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  1. jdelta The examiner has a directive to examine X,Y, and Z. They are supposed to have your medical files and everything pertaining to you that will help to determine your disabilities. Do they always have a complete package; no. So, if you have documentation that will help your case, like a previous diagnoses, BRING IT. You don't have a lot of your file as you don't have your c-file, and there is not time to get it as you said. But bring a copy, not an original, of what you have that will prove your condition if you have it and ask them if they have read it and/or do they want a copy. Your prepared. Go out there and get your exams; ask them when can you get a copy of the exam and how. No coffee the morning of your exam. You don't need it. Hope your wife will be allowed to go with you. Good luck.
  2. Valhalla Sure does look very promising for you. But you have been around the block a few times now and it should be really clear that the "VA ain't your friend. " They do the delay, deny and die routine as often as they can. We just have to keep on trying. I also think for someone with your experience with the VA, going with your gut feeling, all things being equal, isn't a bad thing sometimes. I guess my point is this: if the VA is making a recommendation for a veteran to pull back a claim "in your best interest", a very big red flag should go up. They just don't do things in your best interest UNLESS it is in the VA's best interest! You have a lot of parts to look at, so don't get your expectations too high; wait for your decision letter. After a week or two, take a new look at it in detail; see if you should be considering a new appel; especially an EED. Get some sleep; carry on, Marine.
  3. Maybe that is at least some of the reason why the status goes so often back and forth from waiting for decision back to gathering evidence than back again. Multiple items on the claim. It would help explain "some" of the indecision on the status page.
  4. Paul, excellent. We are all very happy for you. You can miss details when you get good news from the VA. Just another example to re-read your stuff one exam it after the dust settles. Congrats!!
  5. Vync, nothing to worry about.You are too mean and lean for things to start going downhill.
  6. jdelta To answer your question on bringing buddy letters, sure bring a copy and offer them to her. But I can't emphasize enough that you look at the requirements for the disabilities and dbq's and practice your responses with your wife. You will be at lot less nervous and feel more prepared.
  7. Congrats. Have some patience; you've waited 7 years, what a little more to let the VA use your money!
  8. jdelta Ok brother, you have a lot of catching up to do, but we can get you there. You are going to have exams to see how bad your symptoms are that were claimed, so you need to understand what those symptoms are and how they grade them out to the various levels of compensation. Look up each one here https://militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/search.php Then you have to look up what the dbq's are that the examiner will be evaluating you on, so look each one up here https://www.benefits.va.gov/compensation/dbq_ListByDBQFormName.asp Answer the questions truthfully and honestly, no exageration, but answer them like what happens on your WORSE day, not necessarily today. For example, talk about your really bad day with GERD; how you throw up in your mouth and can't get that terrible taste out of your mouth; or you can't lie down for 3 hours after you eat. Your WORSE days; your not lying, but your telling them how bad it is. I would also suggest that you make it clear how much this pending C&P has stressed you out and how nervus you are. If it is a long time since your last C&P for PTSD, if the examiner puts that kind of info in your exam notes, it may trigger another exam for re-eval to your benefit.Go over some of your answers you are going to respond to based on the dbq's; practice with your wife; she can be a great help. You can take her with you and ask if she can attend the exams with you; they don't have to let her, but if you say that it will really help because you are stressed (PTSD) and get distracted and she can help you re-focus. As you probably know, this isn't going to be a short trip, but a journey down VA highway. Gonna be a long ride, but you can do this. If you aren't successful on the first claim(s), you can always appeal. And we are here to help you. You may have other things that are wrong that you may be compensated for but that is for another day. Let us know of your progress.
  9. Hamslice I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish. You are now rated at 10% for htn. You got the rating based on two OLD readings. If you appeal for a higher rating, they will certainly give you another C&P and your readings most likely will be UNDER 100, so, you can lose that rating of 10%. I am really surprised that they gave you the 10% on appeal based on old ratings. Because htn is one of those conditions that can actually "get better", you probably run a very high risk of having to be re-checked and drop to 0% which was your original rating. Now, if you are looking for back pay for EED, you open up re-eval I believe because they have reason to look at all the facts. Even if your 90% would still be ok due to VA math, I wouldn't do it. IMO
  10. SameOldSong This is just throwing it against the wall but try this. What if you first try contacting your state Legislative Rep for your district; meet with him/her and explain. Ask him to contact the ARCP commanding officer,or Adjutant General, and ask them to issue the dd214 in light of the evidence you have. If that doesn't click, move it up to your Congressman or Senator. The problem with red tape is they don't have the wherwithall to do something that isn't cookie cutter. If you can convince the elected officials ,they CAN convince it is in the best interest to get it done. Before you do all of that, contact the State veterans Commissioner first. Long story short, I did and got benefits started for a veteran who never served 90 days. You get one piece and that sets up another piece.That might be a short cut. Remember, never give up. Never. If your right, keep finding a way. Good luck and keep us posted.
  11. Kuwaitin08 Does it say which exams will cover on each day; or did you call to find out? There are a lot of things they will be checking symptoms on for that many disabilities. Again, I would suggest to look over the dbq that applies to each disability and also see what the different symptoms lead to higher ratings so you will be a little more at ease. If it is an outside contractor rather than the VA, ask them also when/how you can get a copy of the results.Good luck.
  12. demodemon7 This is a help blog; we all try to be open minded when we respond to questions submitted. Sometimes the grammar or spelling (like mine) leave something to be desired. We try our best to get to the meaning of the post, and then provide an answer. In your case, I responded the only way I thought was appropriate. I have since re-read your quotation. I can't find a reason to change my advise. My point is that there is a negative note in your file; it is written by your doc; it says there is reason to suspect that if you received 100% ($3K/month) you would use it for drugs and/or booze. That is exactly why you have a problem; it is not because you said it or the doc said it. The problem exists because it is negative evidence in your file. To get a favorable solution, you need to show you are not a threat to yourself Now.
  13. Vync is spot on. Veterans that have a s-c should do a very simple check. If they are prescribed a medication, they should look at the warnings on their spec sheet that comes with the med, and also look up in the internet, any problems or warnings when taking that med. If you have any of those symptoms you should try for a secondary because the VA prescribed it. You would might be better served to get an IMO on it from a doc because it is a secondary condition. NSAIDS taken for heart problems causing GERD is a good example. IMO
  14. Fat, Typically, it should show up in just a couple days. However, if you have been reading along on Hadit, don't put a lot of stock in what it tells you. It is very inconsistent. moves up and down the various steps, and the info is often just plain unreliable.
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