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  1. So I'm guessing you'd take Calif over Texas then. I've heard a lot of good stuff on Texas to. Is it just too hot in the summer? About where do you now live?
  2. Buck Speaking of Calif, I've seen a bit of the good ole USA and for weather, San Diego is right there on top. Probably doesn't get much better, weather-wise. But it's wall to wall people, traffic is terrible, super expensive to live and the crime rate goes thru the roof. Other than than, it's great! But there really are a lot of great places to move to in the states if you don't have any family anchors and want better weather. You just have to get off your butt and start checking them out.
  3. Combat eng Hiring a lawyer isn't a bad move at this point. You haven't posted your denial, but my guess is that you didn't have a strong nexus on getting connected for your right knee. If you have the medical evidence, you should get bilaterial on it. Rated 50% and 30% should have gotten you to a combined disability rating of 65 or rounded up to 70% ,which meets the rating criteria for TDIU. If you could get the bilaterial for your right knee, it would help. It may be the strategy of a lawyer to get your new knew approved first before going after TDIU again. There are several law firms to try
  4. Buck Texas is a very Veteran friendly state to live in; some very good state benefits. Much like Florida. But, you got to like the heat. Heat/humidity is easier on arthritis, but I can't handle it anyway. If I could, I'd move to either one in a heart beat.
  5. Broncovet I'd take your estimate. Heck, I'd take any increase over 0%! We should be getting a firmer estimate from the Feds sometime next month for sure.
  6. Drcracing87 Not sure what is going on either. The VA folks have standard clauses that they select and "cut and paste" stuff on our responses, so it is hard to tell if that is a mistake. I would suggest that you redact your personal info, name, ssn, etc. and attach it so we can see what is in your decision letter, so we can better evaluate.
  7. Buck 51 said "Not many of us old dogs (Vietnam Vets) still around"... I saw this recently from the last census - 523 Vietnam Veterans die every day. Of 3.4 mm that served, only 300K left. And my friend, this is OLD data.
  8. Doesn't seem that what the guy was talking about was right; no one seems to have heard of some rule that prevents. I think I'd agree that a supplement claim and maybe, depending on if you believe there was a obvious error maybe a HLR, then VBA. But, there could be some situations why you would want to keep trying at the lower level of appeal. Let's say a veteran is rated 30% for depression; he wants to get re-diagnosed to PTSD because he has another disability, say OSA he wants also to get approved. We know that OSA can be an easier route to connect as secondary to PTSD. He might chose to try
  9. USMC_Vet I agree. But this was a talking head on a youtube channel and he made it sound like a veteran can only go twice on an appeal of a Mental Health decision (not other types of disabilities.) The third time he said you need to go BVA or higher. I've never heard of that restriction before. Hopefully he is misinformed.
  10. I saw a comment on the internet that implies that you can only submit two appeals for any mental health condition as a supplemental or a HLR. After that, a third try you must go to the BVA for appeals. Does anyone know if this is correct and is there a reference we can look up?
  11. dtoney2000 Sorry, but you have to provide a bit more info so we can help. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you already have a disability rating from the VA? Did you recently file a disability claim and haven't gotten a decision yet? Was it denied? If so, redact your name and other personal info in response and post it on this thread.
  12. Confusedvet1 To add to that, you could show direct s-c condition if you went to medical while in the service. You need to get your strs/med files if that happened. You might be able to prove s-c if there is that type of notations. If you have prostrating symptoms, record your daily events if the headaches occur. Check out Migraine Buddy app and see if that will work for you.
  13. Confusedvet1 Even though you have evidence of medical for headaches, you haven't shown that it meets the minimum requirement for compensation. If you google diagnostic code 8100, it shows migraines, which is the code the VA uses for all headaches. To get a minimum 10%, you would have to show evidence of prostrating at least once over a two month period. Prostrating means you are total incapacitated, can't do anything, have to retreat to a dark room and lie down for a few hours. A 0% is if you have them but the time between is more than 2 months. You need to document these episodes if the occu
  14. Shrek It may be worth a 30% rating See this case https://www.va.gov/vetapp14/Files2/1419164.txt Citation 1419164
  15. An IMO, Independent Medical Opinion, is the same. You don't have to have in-service med records if you're claiming a secondary condition to an alreadys-c condition. But as Broken just said, your doc's letter has to have rationale with back up details why his opinion is correct. Search Hadit (and elsewhere) on what you need for a good IMO.,He has to be board certified for the most impact, provide his biography on work experience, education, published work, etc.and discuss medical studies, journals, technical stuff as back up. Just a letter from a GP on an IMO on a denial usually doesn't cut it
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