newly service connected for three more things and according to my VSO they are still deciding whether I should be IU. My SOC said my award letter will come under a separate cover and the VA 1-800 number says they won't give me my back pay until everything is decided (as in the newly service connected issues get rated). But how long will that take? I have until June 9th to file a form 9 it if I disagree with anything in the SOC, which I disagree on the effective dates but I'm still waiting on more decisions (the new sc issues and their rating). So how long did it take until you got your award?
  13. USCG MK3, Have you gotten your rating changed on benefits yet? And have the started to pay you for the change and/or back pay, if any? I am in the samw boat now. I was sent an SOC 4/10, which I got in the mail 4/18. It gave me an increase, which will ultimately raise my overall rating and give me a back pay as well. But I just don't know how long it will take to reflect in benefits and send me money. So I was just wondering if you were still waiting? I'm also on financial hardship so it is supposed to be faster than normal but we'll see. Also, I got three other conditions that were newly service connected but there is no rating so I'm wondering if you or anyone knows how long that will take? Thanks
  14. Doc_sinned, how long were flagged for financial hardship before you got your decision? I have been waiting for an appeal decision for almost four years now. I finally got my exams done first week of January of this year and the VA has the reports. I got flashed for financial hardship last week after my vehicle was repossessed and I lost my job. My exams are done ans I am flashed, how long do you think it might take now to get a decision?
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