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  1. Hi folks, I put in a NOD of disagreement because I thought the the psychiatrist short changed me on my claim for depression. She put me at 30% and I thought I should be at 50%. The Effective Date for this claim was in August, 2015.I put in for a NOD Ramp appeal in August, 2015. I had a C&P exam for my NOD on Feb, 2019. I ended up getting an increase of 50%, effective date 02/2019. The funny thing about this is that they started paying me back pay from Aug,2015 the day I put in my NOD because the extra 20 percent due to winning my NOD put me at 100% disability. I"m worried that I'm going to have to pay a ton of back pay because I wasn't at 100 percent in 2015. The effective date for my 50 percent increase was on Feb/2019. Thanks for your help. This is a great forum and it has helped me a lot in the past.
  2. Good luck with your appeal. I switched over to the RAMP system on August 25, 2018 and my NOD was approved on 27, Feb 2019. My original appeal prior to RAMP was in July 2015. I saw it wasn't going anywhere so I switched over to RAMP. The good news is that they back payed me from my July 2015 appeal. I'm buying the beer.
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