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  1. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I served 1988-2009 and I already receive 10% for hypothyroidism. My claim for diabetes was initially denied and I did not appeal it at the time. I did not file my initial claim until 2010. My diabetes diagnosis was 3 days past the 1year mark to be SC’d. I am trying to add now as secondary or SC.
  2. I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 on 2 Mar 10, my last day on active duty was 28 Feb 09. I was denied service connection when I filed since I was officially diagnosed 3 days outside the 1 year window. I never appealed this claim. I was rated 60% in 2010 and never looked back. I recently happened across this site and realized, I might be able to reopen the case and submit a nexus letter stating that the diabetes manifested within the one year of me leaving active duty if not before. Lab test taken on 25 Feb 09 show a Glucose reading of 324. For some reason HB A1C test wasn't take until 2 Mar 10. My HB A1C was 12.5. The 2 Mar 10 date puts me inside the 1 year window. There is no way my diabetes appeared in 3 days after the 1 year window. I am also service connected with Hypothyrodism (Hashimotos) which caused weight gain and slows the metabolism. I was diagnosed in 1998. Some medical evidence also shows slow thyroid can cause Diabetes. Due to weight gain from my underactive thyroid, I was clinically obese on active duty. If I can't get Diabetes added by showing it is service connected, maybe I can add it as a secondary to my Hypothyrodisim. What are your thoughts?
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