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  1. Hello! I've applied for PTSD due to MST. E benefits says it was received May 5th. Initially it said the "estimated completion date" was late Dec 2019. Yesterday it changed to Aug 2019. I still haven't been contacted for a C&P exam! I have multiple markers, medical records, and two nexus letters, so I thought it was a fairly strong case. My question is, has anyone here been awarded a rating for PTSD without a C&P? My nexus was from a VA dr, not sure if that helps or not. I'm just trying to figure out if this is a good thing, or if I should prepare for a denial. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I’ve recently begun the process to file for PTSD due to MST. I want to be sure I do my due diligence before I officially submit any claim. My main question is, has anyone put together a solid “checklist” for what a FDC should contain for this issue? Or is there a website that can help me? Ive submitted my intent to file, requested my medical files from the VA, begun seeing a VA therapist (which has officially diagnosed the PTSD), and gathered my civilian medical records. Im in a holding pattern while I wait for the records, but I want to be working on any letters or exams I may need. Should I have the VA therapist fill out a DBQ for the PTSD, or would that just get thrown out since I’ll need a C & P exam? thank you so much for your help! Boards like this are what finally gave e the courage to come forward and face this.
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