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  1. May 22..still no change with anything. Estimated remand finish date is May 27. I doubt they are working on Memorial day lol. Looks like extra innings and granted stuff is now almost 11 months ago and still not a word. I get different answers every time I ask. Looks like they will find Jimmy Hoffa before my granted stuff.
  2. I am currently working full time and my employer knows I'm disabled and allows me to get all the help I need so far. They have been really good with me over the years even with the declining abilities.Been there almost 22 years. I think I still have a couple years left in me. Some days though feels like I need to stop right now. I don't recover anymore like i used to and most movements just aggravate it to death. Im starting to really understand what guys went through on the road to TDIU. Vetquest I get it completely and thank you.
  3. May 1 Update... my remand has been in Prep for decision for 1 month now. Still no action on granted connections 10 months waiting. Emailed AMO and still no clear answers. My ridiculopathy is now affecting my face,tongue, and my legs a bit aside from my arms skin crawling and twitching and electric shocks like. ( sensory issue from spinal stenosis). This has been getting worse for past couple of years. We arent even going to get into what years of ibuprofen has done to my stomach. I need closure to this to see where I stand. Va recommended surgery and will have it done sometime. I will keep my stick on the ice though and keep going to work till Im completely wrecked lol.
  4. Yep. I've emailed everyone lol. It's ok I've only been dealing with this claim and appeal since 2011 lmao. Last appeal took 11 years so this is lightning fast. I'm apparently immortal lol. It's ok though a lot of vets are in worse shape than I am.
  5. I'm thinking yes on the working them together. My remand was at pending approval then went backward. I emailed the AMO and they said the granted stuff needed rectified. I feel like it was overlooked. I was told that they were being done together but who knows I've heard many different things lol. No Botox. Just ibuprofen and dealing with it. Cervical injury so never getting better.
  6. Excellent news for you! I'm still waiting to hear about my granted stuff from July 2018. My remand is in prep for decision for 3 weeks now. Doc told me it was service connected so not sure the hold up. I'll just keep going to work until I drop lol. Those headaches are terrible I'm at 30 for them I get em a few times a month and sometimes they last a few days. Take care
  7. July of 2018 BVA grant and a remand. I had remand c&p 10 days ago and my remand now has a 30 day to completion estimated date. I’m already 90% but was only at 40% when I started this entire claim in 2011.(other claims in the meantime). It’s confusing and frustrating but I think the end is near. I did elect into the ramp program in January and that seemed to get it moving. I’m realky trying to be paitient but I know what you are feeling.
  8. Sounds about right. Yes my last appeal had no remand and was completed after BVA decision is less than 5 months. I suspected the remand was the hold up from the info I have gotten. Thanks for your comments. My initial claim was 2011 and appeal filed in 2013 for this stuff lol. My last appeal was almost 11 years start to finish lmao. VA lost my medical records until I called my congressman.
  9. BVA granted an increase and new connection and one remand. Have heard nothing about the granted stuff and no increase of one injury changed in ebenefits or anywhere. I did opt into RAMP in January and have a c&p in March on remand. The granted stuff is all marked closed everywhere I look and seems to be forgotten. It’s been 7 months since grant and I’ve heard not a word about it. Anybody have input? Not my first appeal win but this feels wrong.
  10. Same boat as Kelly here. BVA granted 2 issues in July of 2018 and 1 remand. I have zero movement in granted stuff( the BVA increased a rating on one and still not updated in ebenefits). I do have a c&p for the remand in March so hopefully the granted stuff wasn’t forgotten about. Any news yet Kelly with yours?
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