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  1. oh i see. When the VA requests a second exam, do they specifically spell out what the nurse needs to verify or do they just generically tell them, "do another exam"
  2. Hi everyone, Looking for some insight. I have a second C&P exam scheduled for the same issue. Only this time one of the requirements is a "DBQ Medical Opinion - MED" Is there any significance of having to do a second DBQ for the same issue? Are they just looking to clarify something? Why didn't they ask for the Medical opinion the first time? Thanks for your input
  3. great. I appreciate all of the info. I will keep you posted when I get my copy of my C&P exam. I'll be curious to see what it says.
  4. no thats not me. that was just somebody else that commented about their own case
  5. So I have 4 spots so far of skin cancer at 35. 2 years total spent in iraq/afghanistan. I was required to spend several hours every single day out in the sun with no headgear since we were out on a flightline. My doctor stated that all that time out in the direct sun "played a significant role in contributing to his skin cancers and has increased his risk in developing future cutaneous malignancies" So the three surgeries Ive had on my face so far have left some pretty significant scars.
  6. Ive got a copy of my nexus letter if you wouldn't mind giving it a quick read. I feel like it's pretty strong. How do I upload documents here?
  7. Ive got a copy of my nexus letter if you wouldn't mind giving it a quick read. I feel like it's pretty strong. How do I upload documents here?
  8. Not sure. But all the scars checked off almost all the boxes of the 8 characteristics for rating scars. I guess the rater can just look at all the pictures.
  9. Definite yes to all three requirements. And he worked 5 years at Walter reed.
  10. Good to know. Thanks. I seriously doubt she even looked at his DBQ or nexus letter. It was weird that when I asked her if she submits an opinion about SC she said no.
  11. Did you have to prove the acne was service connected first?
  12. Hi everyone, I have a question about the ratings for facial scars if anyone is familiar. The reg states "With visible or palpable tissue loss and either gross distortion or asymmetry of three or more features or paired sets of features (nose, chin, forehead, eyes (including eyelids), ears (auricles), cheeks, lips). My question is, what is their definition of gross distortion? Does that mean just an obvious, visible scar? Also, what about the top of my scalp? the scalp is not listed as a "feature" so if I have a big scar on my Cheek, forehead, and scalp is that 3 features or only 2 features? Thanks
  13. Hi everyone, I've got a question about when my personal surgeons opinion differs from what the C&P nurse puts in her report. I recently went for a C&P exam and it was clear from the start that she was very unfamiliar with the entire process. I was walking her through the entire DBQ and telling her what to put down as the answers. Let's say she doesn't write up favorable findings, will they take the opinion over my personal doctor who wrote up a very detailed and favorable NEXUS letter? Also, is she required to write up an opinion about her findings? she never asked me anything about why I thought it should be service connected or about my history. She said all she does is fill out the form and send it in without an opinion on anything. Is it possible the rater already established service connection with my prior evidence, and the exam was to just establish a rating? Thanks for the input
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