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  1. I have read that if there is no new evidence.. which it says on his denial .. That the claim is the same as the first and that means an error.. We are sending for all medical records. We don't think that his early records were ever looked at.
  2. Hi.. Thank you.. I will post that today.. We have his military file and I had just sent for all his hospital records.
  3. Hi.. Thank you for your reply... I will scan his denial letter like you said.. Yes he is in current treatment.. Continued treatment always in the VA. In and out of the hospital.. Yes John.. You are right.. The va will not give a letter.. And they say he never complained while in service. That's their reason. Also.. Is it possible to get retro pay from a previous claim error from years ago? Thanks all..
  4. It seems like you are in the exact same situation as my family.. My brother was just denied for the second time. I need help on what to do next. I wonder what doctor was called to help...
  5. Hi all.. First time on the site and I am very frustrated.. My brother has been denied for the second time.. In the early 90's and just now. He is schizophrenic and in my opinion had severe ptsd in the 70's. I need to know how to proceed.. Any information would be helpful since I am so new to this. We used a VSO and we thought it would be approved. I guess we were so wrong. Thank you for reading. And thank you all for your service.
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