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  1. Sounds good...…. I was just worried about the below. I guess you are either denied or 10% and there is not a )% rating for Tinnitus Functional impact of tinnitus -------------------------------- Does the Veteran's tinnitus impact ordinary conditions of daily life, including ability to work: No 4. Remarks, if any, pertaining to tinnitus
  2. Thanks so much. I can see that it looks like they stated that YES I did have Tinnitus, and YES it is more likely than not for service connection, But to me the variable it states "Does the Veteran's tinnitus impact ordinary conditions of daily life, including ability to work: No Does this mean a denial? or maybe connection but 0%? What is weird is they never ask me the frequency or if it effected me daily.
  3. Ok I was asked and reported it. The above attached is the result of my C&P at the VA. Since they stated it is least likely than not. Does that mean its favorable for being rated at 10%?
  4. Good morning, Just working my way through my first VA claim. After reading the results of my hearing/ Tinnitus claim C&P exam I am a little confused. My hearing results were normal. Tinnitus was positive and has the statement " more likely than not" occurred in service. However, is also says it does not effect my everyday life. I was never asked how it effected me or anything of the sort. If asked I would have gladly reported how it effects my sleep and daily functions. Does this mean maybe a 0%? SECTION 2: TINNITUS -------------------- 1. Medical history ------------------ Does the Veteran report recurrent tinnitus: Yes Date and circumstances of onset of tinnitus: Veteran states his tinnitus began about 15 years ago, while serving on the flightline. 2. Etiology of tinnitus ----------------------- At least as likely as not (50% probability or greater) caused by or a result of military noise exposure. Rationale: Veteran served on flightline. 3. Functional impact of tinnitus -------------------------------- Does the Veteran's tinnitus impact ordinary conditions of daily life, including ability to work: No 4. Remarks, if any, pertaining to tinnitus:: -------------------------------------------- No response provided
  5. Oh ok, my problem is the VARO is 5 hours from me. I guess I can request in writing.
  6. I didn't know I had a choice. My exam was 106 miles from my house and with traffic took 3 1/2 hours each way. From what I have read on the forum chances of me getting a copy of my exam is hit or miss. I don't know where to even start.
  7. So my PTSD exam was by VES, does that also mean VES will handle the other exams as well? I asked VES when they called for the original exam if that was the only exam scheduled and they responded that is all that they had. Could the VA do the other exams?
  8. I recently had my C&P with VES for PTSD. I am still waiting for exams to be scheduled for hearing loss/ Tinitus . My first question is it has almost been two months since submitting my claim. Should it be a long wait for the final exam? Im afraid it will slip through the cracks. Also I read multiple post without being able to decipher a good answer is where can I get a copy of my recent C&P from VES?
  9. Ok I believe I'm almost ready to submit my claim.... VA-526EZ , Orders for the deployment to Iraq, DD214 also after the deployment. I printed out my VA medical record from My Healthy Vet, I have also included emails I sent to friends and coworkers that gives timeframes to some of the incidents mentioned in the claim, as well as the VBA-21-0781. My question is I have ready about stressor statements. Is it ok for descriptions of incidents to enter " See attachment" ? I have attached a word document in detail of my stressor? Is there anything else that would possibly help? I am not getting much guidance from my DAV rep.
  10. Ok I have my dd214, I have my orders, I have an Iraq campaign medal. Since my service doesnt not issue CIB .It's also in the VA system I received hostile fire pay for that time period. I have emails as stated above that I sent while in country that could serve as lay statements. I have specific dates as well. My question per the 2010 change in requirment ot would not require JSRRC verification?Not that I mind it should be an easy verification. Does the VA not follow their change? I also understand in most circumstances there is no rhyme or reason sometimes what the do and it's an uphill battle.
  11. My next question is the change in 2010 in the criteria for verification of the stressor for the fear of a hostile action. Is that if your service or the area you were deployed indicates that the event more than likely happened during that timeframe in that area then lay statement from the claimant is sufficient if the diagnosis and nexis is there. And from my reading they did this to cut down on times for verifying stressors. Is this correct? or will they still need morning reports or verification from JSRRC. My next question I'm Airforce and how do I go about gathering that information myself?
  12. My other question without buddy statements....... I do have emails that I sent while deployed detailing attacks pretty much as I experienced them. Could that be used in my claim in any way?
  13. Thank you all for the great information. I'm Airforce so no CIB ..... also where do you request records for Airforce combat events? This is for Sather AB Baghdad . Is it still JSRCC? Also I'm not in contact with anyone I have served with for lay statements. Basically the only people close enough to me for that is my parents....
  14. My thing is not being service connected it is not covered or free to use the VA. I have insurance but copays and deductibles kill me as well as medications that they are suggesting. It looks as if I will have lots of treatment appointments. Is a history of treatment important to build the claim? I obviously dont have that since just being diagnosed. However, I wasnt aware I even had PTSD. I dont want to jump the gun and file prematurely either. My DAV rep tells me with the diagnosis, confirmation of stressors- which he says my orders suffice with also records of the daily attacks, and nexus in my diagnosis can hopefully be confirmed during C and P exam my claim should be pretty strong. However I am not the expert. The other two claims I'm waiting on records for are minor claims.
  15. I have already filed my intent to file a claim. So I'm not really wasting time. Back pay if I am rated will be based on that date. I reviewed the attached and I do not suffer from any of those issues. I also do not have a spouse or any buddies for that matter that I deployed with for lay statements. I'm hoping my evaluation, diagnosis, treatment history, orders that out me in theater during the attacks, and base records. Will carry some weight in my claim. My main question is it better to file one claim for 4 issues or file one now for two issues and another claim later for two more claims after I receive further documentation. I appreciate the responses and any advice.
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