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  1. Ok sounds like everything else. BTW.. my granted stuff got done all of a sudden earlier this month. This remand issue is growing a life of it's own lol. It has a January 2021 estimated finish date lmao.
  2. What exactly does this mean? This popped up on my remand claim. Already had a c&p in March for this issue.
  3. Hmmm. I opted into this because of a remand from the BVA. I wonder if we are all in the same line.
  4. USAF your comment is making me laugh long and hard cause you are just shaking your head too. Lmao
  5. Ok exact same timeline change here. It has to be a computer doing it. I see you got movement. I have had my congressman ask 2 times and both times they dodged the question about the grants. I was told all is RAMP now and will be decided together. Sounds like BS lol
  6. BVA decision July 2, 2018. 2 granted and 1 remand. Nothing but crickets so opted into RAMP in January 2019. C&P on remand in March. Prep for decision since April 3. Had a finish for April 2019 then May 2019 then June of 2020 and as of today August 2020. Absolute travesty. Seriously have to wait over 2 years for granted issues. Have no idea how to feel just blood boiling and if it was in the real world the whole lot would get fired. Nothing can be said to make me get my patience back. This is a huge kick in the groin and giant middle finger if I ever saw one. Anybody else having similar issues?
  7. My one year anniversary of BVA grant was July 2. Nothing has changed. I did opt into RAMP for the remanded issue in January. If course RAMP is backlogged also. I'm waiting in prep for decision since april 3. Good luck. Better luck finding Jimmy Hoffa then your retro or grants.
  8. Hello. My 1 year anniversary of bva granted conditions and a remand was July 2. Of course nothing has  been done with the granted stuff. Several different stories and an email from AMO manager saying mistake was made grants were closed blah blah blah will be done shortly. June 2020 finish date in va.gov. RAMP remand sitting in prep for decision since April 3. 8 years and counting on claim and appeal. Not getting younger. Any advise cause the stress from this is taking a toll on me. I'm at 90% already and feel it.

  9. Yes great post. And yes guilty of checking ebenefits daily since bva grant/remand. We have a good life already with all that is going on. Part of me is scared to see a 100 % rating cause then it's real that I'm done working. I always loved my job even when it hurts. I'll try to stay away from ebennies and I'll let you guys know if anything pops up. Thanks for the support and the wisdom from those who have already traveled this road.
  10. I'm 50/50 on my optimism. My experience is those dates are fairly accurate. They usually never go the whole way. First time ever I went over the est. completion date and that was moved from April to May before that happened. I saw the new date and actually laughed hard and long before I called them. Not sure what to believe but the lady on phone said RAMP was being wrapped up and all claims being done quickly and the date were not accurate.
  11. Yes lol. I called the VA and they told me to disregard that date and it could be any day now. I was told finally that my remand issue and my granted issues were intertwined. Now muscles and nerves are separate so this sounds good in my favor. I think this will put me at 100% schedular so that might be the hold up cause my initial claim is from 2011. I did get 2 large ratings a couple of years ago for secondary stuff so I'm sure its complicated to rate and pay. I'll find out soon at least by June 2020 lol.
  12. Excellent news! My RAMP appeal remand went past estimated completion date and i now have a June 2020 estimated completion time!!! Lucky me!!!! Everything has been granted already LMAO!!
  13. May 22..still no change with anything. Estimated remand finish date is May 27. I doubt they are working on Memorial day lol. Looks like extra innings and granted stuff is now almost 11 months ago and still not a word. I get different answers every time I ask. Looks like they will find Jimmy Hoffa before my granted stuff.
  14. I am currently working full time and my employer knows I'm disabled and allows me to get all the help I need so far. They have been really good with me over the years even with the declining abilities.Been there almost 22 years. I think I still have a couple years left in me. Some days though feels like I need to stop right now. I don't recover anymore like i used to and most movements just aggravate it to death. Im starting to really understand what guys went through on the road to TDIU. Vetquest I get it completely and thank you.
  15. May 1 Update... my remand has been in Prep for decision for 1 month now. Still no action on granted connections 10 months waiting. Emailed AMO and still no clear answers. My ridiculopathy is now affecting my face,tongue, and my legs a bit aside from my arms skin crawling and twitching and electric shocks like. ( sensory issue from spinal stenosis). This has been getting worse for past couple of years. We arent even going to get into what years of ibuprofen has done to my stomach. I need closure to this to see where I stand. Va recommended surgery and will have it done sometime. I will keep my stick on the ice though and keep going to work till Im completely wrecked lol.
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