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  1. Hello everyone. I have a sort of unique question. I am rated 90% UI. Paid at the 100 percent rate. Part of my disabilities are Anxiety and depression and that along with other stuff has kept me unable to work and glued to my computer mostly. I am a video game developer and recently an investor saw my game that I am developing and wants to invest in my game, a large amount of money in exchange for royalty share and etc. Would this affect my VA rating? All of the money will go toward development such as hiring additional artists and coders and I will not be using the money for my personal well being. I planned on keeping detailed receipts for tax purposes but as far as the VA, what could I expect? Also if the game does well after it is published, would I just report any earnings to the VA and what would happen then? I'm just trying to be cautious and do the right thing. Thanks in advanced.
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