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  1. I have to put in my reorders. I use a full face mask, and for a while a year or two back, the mask would fail anytime after 30-40 days. They were giving me a hard time about replacements. Others must have complain though because the quality has improved to maybe every 4 months on needing to replace and they don't give a hassle anymore on it when I reorder. But though it helps, I still have a time falling asleep during the day if i'm just relaxing like TV or reading. What a pain.
  2. 1454thSoldier Should be straight forward. You had your initial sleep study and it showed you have at least mild or moderate OSA. You see the tech/medical person and they will discuss how to operate the machine (pretty basic stuff), help you select the correct mask type to wear, basic cleaning requirements, and then a next appointment to see how it's going. Their tech is now set up that the data is sent to them daily, so they can see your actuals, how much you are improved, etc. Used to be you had to periodically bring it in and they would read it off of the machine. It is sometimes difficult f
  3. Retiredat44 Each VAMC is governed not only by VA directives but also by the individual states they are in. Comparing when a veteran got in another state is like saying your neighbor got a bigger property tax reduction on his house than you did. Apples and bananas. Do what I did. I talked to my GP; that worked. I would have next tried the Veteran Advocate office at the VAMC. Then I would have found out who manages the distribution at your location and contacted them. Or, the hospital director. Or the State Veteran Commisioner. My bet is someone with your preexisting conditions can get a
  4. John999 Again, congrats! Hellofa ride. Good job on sticking with it. Good example for others too!
  5. John999 "what kind of bs is that? You've been on this good earth quite a while. It's the government being the government. Do you expect that it's somehow going to start making sense? I'm in the same boat, as many of us are married to a non-veteran. But it's better if I get the vaccine even if her's is delayed, than for me to not get it. It is some protection. I just saw a prediction from our local doctor who is watching this situation closely, and she predicts for people 65 or older, the next group or tier, will take another 2 months. It's going to be a long haul.
  6. John999 So what is the disability that they awarded? You don't know. Do you use a VSO; if not, go to one and ask them to look at the VBMS and see what it says. They probably will do it right away. My guess, pure speculation it is either they messed you up with another veteran and it should be going to him. Or, the evidence supported another disability and they put you in for it even though you didn't ask for it. It does happen, although most of the time you have to submit a claim seperately for it yourself.You shouldn't decline a disability award until you have the facts. They can open up your
  7. 63Charlie Congrats, brother. Keep working at it for SMC's!
  8. I've had several exams over the last year or two with VES, LHI. QTC, and the VA. Some have been actual face to face, some virtual and some A.C.E. where they review your records and you are supposed to be stand-by in case the examiner needs clarification on something. Things are "a-changing", as Brokensoldier indicates. (By the way, my hat's off to him for his continued advocacy of veterans at his VA position. Keep doing what you are doing, brother!) What I have seen a few times are that their systems for contacting (and re-contacting) veterans is not very good. I call Peggy, find out that I'm
  9. LadyMC Congrats! Yes, congrats are in order. You have gone thru a lot, really stressed out and it has been an ordeal. But, you won! This is great. I'm not making light of the fact that you believe your claim was low-balled. Quite possibly it was. So, join the club. MOST of us are in the same boat. So, first things first. Celebrate the fact that you won. That is a big hurdle. The VA has admitted your MH is service-connected. Now, there are a couple of things you need to do. You need the VA's decision letter. You need to know what the basis for decision is. You want to know what your MH conditio
  10. ywrw I'm not saying you should be inventing disabilities; that would be fraud. But, if I were you, I am absolutely positive that your current disablity, would be affecting mentally. Anxiety, depression, etc. If I were you I would look up MH symptoms for those,at minimum, and see if you have any. If so, get a through exam from a specialist and diagnosis and a IMO/dbq that supports the new disability. If your symptoms are affecting you in normal social and working activities, you may have some MH issues. Example, leakage prevents you from working/employment. Don't socialize because your embarras
  11. Berta is the resident expert on Nehmer and she has commented on it. I would suggest that you consider the lottery saying "you can't win if you don't play." You have to win your claims first, then, appeal most likely on the EED if you need to. I also suggest that you order your c-file; going to take a long time to get but there very well can be some great info in there from years past. Get going my friend.
  12. Vync Good advise from all. I would not hesitate. Depending on what disabilities your father submitted and was denied for back when, there are several disabilities that you have listed that could be considered presumptive. There is potential for a very big load of cash on this. Get a good law firm; CC&K and Woods and Woods are two of many great firms, but get a good one. The VA will have their "A" Team on this because of the potential early EED potential.
  13. Agree with brokensoldier. Very possible. As yu say, though, you're going to need a good nexus from a specialist to connect it, but it is a logical secondary route to claim.
  14. Johnny_Drama OCD is a mental Health disability, as is PTSD. If you are rated for one, any additional MH diagnosis is evaluated to see if the symptoms increase your level of disability in the same diagnostic code for mental health. Going from 70% to 100% means you are totally unable to function with others. IMHO you might have much better luck connecting OSA as secondary with the proper evidence and IMO, but I believe that sleep disorders also can be symptoms of MH. If the VA goes that route, it would not be a separate disability.
  15. What branch of service, when was he in country, did he serve in DMZ,what was his MOS? What does he have for medical disabilities?
  16. Buck Now there you go again. You're using logic. We are talking about the VA here. What makes sense does not apply!
  17. Lfox You need to have an eval by a board certified neurologist. Quite possibly you have memory losses now and other residuals that they will determine. Look at diagnostic codes 9305 for vascular neurocognitive disorder and possibly transient ischemic attack/stroke, dc8008. So you file stroke from the surgery for your primary s-c disability, and residuals, to include, but not limited to mental health conditions. It depends on what your doc finds as symptoms.
  18. GBArmy


    I should add, though, today is a holiday. I assume you called before today, correct?
  19. GBArmy


    KBVET That's the correct phone number, so yes I would expect no response is due to the Covid flu problem. Probably no staffing coverage.
  20. Buck I should think you could submit an IRIS request on it; it's claim related.
  21. Texasvet You have a lot of moving parts so you have to take small bites of the problem. To keep all your questions and responses in one place so people can follow your progress, keep posting against this email thread at the end of the comments section. Turn off you "caps" selection on the keyboard; no use to keep "shouting." First thing you need to do is get a power of attorney; call the Veterans Advocate office and ask them what form you need that the VA will honor. (They probably can answer some of your TriCare questions also, but you can get responses here at Hadit and elsewhere on those. I
  22. Not filing within a year (for presumptives) is NOT a valid reason to deny. Your lawyer hopefully pointed that out in your appeal.
  23. Hucast21 It sounds to me like your lawyer is of the opinion your case evidence is strong enough that you don't need a face-to-face hearing. You should be asking him if that is the case and see what else you could add that would be stronger if met in person. If he is correct, then yes, it could proceed much quicker for you. Just be sure you are on the same page with the lawyer.
  24. If everything is as you say regarding the wording from your VA staff (Doctor, or?), and it is in your file with the other recent evidence, it would appear you have a good chance. I assume to are rated 100% TDIU; if so, then if your over 55 years old, and you can't work due to your disabilities, then if the C&P examiner says that your rating will continue at 100%, I would suggest that you ask him/her if you could now be considered for P&T. You have nothing to lose since you just got a confirmation your rating would continue IMHO.
  25. S-C means service connected. You need 3 things for a successful claim: 1) a current diagnosis by a doctor of an illness/disability; 2) an event or exposure or injury with evidence that it occurred while in the service; and the 3d which is a connection or SERVICE CONNECTION that links the two. A doctor can usually provide that link by a nexus or Independent Medical Opinion, IMO, that the current disability was caused by the worsening of the original injury for example.
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