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  1. They had everything I needed as far as the event only
  2. Thank you for responding. Question about the 3 Caluza's you mention regarding the nexus. Who do I get that from? The VA therapist I am working with or is that done during the C&P exam? Thanks
  3. I am just starting this journey 42 years after I was assaulted and I've been an anxious mess ever since! I was having a conversation with another gal when she mentioned she was an MST survivor and is receiving disability for ptds/mst. Her trauma was 32 years ago and after talking with her I thought it was about time I did something about it. I went to the local vet center and I was given an appointment to meet with a therapist. I had NO IDEA this has been available to me all these years. I have gone to therapists thru the years but would not continue mostly due to cost since it was all out of pocket. The therapist has set me up on bi-weekly visits and has also suggested an mst group at the VA hospital. Like everyone else, I feel like the Army just washed their hands of me and "the problem" when I was honorably discharged after a suicide attempt 2 months after the attack. I am starting to gather documentation, have requested both my service and medical records. The attacker was a civilian but the attack happened on base. He was arrested, charged and was originally sentenced to 40 years. I called the courthouse in South Carolina and explained that I needed the court records and they put me in touch with the archivist in Atlanta. They called me back and luckily they had everything. So I have my proof! I was worried that my service records would be "lost" and I was being proactive. It gave me the validation that I needed that the scumbag was sent away to rot! 6 months after the attack and 3 months after I was discharged, I was having terrible pains in my stomach and found out that he had left me with a parting gift. I was hospitalized that day and put on IV antibiotics for 10 days and they had to go back in had to have a tube removed. This led to infertility and to years of IVF treatments. I did have a happy ending and have a beautiful daughter after years of struggle and lots of $$$. My question is this - The doctor who treated me in 1978 is no longer practicing and my medical records are long gone. Would a letter from my sister and mother be accepted as proof that this did happen? The only proof I have is the incision scar from the surgery. Thanks in advance for your help!
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