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  1. Thanks, Broncovet! I should get the letter sometime next week. I'll post again with the results.
  2. Thanks, Vetquest! I'm new to filing claims and this is my first attempt at an appeal. I'll sit tight and wait for the letter to come in. I really appreciate your reply and all the other information in the forums. This place has been a great resource.
  3. I filed my appeal via RAMP on January 24, 2019 and just checked VA.gov and saw that it was decision ready on Feruary 13, 2019. It says the letter will arrive in 7 to 10 days with the decision and I can check my status on ebenefits. I just checked ebenefits and it's not showing an increase. I've heard ebenifits can be slow to update at times and my appeal was just closed yesterday. Has anyone seen there claim move this quickly through RAMP? My first thought is that the quick decision probably isn't a good thing.
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