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  1. I have been granted 100% P&T? What exactly does this entail? How does this work with everything and family? Sig
  2. I guess they’ve decided the rest of my claim. Waiting on results! Only need 10% which is overwhelming at the moment just trying to relax but my anxiety is at all time high... SwiftSig
  3. Shrek, I took everything into my own hands as well with information from here and have nothing but success. No denials yet just deferred on 2 out of 14. They other 12 obtained SC. SwiftSig
  4. Wow Bronc! That’s a really rough time you just explained I tried to read it all in one breath but needed at least five. Quota is dialysis noted. I’ll let ya know what comes of my claim I had two good exams for both deferred conditions along with in service events which C&P examiner mentioned in his report and drew a conclusion of more likely than not. So we will have to see how the caluza plays out. SwiftSig
  5. All of the claims have been decided except two that were deferred I’ve received the notice from Service officer that they’re now ready for decision and in D-Map it looks like everything is good to go and just waiting for the final decision. How often does this happen? is there a quota for pushing through claims for the RVSR? SwiftSig
  6. Thank you Shrek, I’ll keep everyone updated. I think it’s because I have a TBI clinic evaluation with Neurologist Scheduled and that was mentioned in C&P although I do have the diagnoses it’s just for further evaluation. SwiftSig
  7. Hi Everyone, I was rated at 94% so really 90% currently in shock and awe effect at the fact it happened for me. At the same time I have some claim that have been deferred. Can someone explain what deferred entails? SwiftSig
  8. I agree, I was measured three times and piece or Neck, Back, Bi Shoulders, Bi Ankles. All we’re documented just was curious all of mine were the same for most part. if the use worst case that’d be beneficial to us. SwiftSig
  9. Agreed I did that Shrek, my exams were all very good.
  10. Shoulders or ankles, so they take three measurements. example ankle: 1. Dorsi - 10 degree Flexion - 30 degrees 2. D- 5 degrees F- 10 degrees 3. D- 5 degrees F- 10 degrees
  11. I’ve been through all the sites on things are rated but I have a question. ive not found how it’s rated for ROM between the initial range of motion then the two subsequent test for ROM that follow? Are they all averaged? Or worst two out of three? SwiftSig
  12. Just got out of the Emergency room at the VA. They were very quick to react last night. Gave me a spinal shot along with muscle relaxers to hopefully help. Told me it was exacerbated by the exam I had and was pretty intense flare up. Hopefully I recover from it quickly thank you for recommending going to Doctor. It was a very wise choice and my wife was very supportive throughout the entire night. I still cannot wall but at least the pain is down. SwiftSig
  13. Thank you I’ll let them know.
  14. 3 days after my last C&P for Back, I can barely move and my back and leg is on fire. is this normal after their range of motion testing. yikes y’all.
  15. GBArmy, thanks for the great information I’ll wait for the results, looked through and found all codes looks like I should be at %100 because of bilateral additions. Will have to wait and see my early effective date should me at my intent to file November 2019. Thank you. SwiftSig
  16. Oh thank you I’ll look into that then. Can be found in Schedule of Ratings? SwiftSig
  17. Thank you Shrek, this is my initial, started it in February, so the time frame you gave me is pretty accurate. My Whole goal with this was to obtain service connection. Not sure in the percentages, just going to not worry about that now since it’s such a random toss up. Thank you for your thoughts. SwiftSig
  18. In the past month I’ve gone through 10 C&P exams. Almost all the Doctors determined the following were “At Least Likely As Not.” Can someone please explain what this means for my claims? And I know times can change for decision by regional office but anyone wanna give recommendation on time. PTSD -“At Least Likely As Not.” TBI - “At Least Likely As Not.” Tinnitus - “more likely than not” Migraines - “more likely than not” Bilateral Shoulder Dislocation/ Broken Clavicles / Chronic Pain - “At Least Likely As Not.” Bilateral Ankle ATL Tears / Chronic Pain - “More Likely Than Not” Chronic Neck Pain bad ROM -“More Likely Than Not” Chronic Back Pain bad ROM - “More Likely Than Not” Degenerative Disk Disease - “More Likely Than Not” Arthritis - “At Least Likely than not” Sciatica Right Leg - “At Least Likely than not” right arm nerve damage - “At Least Likely than not” SwiftSig
  19. Wow that’s a long wait, I just recently finished hopefully my last C&P exam. Just waiting now to hear back on the decision. Good luck to you MJ. SwiftSig
  20. Kinda surprised all of my C&P’s came back with At least likely as not in them and more likely than not. Maybe that’s good news for me. Either it’s been a heck of a process. Thank you everyone for your help. Sig
  21. Thank you all so very much for the great advice. I did end of having Six C&P Exams today, I’m exhausted mentally and physically but I did receive your advice and turned in my spouses pay statement. My experience today was much different that I thought it would be. The first appointment was terrible I was 15 minutes early and the Gulf War general medical exam really didn’t go well at all. She was 30 minutes late so I had to sit there for 45 minutes wondering why was going on. I wrote down all the notes on the Dr and how she had no idea why I was there didn’t even read file until I was in the room. I was really hoping not every one was going to be as rude as the first one and thank god that changed. She told me the lay statement from my wife was worthless and I shouldn’t even bother. She did zero DBQ’s because all of my problems were not under her specialty thank goodness. The next 5 appointments were great all of the doctors did their due diligence before seeing me and were much more comfortable with talking to me. I had everything on each claim in color coded folder and tabbed for each specific incident as well as current diagnoses as my VSO recommended to keep everything organized for them. The Doctor my PTSD actually told me she thought it was a great idea and even read it right then and made a copy then asked me to please submit it to VA intake as well just to be sure they receive it. All of the other doctors read the her statement happily and asked me to submit as well as they thought it help my claim and if it doesn’t it will not hurt it. It too me awhile to get the courage to do this thank everyone for your words and wisdom. Sig
  22. Thank you both, I will submit it. It’s a letter that covers everything I’ve claimed. 16 things all together from PTSD to all injuries from head to toe as well as my deafness. I didn’t know she was going to write it until today. If I submit it as evidence will that make my FDC, a normal one? As things have moved extremely fast in my claims. This is the first time I’ve been through this. Submitted 30 days ago and have 4 C&P exams this week. Sig
  23. Good Evening, My first time posting here, I have bunch C&P exams coming up midweek this week. My wife randomly decided she wanted them to hear what she had to say but is unable to make it to Exams. So she wrote a letter. Is this something I give to the person conducting exams? She insisted that i do this and would like to know the right way to do this. Sig
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