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  1. FINALLY!!! got my C-File in the mail today...claim still open on VA.gov. INSANE HOW LONG THIS TOOK
  2. oh i already had my hearing. but as of today still "reviewing"....taking forever! i was really hoping this would be done before the end of the year!
  3. arent VSO's certified? also, like i mentioned before, the VSO for virginia has lawyers on staff. if there are any questions they confer with them before moving forward. but i will check out John Dorle if my appeals and other claims dont go through....its taking sooooooooooooooo long. my hearing with the judge was in august!
  4. is this what you used in Virginia? https://www.dvs.virginia.gov/benefits/disability-compensation-pensions i dont know anything about NC VSO services. all i can tell you is Virginia has been great and has always pushed to do the most they can for me. and even when we disagreed about things they would say "i dont advise to do that but this is your claim and we will work it how you want". i work with Fred Beebe. call him and ask him to help you if you didnt like the care you were given before. he is a vet too and just wants whats best for us! and if he doesnt know the answer he goes to
  5. well the virginia department of veteran services have them on retainer to ask questions. if you need to appeal, to the VBA, they will get a lawyer to accompany you(i had one at my hearing with the Judge) and it is free!
  6. these guys are SO great! thanks for posting this. sorry just now seeing it 5 years later. could have used this info back then when i was wasting my time with DAV and VFW!
  7. Go to the Virginia Department of Veteran Services. they have lawyers on retainer and will help you out man. dont waste your time with DAV or VFW. i tried them both in the past and couldnt even get a return phone call. guy i work with now calls me back pretty much the same day if not the next every time! he always returns my emails. if you live in virginia, and you want a VSO, this is the way!
  8. I HATE the DAV VSO's....they are awful. are you in virginia? i advise you getting one of the state VSO's. google Virginia Department of Veteran Services. they have lawyers on retainer to advice them when they dont know the answer to questions and my guy has been ROCKING it! i highly advise anyone in virginia to utilize this service. most of them are vets too so they get it!
  9. UPDATE!!!! No estimated time frame but WOAH! this is moving quick.
  10. GREAT ADVICE @GBArmy!!!! i am waiting and following his direction. he is a vet too and really good at his job. he is patient with me and ALWAYS returns my calls or emails the day of or the next! cant ask for better really. so ill wait and see the outcome. if it doesn't work, i wont blame anyone but the wrong approach we thought was correct. no reason to blame him or myself. he has done good by me so far- and has gotten me great increases in SC that others failed at! but if that wasnt the case- i definitely would move on. not being confident in you VSO is very important. some of thes
  11. i am sad you have this experience! my primary at my local va is the best! but hasnt always been. I have had 3 great primary care doctors who either retired or moved on to other medicine in the va system. my previous Primary care was like the one you describe. i requested a change because of a very similar situation on medication where he refused to discuss the medications with me. at one point i was given a prescription without even being told. they just showed up in the mail and i had no idea what they were or what they were for. HE GOT THE AX. my doctor now talks over everything with m
  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING! i had a lot of guilt when i first got back from Iraq for filing a claim and i didnt win. and i would go to the VA and see all these vets from korea and ww2 and "nam"(of course);i would just think about how much more deserving they were of the benefits and how much more they needed help. i would see guys without limbs and think "man at least i can still walk"........i gave up. i loss my claims in 2008 and quit. it wasnt until i met my wife and she pushed me to fight for my benefits and and i started reaching out for help i desperately needed...but i still often th
  13. i dont know what this change means? can someone explain it better?
  14. WHAT A LOAD MAN!! i am glad you were able to figure that out. i would have been lost. keep us posted. i wish i had connections at my VARO.
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