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  1. GBArmy's post in HLR was marked as the answer   
    Agree with Kanewnut Contact asknod.org. He would be the guy I would want to talk to about these special SMC's and if you wanted to appeal, he would be a great resource IMHO.
  2. GBArmy's post in HLR was marked as the answer   
    Agree with Kanewnut Contact asknod.org. He would be the guy I would want to talk to about these special SMC's and if you wanted to appeal, he would be a great resource IMHO.
  3. GBArmy's post in SMC was marked as the answer   
    USVI Marine I don't think SMV(k) is going to do it unless your condition shows that you basically can't walk. Rating for feet problems are at 38CFR4.71 Schedule of Ratings. Maybe, diagnostic code 5278? Maybe. Does it affect your gate when you walk so much that you now have foot, anke , knee, or back issues? I would see if anything stands out comparing your symptoms and criteria presented. In any case you are going to need a IMO/nexus saying that the original toe problem has resulted in your new ratable disability. Get it from an outside specialist, not the VA unless they have already diagnosed it in your medical record. Even then, i'd get the outside evidence.  Even if you get a 0% rating, it will open the door for possible other secondary disabilities because if your immobility. Example, does it keep you from doing "normal" things in everyday life, like playing with your kids? Walking around at work? Does it cause you constant pain; anxiety or depression because you can't interact with others and just stay home, or you just try to minimize all walking if possible which affects your ability to do your work. You need to look at the whole picture, including secondaries, and come up with a plan.
  4. GBArmy's post in Back Exam was marked as the answer   
    Durangokid It is evidence but when you go for a new disability, or, for an increase rating in an existing s-c disability, you need a current diagnosis. Think about it; you already are rated for the conditions based on your symptoms at the time of the C&P exam. Not how you were prior to the exam. The time to challenge the accuracy of the C&P results are before they get old. Usually not more than a year or so. Certainly not years; they will just give you another exam, not look at old results.The way to do this is go out and get additional evidence that show your condition is worse than the current rating by comparing the rating criteria on the diagnostic code. Most probably the VA is going to require a new C&P to see if they agree. If you are worse, go for it.
  5. GBArmy's post in Can someone Give me advice? was marked as the answer   
    Ronnie It is very important that she "dumbs it down", seriously. The VA is always looking to prevent a veteran from getting into the 100 club, so make it really clear.You want a medical opinion that says she has treated you for ...(time).; she has observed a deteriation of ....(new condition) as witnessed by ...(medical records, mri' xrays, etc.) that in her medical opinion based on years of experience and observation, that the ...(technical parts) are at least as likely as not  been caused by ...(service-connected disability.) If she is Board Certified she should state those facts and include her Curriculum Vitae, which is her education, clinical study, any residence she did, where she has worked as a doc, published articles if any, etc. My advise is do a rough draft for her so she has a guideline to follow and offer to pay her a fee ($100.00?, or whatever) for her professional opinion. Also, emphasize that without her documentation and help, it will most likely result in a denial of your sought after disability which will result in significant financial loss to you. I'm not saying this is going to work, but it has a much better chance that what you have now.
  6. GBArmy's post in Sleep apnea was marked as the answer   
    Mantana If you take meds for depression, it could lead to weight gain; do your research on the specific drugs you take. GERD can also be caused by prescribed meds and/or depression. For any secondary condition to  a s-c condition, you need a professional medical opinion, IMO, that ties your s-c disability to your current diagnosis for a new disability. Without the IMO, you won't fair too well.
  7. GBArmy's post in Helpful C&P examiner? was marked as the answer   
    Buck52 is spot on. WillyB, try not to get too pumped up on this; your examiner works for someone, and her decision has to be signed off. It wouldn't be the first time a veteran was told favorable stuff and wham, they  get something completely different than the verbal. Wait to get your decision in writing. You're past experience with the VA indicates how they work. I'm not saying it's going to be bad news, but wait and see it. Best of luck.
  8. GBArmy's post in New Claim was marked as the answer   
    Yharris. Yes indeed, welcome. Good advise of course from Buck52. Hadit won't relieve your stress, but I think if you ask the right questions, provide the info necessary, and try following our advise, it certainly will make things easier for you. No promises about winning, but we are here to provide helpful info based on a lot of experience from a bunch of veterans that truely want to help our brothers and sisters. So read, ask questions, then repeat. Remember, you don't lose until you quit trying. Welcome.
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