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  1. i dont know what this change means? can someone explain it better?
  2. WHAT A LOAD MAN!! i am glad you were able to figure that out. i would have been lost. keep us posted. i wish i had connections at my VARO.
  3. CONGRATS!!! THIS IS EXCITING NEWS. good job sticking to it. so glad to see this resolved
  4. interesting. i wonder why? again i cant find any explanation of the different plans other than the premiums costs and this: https://www.benefits.va.gov/INSURANCE/forms/VAP29-9.pdf @broncovetthanks for your input. i am pretty confident on the way to apply. seems like there should be more info on the individual plans to help you decide before you purchase, which one you want?
  5. no i dont want to wait. i was just making sure i was understanding it correctly. what time frame i 'actually' had to figure this out. again my real question was "which insurance do i pick?" i have no idea and there is very lil info an any of the plans they offer to explain what the differences are. especially if i plan on getting a waiver, if the only difference is premiums does it even matter what plan i pick. its so confusing!
  6. please read again. so this is saying, i would have to have the insuracne in place before the 2 year mark is up, before any increases in current SC's to get me to 100%. i then elaborated on a hypothetical that if you are getting a new SC then you dont have to worry about the 2 year mark.
  7. well yeah cuz you got a new disability SC. thts what i was saying. but just getting an increase in current SC, you cant get it.
  8. its also my understanding, that you need to have this insurance in place already before you can apply for the waiver. so like for me i am only 90% right now so i would need to get the insurance before my 2 year countdown runs out. if i get my 100% any time after that because of increases in SC i would be eligible for the waiver. but if i knew i was going to get a new SC to bump me to 100% or was counting on it to, i could theoretically wait to get the insurance and apply for the waiver all at the same time. am i understanding this correctly? my questions are the different tiers
  9. there has only been 13 comments on this on the proposal!!!! GUYS, PLEASE GO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!
  10. wife and i bought mugs and sweatshirt from website! next month we will become members to help support. couldnt do both but wanted the mug for my morning "VA Talk" with you guys. thanks so much for everything you do and all the help you have given me this past year! i never could have done it alone. you got me out of the weeds and on the path!
  11. just called the WH hotline. gave them all the information. said they will look into this. someone will contact me to resolve this. WE WILL SEE WONT WE. ill update if i get a response
  12. i have done that 3x now. i keep getting the same answer....we are working on it. i also contacted my congressman and he got a letter from the va he forwarded to me that said we are working on this and dont know why the veteran contacted you. its such BS
  13. OK SO AN UPDATE: I had my trial with the BVA. It went surprisingly very well. And very quick. Only 15 min in total from calling in to hanging up. For those that haven’t been following, I filed for OSA after leaving the service (I was national guard and was in Iraq) in 2008. I had OSA symptoms that started while in Iraq. I reported these and was told by platoon sgt that if its not life threatening I didn’t need to go to sick call. The doctors that did my exit exam advised me these symptoms sounded like OSA and wanted me to get tested for it when I got back to my local VA. I did this i
  14. Glad you responded. this was great advice and good break down. i am guessing that my records are showing i am doing better but they should show i am still having at least 1-2 a month that are severe. i dont have any of the smaller "less severe" headaches at all with meds but still get at least one bad one a month if not 2. thanks for the advice on the EED. i think i will try and fight this and next time i talk to my doctor see if he will write up something saying how the meds have helped but not "cured" me of migraines. and then put in for an appeal. i am going to start my head ache log
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