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  1. The VA released this communication saying that the BVA has issued 52000 decisions or 15% more than last year for the first 6 months. They have been reporting that they are banging more out, but I wonder if the % of favorable decisions are getting better or worse. Fast denials only make a difference if the veteran is going to appeal. https://mail.aol.com/webmail-std/en-us/suite
  2. dodger. Too may possibilities to speculate. Not worth it. If you don't hear from your VSO in a reasonable amount od time, put a call into him/her. Hopefully, they have VBMS so you can maybe get more details.
  3. Berta, I was expecting a low ball number. But to my great surprize, they were right on. I'm thinking, maybe, just maybe, they might be thinking of a CUE, because the evidence was solid from the start. Anyway, today, maybe not tomorrow, I am pleased with the VA.
  4. I would also add to drill down. If they say yes they have your info, re-word it to ask "so you saw that x,y, z is in there. What do you think..." Like Buck said, be sure they have read it if it is key evidence.
  5. Thanks Buck, Bronc, Shrek, Pacmanx1 and all! Only took two years! My favorite saying "You don't lose until you quit trying!"
  6. Well I am pleased to announce I have another check going out to Hadit from my back pay. I finally got an increase after 3 tries for CAD by way of Agent Orange. I am also a believer you share your good fortune, and without all the help here on Hadit I wouldn't have been able to do it. I encourage veterans to consider donating especially when they finally get what they deserve.
  7. Rexlan Sure sounds like it was bad from the start. One thing, though. You can request another PCP if you just aren't clicking with the one you currently have. But remember, the grass isn't always greener. The VA , just on shear numbers alone, has a lot of barely competent docs. But if you don't have good vibs with who you currently have, it is a good idea to make the change. Good hunting.
  8. Rexlan There are several ways to work this, but the easiest and quickest I can think of is: call you congressman. Preferably, one that actually cares about veterans. It is a human interest story; he'll jump on it. Or call the VAMC director as Buck suggested. I also get a sense that possibly you have not been completely open minded about using the VA Health system. The health side of the VA, not the VBA, has become pretty user friendly and acomodating over the last several years. If a dept. has policies and procedures, you're not going to get very far demanding something that goes outside them. If you were to get a complicated piece of diagnostic equipment and something bad happened to you, the VA would be in a tough spot if they couldn't show you were trained" in its use. Try thinking outside the box on your problem; could you meet the VA tech someplace and get whatever instructions necessary ex. parking lot/ Could your pcp be instructed on whatever and you meet him/her instead? Videoconference.? etc.
  9. Icpmom My guess would be you have to wait for the decision letter and based on that will determine if you are satisfied or want to appeal. My guess would be if you appeal, your going to want to go Supplemental lane to include the info you tried to submit.
  10. Hollie Wait for the BBE of course. Read it carefully. If you don't get retro for the back pay request a HLR immediately. It is the quickest way and hopefully, you can get a DRO that has a brain.
  11. Retired Yes, the VA is now cancelling veterans' visits to clinics (CBOCs). Got that news yesterday. I needed a new CAT scan on my ankle and my doc put me in for it on 3-12-20. Just got my appointment. August 12! C&P scheduled with LHI was scheduled for next week. Nope; can't reschedule right now. TBD. It is a bad situation and getting worse every day. The VA is going to have a major problem reallocating resources when this crisis is over, and a lot of suffering will be happening to veterans through out the country.
  12. Hi Hollie No, I can't imagine it. The only thing I'm thinking is it is a finding on a mh condition, like PTSD. It is the date of the finding, not when submitted. So, if it were determined and adjudicated in the same month??? I donno. What is the background facts?
  13. Jet187 Your rated at 80%. Youbetcha call and see. I have no idea what it costs, but if it like you said that they always check you for it as part of monitoring your s-c conditions, ask them how to go about getting it. They may be more informative as to how to push it. There is nothing to lose; go for it!
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