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  1. Hello Berta, Thanks for the advice. I did something similar to what you suggested. For every claim that I submitted, I placed each one into a Tab i.e. Tab 1 - Hemrhoids Tab 2 - IBS Tab 3 - Right Knee/Left Knee Tab 4 - Undiagnosed Gulf War Illness (Chronic Pain) Tab 5 - Tinnitus I think I claimed more just used those as an exampled. I did receive a message on ebenefits stating they received my claims. I am just waiting now to see what else I will need. I've heard so many VA stories and plus I've been reading messages on this website every day. I appreciate everyone's help on here. I guess I can't ask for any advice until I receive my rating back.
  2. I've been reading a lot of the post and I am just trying to figure this VA thing out. One of my friends coached me through submitting my claims and I am hoping I get some positive news. It's been since May 2018. I served in the Gulf War and I claimed GWI (IBS) and abdominal pains.
  3. I'm still trying to figure this disability thing out. When I got out the military, I only received 10% and I didn't really think about it but as my military buddies started telling me that got 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%. I looked into my medical files and I missed so many things. What is the problem with the VA and why does the ratings take so long? I submitted my claim in May 2018 and I haven't heard anything yet. Is this normal process?
  4. I've heard stories about what VBA Office is the best one to handle your claim. Do anyone have any idea what office is the best office for Veterans and which ones are the worst? I'm just curious because I've heard so many bad stories about the VA.
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