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  1. Just go with the flow. If you have to sign a form , so what. The procedure is that they probably will make a copy for you, but whatever. Nothing to worry about. Sometimes you have to make an appointment with them but from what you said, it doesn't sound like it is needed. Just be polite.
  2. As Geeky said, it is pretty hard to get a 10% rating. It's the VA ball and they make the rules. I have a 10% rating and I swear I can't hardly hear anything. You are aware that even with 0% for hearing, you get hearing aides as a S-C disability at no cost to you? My tinnitus isn't that hard so I usually can weather it out, but the VA is supposed to have some pretty awesome hearing aides that help to subdue the roaring in your head; you may want to check it out. And this is just my opinion, but from what I have seen, they are more apt to be lenient on this issue if you show it really bothers you and you go for extra assistance and later go for a re-eval. JMO, and I'm not saying it will happen to you but I've seen it. Veterans sometimes get a break going back after a few year. I mean, if your hearing isn't bad enough to get you comp every month but it is bad enough that hearing aides help you, not much of a leap to say you pretty close on the hearing table.
  3. Hi Eddie. Good advise from Bronc and Geeky. To go along with their theme, this is what I tell veterans looking for an increase. First, get a copy of your claim file (C-file). It can have stuff in there that is really supportive of conditions that you may have. Next, write down ALL the things or symptoms that you have. It would help if you had some one that would be objective to bounce things off of, like a wife or real close friend. Then start your research. Go to http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/vadisabilityrating.html and see that some of those problem are, say like Geeky suggested as an example, hearing. Do you have any of those symptoms now on your list? If you do, then you check your c-file and see what it says about your hearing. You may have a hearing test results taken at boot camp; you may have one at discharge physical. If you do, compare is there a worsening of the hearing? If you do, you have 2 out of the 3 things you need for a claim. A service connected injury (degrade of your hearing), and a hearing disability now. The 3d thing, is called the nexus, that is, how can you connect the two? If you had a MOS that required you to be around noises, that would work. Or, if you can document an event or accident where you were exposed to a very loud noise, that could work. You have the 3 elements; we call it the Caluza Triangle. You do this type of research for every injury or disability on your list. Ok so it is a lot of work. My father told me that life isn't fair, it ain't easy, and there isn't a Santa Clause out there that is going to give you what you want. If you want something, get off your but and make it happen. So...
  4. Bernard there is excellent advise here. some innovative out-of-the-box thinking. I got to tip my hat to Geeky though; James Bond stuff. Those of us that know him realize he's not just another pretty face!
  5. You should get a copy of your c-file and medical records to see what you have for evidence. Seems like you have more than your share of medical issues going on and maybe time is working against you. You have to realize that if you submit claims for several of these disabilities, some or even most will come back denied. So the next round would be to appeal with good medical evidence which takes more time. So part of your decision process is deciding if are you willing to use up some of those months on the hamster wheel, or are you willing to get assistance up front at a cost, expecting the process will be shorter (for at least some.?) I don't know if this kind of situation applies to you, but if it does the it is something to consider.
  6. Just guessing: you are harmed; don't you have to state HOW you are harmed in the claim? i.e. financial deprivation?
  7. I wouldn't count too heavily on advise from others concerning taxes only because taxes vary from town to town, county to county and state to state. In some jurisdictions you appeal to the tax assessor, but usually there is a procedure to appeal to the "Board of tax appeals" or something like that. If you can't get any help, call the state commissioner's office and see if they can explain in english what you can do.
  8. Another possibility: did you put in for travel reimbursement, since it was for a C&P exam? If so, you have proof .
  9. We always say that ebenies is often late, inaccurate, incomplete and wrong. Don't make any assumptions; just wait for your decision letter which hopefully will be fairly soon. Be patient; you have waited a long time, just a little longer.
  10. Berta said that "The VA maintains that more research is needed ". Hummm....kinda sounds like Agent Orange. Lets see, the Secretary was going to announce the status of adding 4 more to the presumptive list in June. No wait, they have to study it a little more. After all we have to be reasonable it's only been 50 years. This research stuff takes time. Be patient Vietnam vets. You know the VA is going to take care of you. I hope you Afghanistan and Gulf War veterans are paying attention. They are going to continue to do the deny, delay and die routine on you guys too.
  11. You have to have a basis for your claims in the service. Many of these are diseases but if you have no indication in your military or medical records of medical issues with them, you will have to get an IMO (medical opinion) for a qualified source(s) that links , for example exposure to fuels and chemicals that caused them. They will not be presumptive,meaning the VA will not admit that exposure would cause the illness. They have to be researched and evaluated by a medical specialist who is board certified in the field of expertise/discipline necessary to prove the connection between the disease and your exposure. Very high level of effort is required. This is going to cost you money maybe $1000-2000 per item in some cases, and there will not be any money back guarrantee if your claim is denied. So do your homework; figure out which one or two to go after and then start researching for these IMO docs. Several are mentioned here on previous posts on Hadit.
  12. Pat Try http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/theears.html#system It describes as best you will be able to find the whole hearing loss issue for the VA. Very difficult for my little gray cells to absorb. The good news for you is, of course, you are service connected for hearing, so treatment and hardware is available for you at no cost. And if your conditions get worse, you can always apply for an increase in your rating. Wait a year before trying again if you feel you should. The word on the street is it is very hard for "younger" veterans to get a rating higher than 0% these days. Don't know why.
  13. I think Tbird should get involved with this specific issue offline. Immediately!
  14. Mrpdbo is right on. If you appeal, your best course would be supplemental, but you have a lot of work to do. You need to show injury or origin of the disability while in service. You then have to have a nexus, or connection between the in--service, s-c, and current disability condition. Take tinnitus; hard especially if you don't also have a hearing problem (connection to s-c). I am not familiar with the qualifications of earning parachutest badge or aircraft crewmens badge or aircraft electritians as it pertains to very laud noises, or what your MOS is rated for as compared to noise exposure. Look up http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/Duty MOS Noise Exposure Listing.pdf and compare your mos to the listing. It will tell you what the likely hood is for exposure to abnormally laud noises. If not great, do the other two awards put you in compromised positions? For example, does the fact that you were around aircraft all the time happen to put you in the proximity of jets starting up close to you when you didn't have ear protection on? Did that happen often? If yes, then you write a statement in support of your claim stating that although your mos was rated low, you were exposed to extremely laud situations xyz or...abc repeatedly over 123 occasions. I think that a buddy letter from someone who worked along side of you under such described adverse and noisy conditions would help. If you went to a certified audiologist and had an exam and they wrote a letter or better yet a dbq that said you were found to have tinnitus that would help also. To sum up, you have a diagnosed current condition, an in service injury (exposure to episodes of excessive noise levels), and a nexus (medical documentation connecting the two.) You repeat the process for the other conditions for disability claims.
  15. Jfrei you can get a lot out of it. Even though you are P&T (I assume for 100%); you very well may have other issues that are dormant that haven't raised their ugly head yet. Like, Vietnam veterans are getting new and secondary disabilities all the time from agent orange. You may be eligible some day for SMC's, which can be way more than 100% for those unfortunate to need it. So if you can get disabilities to be confirmed by the VA, do it.You veterans too must be diligent and look out for your fellow brothers and sisters for what may be coming down the road. Burn Pit registry is all you have now, but if we keep on pushing the legislators, they will start to add real presumptives. And that only comes from veterans like yourself who take the time and push the process. Like Oceanbound says we got to be proactive. There's plenty that has to get done.
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