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  1. Aron Your condition, symptoms and ratings should be identified here http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/theeyes.html#system . If you feel that your final rating is less than what you deserve, take your exam to a specialist and see if he would rate/diagnose more severe conditions. That is an IMO; then you appeal again.
  2. MarineLCpl Are you married? You can try to have your wife there with you.; they might allow.If the do, that could help settle things a little for you. Be honest and polite. Be sure you tell them how stressed out you are about the interview. Don't blow it off, or the probably wii reduce you. You can do this. Good luck.
  3. Vync, I'll have to try that myself. But it really is little or no usable info you get from Peggy. Once in a while you get some rep who usually is a veteran or at least understands where we are coming from and offers some good intel, but really that hasn't happened to me very often. I called on a supplemental claim last week and got a really green rep. She told me that the claim moved to BVA and asked if I wanted to be transferred to someone in the group. Now you and I know that can't happen; the VA can't send it directly to the VBA; the Veteran has to decide on that path. So I played along and said sure, transfer me. The next rep was really put out that is what I was told. After dancing around for a while she said that it was "just about" at "decision;" no letter cut yet. I called my VSO and had her check thru VBMS. Nothing happening and no indication of any decision coming in what she could read. My point is, we tell people on this site all the time that calling Peggy may make you feel like you are getting info, but it is limited, inaccurate, out of date or just plain wrong most of the time. But I admit, sometimes is fun.
  4. Thank you Broken for watching out for your brothers and sisters where you can. The VA needs more like you. To be objective, in my personal experience, over the last 10 years I have notice a big improvement in the way the VA treats me. The VA Health side has certainly improved; I have had several surgeries and have nothing to say bad about that side of the house. Had a great advocate in my GP. VA Benefits; not so great, but I do think they are getting better in some areas. The patients' surveys confirm that we are mostly satisfied with their performance in health care, and you find fewer and fewer jerks to deal with on the benefits side. But, there are still some you run into, here and there. So it's up to the veteran to put the effort into doing their claims thoroughly and completely. That's why Hadit is so important in helping get it right. I bet the veteran you contacted about IU couldn't believe you went out of your way to offer advise; must have been special. Doesn't fit the old VA model.Anyway, keep up the good work.
  5. MarineLCpl The reason they put in your case review " since there is likelihood of improvement, subject to further exams are warranted" is usually a cop out. It is easier to take the rubber stamp approach than cut a new trail, so it is a lazy approach. With MH disabilities, they just find it easier to kick the can down the road. Depending how old you are (not supposed to be a factor), how long you have been diagnosed, among other evidence of "no significant improvement," the VA will possibly consider P&T. Once you are in your late 50's, it should be appropriate to ask them to consider change in status. Of course, every case is different, but the "Rubber stamp" approach is hard to overcome.
  6. I know; first time I saw that on mine I had to laugh too. Ebennies isn't going to tell you anything else on your status until the very end. Call peggy every few weeks and see if they can tell you anything.
  7. Buck, It's called the new normal. I read that video conferences, like what you have been doing, increased from like 25000 to 250000 in just a couple of months. The VA has found that it is cheaper because it is more efficient, fewer people to manager the flow of veterans at the RO, the actual conference takes less time, most importantly for at least some veterans, no wear and tare having to travel physically for the review. And, of course, no travel pay expense. I also suggest it does weaken the VA's position about video conferences for IMO?IME's for disability claims.
  8. I think it was just about a year ago they changed or encouraged you submitting a request in writing to be able to submit electronically. But the hang up was you had to have a physical address, not a PO box in order to do it. I had a PO box and I called and they told me I had to use a physical address to elect direct deposit. I then, repeated the question, how do get my other mail from the VA if the address of record is a physical location and no mail box. Crickets. They couldn't figure it out that people actually use PO boxes to get mail. So I continued to submit hard copies at the RO travel. .The new change just appears to go back to that system; you fill out the form 10-3542 and mail it to your local RO. They will then send a direct deposit to your bank or whatever.
  9. Karl If you were wounded but the award wasn't submitted by your CO, this is what I found for procedure: on https://www.hrc.army.mil/TAGD/Purple Heart 2. Any member of the U.S. Army who believes that he or she is eligible for the PH, but through unusual circumstances no award was made, may submit an application through the member’s chain of command to the Commander, USAHRC, ATTN: Awards and Decorations Branch (AHRC-PDP-A), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5408. The application will include the following documents: DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action) (Only required for Active Component, Army Reserve, and National Guard); Chain of command endorsement (through the first general officer in the Servicemember’s current chain of command for Servicemembers currently serving); Deployment orders or Mobilization Roster; Officer Record Brief/Enlisted Record Brief/DA Form 2-1, 2A, 2B, or 2C; One-page narrative describing the qualifying incident and the conditions under which the Servicemember was injured or wounded; Statements from at least two individuals other than the proposed recipient who were personally present, observed the incident, and have direct knowledge of the event. Alternatively, other official documentation may be used to corroborate the narrative; Casualty report (if applicable); SF 600 (Chronological Record of Medical Care); and, DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) (if applicable) My question is if you received a Bronze Star for that same action, wouldn't that citation also include the fact that you were wounded in that action. You may have an easier time on getting this corrected if you can get statements from your CO.
  10. Good advise by all. Just the notes from the PT is enough to request an increase. Go for it.
  11. Buck, probably Bronc's advise is correct. It won't mean anything. We now have an option to use ebenefits to make, cancel, and reschedule in some VAMC. I always want to talk to a real person myself but I imagine you can post a reschedule there for a new request date (and show a comment.) But one thing I know you can do to cover yourself: use ebenefits to send a secure message to your doc. Something like " doc, just confirming our discussion on xxx, we agreed to reschedule our video conference scheduled for xxx at xxx. Just a reminder you were going to make a comment that it was agreed to before hand, and it wouldn't show as my missing a appointment." Make a hard copy. They are supposed to respond in max of 3 days. Make a copy of that too. No worries; it's probably an oversite on her part.
  12. Peaches1962 Congrats! It's been a difficult process for you but at least now you will now receive the compensation that you should be receiving, and that is worth a lot more than just the bucks. We hope you can hang in here and help others with what you have learned; help your brothers and sisters thru the process too. When you get your back pay, we hope Peaches that you consider donating a little also so we can continue. Best of luck!
  13. GBArmy

    100% P&T

    Nice summary of available benefits by Ddsr. Pay attention to the VA benefits matrix at the end, which lists by disability ratings from 0-100%.
  14. Congrats! Hopefully, what you were told shows up in your decision letter. I come from the school that seeing it in writing rather than verbal. Just got to get that letter.
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