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  1. Hi Jocelyn Welcome to Hadit. It is going to be difficult to get a law firm that has 1) experience with VA BVA claim process and 2) experience in successfully winning PFAS claims. Many law firms concentrate on just some areas of VA law, not everything, and as you are well aware PFAS is a relatively new health problem. My suggestion is to call some of the big law groups and find out if they either have experience in that area or could recommend someone. Try CC&K, Woods and Woods, Hill and Ponton to name a few. You may also want to ask if they happen to know a specialist that they would reco
  2. Usually, the lower rates call out a requirement for meds, like a 10%. You don't have to take them, but you may be prescribed meds for your condition. I believe it may be called out for MH at a 10% rate, which would cove depression. But as you get higher ratings, it may bot be a criteria for your particular rating.
  3. Buck You know, your mother never told you life was fair. And it aint. It might be time to leave it behind, rather than get frustrated over it. If there really isn't anything for you to be gained by revisiting it again, my advice would be just to forget about it. With all that is going on in your life right now, do you really need more aggravation? Life's too short IMHO.
  4. Buck Best of luck for both of you; her for now and then you. Stop down to the Thrift Sore and see if you can find some roller skates! Might come in handy while she recovers. Lot of prayers for you brother.
  5. The VA claims process is ever changing and it is safe to say that that will continue. As Brokensoldier 244th says, it is more cost effective to farm it out than to keep it in house. The VA may, and probably will tweak it so maybe a few more disabilities are done at VA facilities, but I can't see them going back to the volume they were doing before. Once the government finds a more cost efficient way of doing something, they don't go backwards. That said, hopefully they try to make process improvement with the new procedures.
  6. Vet4422 Welcome to Hadit. I would give it a few days. Go to va.gov and look up "payments" and see if there is an entry yet. You can call Peggy and see if they can tell you anything but I doubt it yet. Also check your bank account to see if there has been a deposit. Assume your info is correct at the VA.
  7. Hucast21 Congrats! Great news! Don't forget to update your Hadit profile to your new rating. Continue to continue to help others. And, if you can afford it, maybe when you get your back pay payment you could donate a little something to help Hadit keep on helping other veterans.
  8. Confusedvet1 It is what the VA does. You have to wait to receive the decision letter. You can check VA.gov for recent payments and see if you got back pay. You can also check the "Letters" section and see if you are now rated 10%. But basically, we have to get the letter.
  9. Really Angry This is none of my business but do have a diagnosis for a MH condition? The reason I ask is that in just a few posts you have revealed that you may have some serious issues going on. Depression/anxiety, etc. If you don't have any MH disability, I would suggest that you seek out some assistance. You have a lot more time on this earth and it is too hard to do it without some help. I don't mean to offend, but consider it brother.
  10. I agree with your VSO; getting an increase by way of TDIU may be your best bet. You may be awarded P&T with the re-eval. So, quickest way is to request a HLR. That assumes you have the evidence in your record that your condition will not be getting better.
  11. Talk to the Post Commander and see if there might be more than one VSO at the Post. If not, you could contact the District Commander and see if he could swich for you. Or, you could just hunt around and find a new VSO that you see eye to eye on from any Service or County organization. Then switch on Va.gov.
  12. Christopher I think you have two options. One, you can get a IMO from a specialist that states that that all your problem go back to your foot issues. That probably is the quickest and more sure route . But you would likely lose out on any chance of seriou EED and back pay. You could go to BVA, with or without any additional medical evidence and depending on strength of evidence is also a good choice. You have a third option which you could pursue whether you chose any option, which is CUE. That you probably should get legal advise on. If you do CUE, i'd try one or both of the first two firstI
  13. ReallyAngry The advice offered to you by Broncovet and Marine Corp 69/70 is sound. Haven't been impressed with DAV? Me neither. But that is who you used for a VSO and they have their limitations like any VSO. I'd rather get one to say to me to "punt it" to a lawyer than to keep it with the expectation that they can't handle the legal elements of the case. Is CC&K legit? They are certainly in the very top of the chain as far as legal beagle types. There are several others also.Check out their web site on the internet. Contact them as suggested and discuss; they do not have any info specific
  14. TDIU is NOT always rated P&T. See this link for ChampVA. https://www.benefits.gov/benefit/318
  15. Christopher Are you saying you had a disability for bth but applied for an increase and that is what was denied? Not sure what you have going on. War zone isn't presumptive for your back or feet disabilities. I suggest you redact your personal info on the decision letter and post it to this thread.
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