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  1. No I was showing how they put on benefit letter that he was denied then put me on. They are doing an inquiry. I don't care about the dates. They denied him and then said he was 30 percent on same letter
  2. Got this on Ebennies tonight. Status of Your Claim Submitted: 03/11/2019 (Appeal) Estimated Completion: 08/08/2019 - 02/17/2020 Estimated Completion InfoTooltip with additional information Disabilities Claimed: Notification Letter Granted Dependency and Veteran is NSC (New) Representative for VA Claims: DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS Current Status: Under Review Current Status InfoTooltip with additional information
  3. Okay. I have to figure this out. Hubby had a appeal in ramp and they denied all Then reopened two claims themselves. Got letter from dav that he was approved 30 percent for migraines Then got decision letter denying both but they added me and said he had 30 percent after telling us They denied claims. What do I do. Va says they don't know but have it as denied. Wish I could send the letter so you can see.
  4. Thank you. I believe they have sc at 30 percent is what dav letter said. But said also it started August 13 2018 when they reopened.
  5. What if Hubbys appeal is denied then the va reopened two of the claims themselves. This is same appeal from 2015. We didn't reopen them They did so we will still not get back pay from 2015?
  6. What if claim is denied and they themselves reopened 2 of the claims before we appeal again. They did this on our last appeal.
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