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  1. If you are taking antidepressants for a service connected issue like I am then maybe it can be claimed. I'm not sure about the pyramiding effect though. My SC hearing loss gives me anxiety/depression which I take the meds for which is causing this issue.
  2. I couldn't believe it myself. I was asking my DAV rep. how my C-file was coming and he said still pending but your other claim went through and sure enough Ebenefits was updated and all went through. Still waiting on the actual paperwork to come in.
  3. Well that was the quickest claim I have ever heard of. Filed on 8/14/19 and today 9/13/19 was awarded 50% for anxiety disorder bringing my combined up to 90%. I can't believe it went so smooth. I am very happy about this news.
  4. I can't remember the exact name of it but I know its not that one. Probably the same list of side effects
  5. All great replies I appreciate it. I have only spoken with my therapist about it and she says its a side effect of the meds. She asked if I wanted to change but I said i'll see how it goes because if I change to another one it could be the same with other side effects. Just figured i'd bring it up to see if anyone else has this. I'm 40 and have all the kids I'm going to have so getting her pregnant isn't a concern. Just sometimes being a stallion for hours really isn't enjoyable for everyone. Yes we have both wondered if its us but I know its not. I will talk to my PCP to talk to a urologist.
  6. So when I started anxiety/depression meds. a few months back I haven't been able to finish with my partner which i know isn't ED but I guess they call it delayed ejaculation. This is a concern and all though you wish you had this issue most of the time failing to finish isn't awesome for either person. I've tried a couple things to help the situation but clearly it has changed dramatically since meds. Is there code for this? Thank you
  7. I do not know which one they are filing for. I think the c&p person was trying to figure that out. She was looking through the book and complaining about how many different ones there were and my issues were in a couple of them. Yes I am deaf without my hearing aids and I barely manage with them. I can work which is good but i wouldn't be able to replace my job if i were to lose it because of this. I've been here almost 20 years so they pretty much work with me and know to text or email me to get things done. I'm assuming it would be like GAD, Social phobia, definitely not ptsd and she said that as well. It sure is panic attacks and social phobia completely due to my hearing impairment. we will see in the many weeks to come. Thank you all
  8. Just reminding of about eating your hat lol. I'm not sure if it was good or bad but I am happy its over. I hope its favorable as well. Thanks
  9. Sorry GeekySquid but I just got out of this C&P and it was a brutal hour and 10 minutes. This lady was asking me all kinds of things. I left there more twisted than when i got there lol. I have no idea what to expect. Just a waiting game now.
  10. OK so the same old same old haha. I have the dbq from online. I don't have anything from my doctor. I will read up on everything. Thank you for your responses
  11. So I got a call from a QTC Medical services yesterday and they are doing my C&P exam for anxiety due to my service connected hearing loss (70%). The company said the VA wanted this expedited and i'm not sure why. Nothing else has ever been fast. I put the claim in through my VSO 2 weeks ago and my appointment is next week. This same claim was denied 2 years ago when i didn't have representation and I didn't have a diagnosis or a Nexus. I have all of that now so I'm not sure if this goes back or just starts now. As you all know C&P's can suck and i'm already getting anxious and thinking about it too much. What should i expect from a anxiety/stress C&P? Thanks for any help
  12. Richard, thank you for those. I was in the middle of reading Berta's IMO write up and to get myself informed and I will read those next. Thank you
  13. I hear ya. I've been thinking about that. I'm combined at 80% right now and I looked at the depression and anxiety rating schedule and I feel i fall between 30-50 so lets say 30% it should put me in the area to get up to 90%.
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