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  1. SPO it can take forever with everything else. I requested mine in March and they are still gathering information. Nothing you can do. Its the painful process we have to deal with. Hope it comes in soon for you. I'm not expecting much since i've been trying to get my medical records since 2010 and they can't find them. Good luck
  2. OK I have read all of that. First I'd like to say I am not trying for an increase in hearing because I just got that a couple months ago up to 70%. My hearing is really bad. The next step is implant which I don't want to do. I also have the peripheral disorder at 30%, tinnitus at 10% and MH at 50%. I have all those symptoms stated above but I have been on so many medicines and supplements and have completely changed my diet to help with the symptoms I don't get the full rotational vertigo as much. Meaning maybe once a week now but constantly get dizzy and lose my balance and catch myself almost everyday a couple times a day but its manageable. I stopped running outside completely 2 years ago and only use machines that have rails to exercise just in case i lose my balance. With that all being said I understand both points here. If they grant the Menieres and my hearing loss, tinnitus and vestibular disorder are higher then they would opt for the higher rating ? which means I wouldn't have a reduction but the meneires would still be connected? I feel that I understand but I also am trying to figure out what I would gain by doing it? Really nothing until, and hopefully it doesn't, the Menieres gets worse. It took me a battle to get to the 90% and to lose any of it at this point would suck. If anything, I am learning a lot here. I'm 40 years old so I have a long time to deal with this. Thanks Buck and GB
  3. Wow that is some outstanding information right there. Thank you Broncovet and Vync. The Meniere's would not change the MH rating at all just the other three. I need to find those documents online so I can print them out. Thank you
  4. I read that. I also agree with you and feel the people here are to be trusted more than the VSO. I have not had my disabilities for 5 years yet. The way he explained it to me was I have hearing loss 70% peripheral disorder 30%, tinnitus 10% and MH 50%. If I go for Meniere's which includes hearing, peripheral, and tinnitus then whatever I would get for Meniere's would replace those 3 rating? Meniere's has 3 ratings 30, 60, and 100. If I don't get the 100 rating then I would be losing money. Does that make sense or since my other 3 are more together then they would side on that instead even if it was SC?
  5. Vync, I don't think it goes under a increase because it would be its own disability. I could be wrong but I was told it would be better if I left well enough alone at the moment.
  6. That is good advice. My DAV rep just answered me and he said If I claim Meniere's and they grant it at 60% then my three 70%,30% and 10% will be dropped resulting in a reduction. He said If i'm not confident I fit the criteria for 100% Meniere's confidently with medical documents to prove it then it may not be in my best interest. I think I will hold off and start a diary/log as well and keep it on the back burner. I'm still waiting for my claims file that I put in for in May so I hope to find something in there as well. Thank you for the replies.
  7. I have a question about how to read this schedule of ratings. The notes part of Meniere's has me confused. I feel I am in the 60% category most months but some months I end up in the 100% with the amount of attacks. On the other hand I have 70% hearing loss, 10% Tinnitus and 30% peripheral Vestibular disorder. If I pursued the Menieres and they put it at 60% or even worse 30% would they all be thrown together and I end up dropping to 60% or 30% total? Seems like I could lose some ratings if I try for it. Am I reading it wrong? Thanks Meniere's.pdf
  8. I was thinking that myself. I enjoy working and I have a good job. They work with me on all these issues since I've been here for 20 years and I am a good employee. I think i'll have the DAV setup a intent to file.
  9. Yes sorry I left that out of my list of issues but I have a rating of 50% for MH. Menieres is brutal and since vestibular disorder is already connected and I have the diag. it should go through but just concerned about rolling the dice I guess. You just never know what type of C&P doctor you will get and not many doctors know what Menieres does to people. I do work full time. Its hard but doable at the moment. Thanks
  10. So I am asking the Menieres gurus here about my situation. I have 70% bilat. hearing loss, tinnitus @ 10% and vestibular disorder rated at 30%(max). I have a diagnosis from a specialist that the VA sent me to outside of the VA stating I have bilat. Menieres. I think I want to claim the meneires because of how bad it is and I believe I could get more than the vestibular disorder and get me up to 100%. I'm nervous about making waves and opening up a can for the VA to somehow mess with my rating. Just wondering what others would do really just for thoughts. I don't think I have anything to lose but also I have no trust in the VA. Thank you
  11. Actually I looked up in ebenefits and my Hearing loss is the only thing written in as bilateral @70%. I thought the tinnitus @ 10% and Peripheral disorder @30% would be bilateral as well since they affect both ears. Thats sucks. The 50% is individual and It comes up to 93% that way. I wonder if my other 2 are suppose to say bilateral or maybe they do not have an option for that. If they were i'd be 100% which would be great. seems like its a good calculator so sorry I said the wrong thing first. Thanks
  12. It was wrong on mine. According to this calculator I would be 100% but I am not. 70% 10% 30% Bilateral 50% Individual.
  13. If you are taking antidepressants for a service connected issue like I am then maybe it can be claimed. I'm not sure about the pyramiding effect though. My SC hearing loss gives me anxiety/depression which I take the meds for which is causing this issue.
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