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  1. Hello! We've had a pretty hellacious few years due to my husband's disability and being unable to work. We we're concerned we were going to lose our home which we own. However the disability was finally approved and we were able to get the house on the market and it just sold. Now I have a new concern. We're moving to another state for health and to be close to family who can assist us. if we make 20 grand on a sale of a house there's no way we can move without using some of it for the move. The rest is to be reinvested so we can buy a new home which can happen in October I believe. We were forced to file bankruptcy the end of 2018 due to my husband's illness. We were told we couldn't buy a home again for two years and that will be at the end of this year. Will that money count as income and then we'll lose his disability? Which means we would literally be prevented from buying another home. Does anyone know how this might work in this situation? Is there a way to legally protect that money? I know nothing of this stuff. I just know it was an incredibly difficult journey to get here and due to both our health we needed to sell our house and move closer to family. I'm concerned they can keep us from purchasing another home which means would be locked into paying high rent that is almost half his disability income. Any info would be very much appreciated. I'm so worn out from all this. It was a long hard battle to get his disability. Thanks! Nancy
  2. Thanks for that added info. We are both 61. I'll copy this and save it in a file with my other advice I get. Ü
  3. Thanks again Berta. I'll download the pdf! FYI, without doing research yet, is Dental covered for either me or my husband?
  4. We were going to try and get him 100% disabled through the VA only and not TDIU as then he could do shows without worry from what we learned, though they said that could take up to 3 years.
  5. I so appreciate all that info. Yeah, we've been told different things by almost everyone we talk too. They said if he makes over 1k in any given month it will hurt him. Its only him end myself. I'll let him know this info. He might have been able to keep the three gigs he had on the books. He got deposits weeks ago for shows later in the year. That was the only way we could pay any bills was to use those deposits, though he's not really well enough to do them easily. We needed to live. According to what he was told he'll have to cancel and return the deposits which sucks, as each one was over 1k in a single month. Last year we only made 12k barely. I have no idea how we lived but we did. Thanks so much! Nancy
  6. The sad part is we've struggled for so long to just survive so when he finally had three shows come up a few months back, despite not being well, we desperately needed the money to make bills. The shows were not till later this but but he got a deposit for each and we paid our bills for 3 months. However, since he was just approved for the TDIU he now has to cancel and return the deposits which kinda sucks. Despite being sporadic and never enough, music has been his only income for years, though as he got worse he could do it less and less. Still, even two or three shows a year kept us afloat for a few months. I'm so sad he can't do the thing he loves, at least at that level anymore. He can of course sing and play anytime but this is a guy who sold out Red Rocks twice. He does big shows when he does get them. I guess it would be different if he was 100% through the VA only. But he had to do TDIU as we were going to lose the house and that was faster. But still glad for the overall win. Ü
  7. UPDATE: ChampVA: My husband made a couple calls and was told ChampVA can be my first or secondary insurance. If its first it costs me copays plus a 3k year deductible. I currently have medicaid and he was told I can keep that and use ChampVA as my secondary... which I have no idea what that really means. My Medicaid pays 100% though I struggle to find doctors who take what I have. They are sending him paperwork since it didn't come in his VA packet. WORK: He was also told due to being TDUI he can't do any single extra "job" that pays more than 1k in a month if he'll get a w-9 for it. Which kinda sucks as he's an entertainer and though he's had to cut WAY back due to his health worsening he still gets shows now and then which he can sometimes do. But they pay more than 1k. Last year he only had a couple of gigs. So the yearly income was under poverty level. But from what he was told they go by the month not the yearly income. If he was 100% by the VA alone I guess its different and he can "work". He has not been able to hold a job for 20 years. He went into entertainment due to some circumstances that allowed it and because he can set his own schedule and its basically singing. GOING FOR 100%: I saw an article on here about how he should always pursue claims and appeals. It if he was 100% by the VA alone I guess it changes everything and he's considered retired. But he's only 70% with the TDUI giving him 100. So I take he we can try to get that but he was told it could take up to 3 years since he already has TDIU. I find it all very confusing.
  8. Thanks for the info. That lets me know a lot more than I did. Another question: If I get disability (SSI) or any govt assistance do I need to claim his disability money as income? I currently have medicaid. Do I switch to CHAMPVA?
  9. Thanks so much for that info. The part a and b was confusing.
  10. Thanks you. Ü its been a LONG two years. There was no ChampVA in what we got. 19 pages of stuff. I thought ChampVA was only for retired vets?
  11. Hello! Not been on for a while but we just received notice my husband won his claim. The VA called and scheduled "meeting" with him next month to go over the decision. I've been searching the forum but what I've found is older so I'm unsure if its accurate so I hope I can get some clarity here. I have several questions but I'll start with these. Below is a screenshot of his proof letter. 70% for combined eval and 100% for unemployability. HEALTH CARE As his wife will I get insurance? Will there be a cost? Will his health care change or does he still have to go to the VA hospital as always. SOCIAL SECURITY He can get SS retirement this year. Does that impact anything? Thanks so much! Nancy Ü
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