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  1. Sounds about right. Yes my last appeal had no remand and was completed after BVA decision is less than 5 months. I suspected the remand was the hold up from the info I have gotten. Thanks for your comments. My initial claim was 2011 and appeal filed in 2013 for this stuff lol. My last appeal was almost 11 years start to finish lmao. VA lost my medical records until I called my congressman.
  2. BVA granted an increase and new connection and one remand. Have heard nothing about the granted stuff and no increase of one injury changed in ebenefits or anywhere. I did opt into RAMP in January and have a c&p in March on remand. The granted stuff is all marked closed everywhere I look and seems to be forgotten. It’s been 7 months since grant and I’ve heard not a word about it. Anybody have input? Not my first appeal win but this feels wrong.
  3. Same boat as Kelly here. BVA granted 2 issues in July of 2018 and 1 remand. I have zero movement in granted stuff( the BVA increased a rating on one and still not updated in ebenefits). I do have a c&p for the remand in March so hopefully the granted stuff wasn’t forgotten about. Any news yet Kelly with yours?
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