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  1. allan That fishing sounds awesome! How is Grouper? and are there gaters showing up to take your lunch once in a while?
  2. Great advise from vetquest here. People get so cranked up being denied that they jump to go to CUE, when another path will have a better chance because CUE is such a harder standard to accomplish. So, if at all possible, you want to do a supplemental or HLR route AT THE SAME TIME. It is legal, easier presumably than the CUE, and can happen at the same time. Probably quicker results as well. It wakes the VA up that there is a CUE also in the system so they really aught to get their act together on giving you a fair shake.; they really try to not to lose a CUE appeal. And as vetquest said, it keeps your claim open in case you need to appeal later.
  3. Valhalla0321 Not sure what your situation is, but If you have a C&P,scheduled, you must attend. If you have diagnosis from your doc, bring it with you. If this ia a follow up C&P for an already s-c condition then just tell them how things are. When asked, tell them about your most recent BAD day, not necessarily what you feel the day of the exam. I'm not sure what you mean when you say your claim is deferred, but if it is a claim you haven't yet been awarded for MH and/or PTSD, there are a lot of similar experiences posted here on Hadit. Do your research. Don't get mad at the examiner. If you're married, bring your spouse.
  4. Hi Alberti As Shrek pointed out, the RO is doing normal stuff. They don't have to have a C&P, but on most initial claims, they are going to do it to cover themselves. Read up on the dbq's and diagnostic codes for your disabilities, and you will feel more comfortable when you go to the exam.
  5. It's S.O.P. for the VA. Basically, delay (in your case), deny, and hope the veteran dies. You get door #1. Now, to compound the problem, the VA loses the key to the door, or at least misplaces the key if retro/back-pay is significant. They just can't seem to part with all that taxpayer's money to some broken down veteran. So the delay allows them to hang on a little while longer. Makes 'em feel better. Stupid is what stupid does.
  6. I filed a supplemental with additional evidence this spring. Came back in about 3 1/2 months. Denied. I think third time's the charm though (I hope.) No matter; if it is denied, I will just keep working it until they figure it all out. My favorite saying I tell veterans is "You don't lose until you quit trying." I believe it!
  7. Hyrb is right on. When in doubt, and you have the evidence, list multiple causes. Let the RO sort it out. It sure helps if you can get an IMO from your doc that lists rationale and that any one or combination is more likely than not to have caused your disability. But making the RO rater having to deny all of them and their combinations is a tough thing to do sometime.
  8. GBArmy


    I for one don't know the name of that site and, I do not want to know. Just based on witness statements from you guys is enough for me. Why would I want to get advise from a site that is one-sided and not open to differences of opinion. That is how you learn, by listening to what others have experienced. To be punished (banned) because you said something that goes against the brotherhood when proving your proof of the argument, kinda sounds what those despots in Iran do. No thanks. Besides, I'm beginning to like you guys. (Well, most of you:))
  9. GBArmy


    Buck, I usually agree (mostly ) with you but I really don'e agree on your comment that you will leave it for another who needs it (a disability comp) more than you. I'm not disagreeing with your decision about VA math, etc. just the comment. The disability is for EVERY veteran who (unfortunately) deserves it. I feel very strongly that if we don't use VA benefits, we will not only lose it because the gov't will take it away because of lack of use. It will be another justification not to provide more benefits we deserve. With the VA and the gov't, it is a numbers game. Look at A.O. 50 years later we are still fighting for adding 4 more presumptives to the disability list. Granted, some by their very nature take a long time to show up to be diagnosed. They will get listed (eventually), but only because the numbers are there now. The veterans from the Gulf War and current conflicts have to show up and be counted on their problems. If no numbers, no disability recognized by the gov't. for breathing, nurve problems, blood disorders, etc.The VA has a $200B budget this year. Do you really think that if a veteran decides not to claim and receive a disability so "someone more deserving" gets it is going to make a difference in the VA's budget? I contend it is just the opposite; by not making a justifiable claim you are possibly hurting your brothers and sisters. IMO
  10. Buck, go to the head of the class! In fact, I doubt you can come up with any advise today that would be better! Great post. Common sense stuff but it really is important to pay attention. Sometimes what the examiner DOESN't say is just as important as what they do say. By saying or not saying these things, or acting this way the examiner is giving you a heads up that you got to give him more info on your disability.
  11. Reading your letter, I think I would agree with Vetquest. I'd file the HLR and if it should fail to get you satisfaction, then the BVA. The letter is so damning to the examiner that the HLR would seem to me to be the smart move by the RO. It would seem to me that the VA would recognize that the BVA will eventually rule in your favor if just half of what you stated were true, and at the very least have a remand for further discovery. You can still appeal to the BVA if you don't win at HLR anyway. It could be a lot quicker route to take. I usually don't like the HLR but your letter is pretty convincing.
  12. Donating is a personal thing. Many of us were brought up with the idea to help those who are in need when we see it, AND, if we can. If you're reading this blog for a while, I ask one question: why? The answer is obvious. You see that there is a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience that can help you with your disability claim. No other reason, unless your intent is to also pass on your experience and help others too. So, if you are reading Hadit to help yourself, why not donate to help keep it going. Ms tbird isn't independently wealthy; she has a great mind and a vision to help her brother and sister veterans, but she needs financial hel to keep it going. If you can, donate a little. If you can't be sure to remember how much Hadit helped you get a new or increase in disability comp.
  13. MarkP Since it is a form of cancer, the VA will usually require another or current C&P to verify that your condition hasn't improved since the last. You have nothing to fear unless that is true. More than likely, I'll bet you wish it were true, but it is what it is unfortunately. Be sure to go to the exam. And, as Richard said, if the VA has updated the diagnostic codes for your condition since you started your claim, they have to give you the highest possible rating between what the old code was and the current one. That's also a good thing for you. Take care.
  14. JKWilliamsSr Appeal to BVA. Too much of a legal hurdle to try HLR; they won't change their decision. IMO.
  15. Berta I received this listing from my Congressman's office yesterday. I don't know if it is a later update than what you have, but I thought that at the very least it should be a good thing to re-post the Navy Blue Water ships list again. https://www.va.gov/shiplist-agent-orange.pdf
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