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  1. my DUDE!!! can i hire you?!?!?! this is great man. good work
  2. just following up and see if anyone had a chance to look this over. any input would be helpful. thanks guys
  3. again i go back to my argument. "you win you pay, you dont you pay nothing"....and asking vets to front this money or "make a payment plan or "name your own price that's fair" is not to me good business. if it was lawyers would be doing it too! but they dont. i dont know why these docs cant do it the same way?
  4. no worries at all. just glad you were able to get things back up and running. i was worried for a sec. just a second thanks for all your hard work and determination to help vets find their way.
  5. just a quick note after you read that. my wife and i both put in our statements for my TBI claim evidence that showed multiple examples stated under the 10% section. again its like the VA ignored that. my testing they gave me even showed issues in these areas. very frustrating.
  6. when i submited this appeal, i submited the docotors IME/IMO. i understand what your saying about JP8. but i do have records showing my exposure to JP8 and i submitted the VA's own research papers on the matter with my claim. but the doctors main focus was showing i had a DX of CAPD and that i have had inservice events connection events including the blast injury. she had all my service records and referred to them in the IMO. she is an audiologist that actually speciliizes in CAPD. she has a list of creditionals that she listed on her IMO that show she knows this disorder very well. she also works with the local VA center trying to get CAPD testing to become a regular part of hearing testing bc so many vets probably have this and are denied hearing loss bc they dont understand the difference in ear damage and nerve/brain damage can do to hearing. below is my scanned TBI rating. its really frustrating bc i do have more issues that should have TBI rated higher but i need to appeal that as well. i have so many irons in the fire and just trying to make sure the ones that will progress are the ones i focus on. i have put most of my attention on this and my OSA claim instead of working on the TBI stuff for now. im running out of time to appeal or ask for increase though. and with the "Virus" running amock, its hard to work with my VSO.
  7. so i got my letter. its not a denial. its a letter saying that i need to file my claim on VA form 21-526ez. i submitted VBA-20-0995 and below is a screenshot of what i wrote on the claim form.
  8. i still dont understand the argument that these guys make.....lawyers do the "if you win you pay, if you lose you pay nothing" but IME guys "pay upfront and we cant guarantee you will win, but we always win so you should choose us and pay 10K" makes no sense!
  9. wow @broncovet a gentleman and a scholar!!! and now a saint too?!?!?!?! your a good man.
  10. my same experience with Dr bash. and even after i call and talk to him he completely forgets what we discussed before and i have to go through everything again. it was very frustrating. i decided to give on it. i posted about this before and tried to get an answer on other IME/IMO providers but never really got any responses from anyone here that was helpful. i think that Dr bash means well, but his fees are insane
  11. yes i had IME and have DX with wording "most likely caused by TBI from blast injury and even more so with soldiers exposure to Jp8." also i have 50% tbi/ptsd rating.
  12. did you just call @brokensoldier244th a crook hahahahaaha just messing man. but you are right. sure someone will try to sell them. guys on here would probably just give them to you if you needed them. everyone here is the best. not like some "other forums" we know
  13. i was so hoping you would respond we ended up not doing a CUE this time on the CAPD. your advice previously helped me to just file a supplemental claim with Clemons. i did this. and submitted it as evidence. i haven't gotten the denial letter yet. it's been almost 3 weeks now. i guess things are slowed way down by the "virus". i did this on my own without my VSO and i think he is a lil butt hurt about it. he was like "i never even heard of this. they were right, your hearing is fine blah blah blah" so i spent about 30 min just trying to explain to him what exactly CAPD is. then i tried to explain Clemons to him and he was like i don't think you need to push this. just file a new claim for CAPD bc i cant find anywhere in your record where you filed for hearing loss in the past. OK DUDE- LOOK! if i had never filed for hearing loss how have i appealed it last year? how did i refile again in January for it? i wish i had a copy of my C-FIle but again i have been waiting on this for months now! i requested it in NOVEMBER!?!?!?!?! VSO says "you are too worried about back pay. get service connected first then we will work on back pay" maybe i should file an appeal on my own again? CUE this time? HLR? i don't know. wait for my post with the denial letter and let me know your thoughts. and please if anyone else has input i am open to all suggestions! thanks so much guys and gals! this team is the best and has helped me so much! i wouldn't be where i am now if it wasnt for you ALL!
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