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  1. It took a little work and 4 different trips to VAMC's in 2 different states but I think its all cleared up now and I'll be getting the travel in a week. That wasn't really the issue it was making sure that the care was covered. Pretty sure I spent way more in gas and time trying to clear up the mess.They were able to put in a back consult for my 4/11 appt. and then it was all approved but it really was a pain in the butt. I think between my wife and I we talked to about 14 people to get this resolved. If it happens to anyone else, just know they can go back and add a consult if something didn't go right. They don't like to do it but they can. Cheers.
  2. That exam was really weird but I think it went well. Who knows could be a crap shoot. The woman was actually really tough with asking questions about history, injuries and my military job and hearing protection. Then we started the tests in the booth. Once that was done she said that her equipment couldn't measure the speech recognition in my right ear it was so gone. She then said it was right on with the Mass Eye and Ear test I had done in April. She then got really sympathetic and started talking about me going to get a cochlear implant and why it would be good for me and stuff like that. I guess regardless all I can do is wait and see.
  3. Some Lowes like the one in Concord NH also have dedicated veteran parking spots. I think thats pretty cool as well.
  4. My bad. The first paragraph of the paperwork says "A request was sent to us by the VA to handle your compensation/pension exams" guess that's my answer haha
  5. Another question I have is, Do I have a C&P after this hearing test or is this it? I guess I'll just wait to see. For a rating increase I guess all they need is the tests.
  6. Yes I have 10% for that already. Good idea with the copy of the Mass Eye and Ear report. I will certainly bring in a copy. Yes I will take deep breathes in the aprking lot and try to be polite the whole time lol. Thanks GBArmy
  7. Well tomorrow I go for a hearing test for the increase I filed for a couple weeks ago. I hope the person does it well and doesn't somehow write in wrong answers (heard some bad stories) typically I'm not nervous because I've done multiple hearing exams a year for many many years but this one is going through a VES and I've never experienced a outside contractor working for the VA. Not sure if I can trust them but I have the test from 4/11/19 I did at Mass Eye and Ear to appeal if need be.
  8. Buck52 thank you very much. I will for sure give her a try. I've exhausted everything I can think of.
  9. I have requested my C-File. Can't wait to see what's in there. Hopefully more than I've been able to find in the last 20 years. Thanks
  10. Just downloaded everything OMPF and it does not have any medical records. Just my orders, awards, separation papers and other stuff signed before joining. I asked my Rep. on what it'll take to get my C file.
  11. Great. I never new that site existed. Just went and requested documents. I will also try and get my C-File. Its just a shame they have nothing on me for everything. My shoulder and ankle injuries got my wisdom teeth out. I even had to prove to them I was in Panama with my certificate of finishing Jungle School and buddy letters before they admitted I was there. Other than my DD214 and some basic training type of notes there's nothing in my file. Weird. Thank you Buck52
  12. So when I first started going to the VA around 2015 I've been out of the military for 15 years. I tried for years to find my military records and I keep coming up short. I tried every year for multiple years at the Records center, Personnel files, My last permanent post, my last National guard office, I had my Congresswoman send congressional inquires in 3 times and still my records are lost. It sucks. I am lucky to have be able to get my hearing connected from my MOS and i'm at 50% with an increase in now but I keep getting all the other things denied. I won't even try my shoulder pain or ankle pain because it will get shot down. Has anyone been in the same situation. They say my name is so common my records could have been put in any John Chase folder. The archives are massive and I'm lost in the sauce.
  13. I went to the gym and ran it off a bit so I can think with a clear head. I wrote out an email stating all the facts I have. I sent it to my DAV rep who already sent it to the Community Care manager. I have a draft ready to go to my Congressman if things don't get resolved in a timely manner. I have used them before and they get people moving. I just don't want this to get billed to me than go to collections (ruin my perfect credit) and turn into a appeal mess if I can avoid that. If I lose this one travel pay then i'll eat it but I guarantee you I won't go anywhere without making sure someone has done the consult or referral or whatever else needed. If I knew I need a second referral for a follow up and i failed to do it then shame on me. They failed to tell me and are hanging me out to dry so shame on them. Thanks for listening. I'll be updating.
  14. I will find the Travel Director next time I go there. I left today. Saw 3 different people and was getting pretty red faced and anxiety was starting to flare up and had to leave before exploding.... I also reached out to my DAV rep because if they send the bill to me I need to be ready to deal with that. The nurse agreed with me on everything I did was as the emails were written. Nobody once told me to get a referral or that the first referral expired. That would have been so easy but now its a mess.
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