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  1. Thanks I plan too. He also had a backup if they come in low and other claims to work on since my vestibular issue is so complex. He said we have different angles and unfortunately it takes time. He said if we claim all of them some cancel others out and it'll stall in the system for a long time. I have multiple diagnosis that stem from the same problem so its a matrix of ways to maximize my rating. He layed out a timeline of steps. I was impressed. Not like going to someone that doesn't open your email/file for an appointment until you are sitting right in front of them.
  2. Buck52 you are right on. Just got back from my DAV meeting and the guy did a great job filling me in on everything and how I was reading it. We did the chart off the audiogram from Mass Eye and Ear and it was in the 60% range. He already filed for an increase for me. He said I'll most likely have to do another VA hearing test because they probably won't go off the private sector one. He then told me to make an appt. for my anxiety issue from this. He says it shouldn't be hard to understand that someone with this much hearing loss has a stress and anxiety issue. He also told me I need the notes to connect that to the hearing loss and vestibular issue. He took great time to explain everything so i could hear it an understand which i really appreciate. He said if i do go through with a cochlear implant then we will have to file for another increase after and he will work with me on the out of pay stuff too. I was pleasantly surprised with the rep. as opposed to the last one I dealt with. I already have the confirmations of the claims in my email. Hope I can get the c & p soon as well.
  3. So i got some notes from my Mass Eye and Ear report from 12/17/18 and it reads my last audiogram (From the VA) on 6/22/18 states I have 73dB on my right ear and 63dB on my left with word recognition of 16% on my left and 56% on my right. I believe this is the audiogram they used for my last rating. I pulled up the rating chart and my right ear is Roman numeral XI and my left ear is VII. I looked at the rating table and that shows 60%. I received 20% for hearing loss. Do they use the rating table or throw an arbitrary number out there?
  4. I'll check that out. I'm still waiting for my copy of the notes. Thank you
  5. I can't find where they show it so i can cross reference it. Not the best at navigating things in the system. Suck at phone calls so i'll go in and face to face someone on it haha.
  6. Ok I will need to reopen. My rep. didn't say anything and I apparently missed it being in the beginning stages and not really knowing most of the ins and outs at the time so i'll start doing it over and being more careful and following procedures. Thank you
  7. I don't see how the employment form pertains to this. I am not seeking IU. I am not 100% and I am working full time and have been for the last 19 years and I don't plan to stop. I guess I missed the bus listening to my last Rep. Now i figure I just need to start the whole process over.
  8. Yes my C&P was done at the VA in NH for my 20% rating last year. Now that my hearing has gotten to the point of needing a CI and my vestibular disorder is now to the point of Meneieres disease they sent me to Mass Eye and Ear for further workup above the VA capabilities through the community care program. I have the C & P exam notes but it doesn't show any of the hertz breakdowns and the Mass Eye and Ear doesn't either. So I am trying to obtain those to compare them at the moment.
  9. I never sent anything in. I was just going through the motions and the DAV person at the time said "well thats that" and hear I am now. Sucks
  10. My wife is going to call Mass Eye and Ear (I can't even get through a phone conversation to request on my own) to have them send me the results of the audiology report spelling out the puretone thresholds and hertz so I can try to decipher the VA rating chart. The paperwork they gave me only gives me a graph i don't understand and the word recognition. I am also going to go to the VA and request my 2018 Audiology test so i can compare them.
  11. The denial was Dec. of 2017 and it was for anxiety and stress secondary to both hearing loss and tinnitus.
  12. I went once about a year ago when I felt overwhelmed and my PCP told me I should she this lady. After about 15 minutes of talking to her all she wanted to do was put me on pills. At that point i got angry and the rest of the meeting didn't go so well and never went back. I'm sorry but i feel there are so many problems in this country because they push pills. Lost a family member to drug addiction a few months before i met this lady. If i need meds fine but if you don't even know me and want me to start popping more pills I'm not in. I probably over reacted but i still have her card hanging in my vehicle and I'm at the point when i might need to talk with her again.
  13. Back in 2017 I claimed for stress and anxiety as secondary to my hearing loss and vestibular disorder and they denied it and obviously i just went on my merry way. These things are really screwing me up mentally. They are and have changed my life dramatically as well as my families. I don't go to functions as i should for work and family. I try to avoid people so I don't have to try and get through a conversation. I can't even schedule meetings anymore for work because I don't know if I'll have vertigo or be dizzy that day. If I'm in a meeting and I can't hear anything I start get all flustered and red face and hot then I get nausea and need to leave immediately. These two issues are running my life right now and it sucks. While I am going for an increase on my hearing loss should I just put stress and anxiety as secondary on all of it again or am I just doing it all wrong? I will be asking my DAV rep. on Monday but so far i haven't had a ton on confidence in him as of yet. Just would like to know what to do on my own if that is where i'll be. Thank you
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