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  1. Well it was for the adjustment disorder but when I went to do it I also took my more recent diagnosis with me and the examiner copied them and told me to make sure I got that turned into the va. The exam was short and I felt like I didn't get to explain very much at all. He could probably tell how worried and nervous I was to talk about all of it to someone I wasn't familiar with I'm sure. I'm just trying to cover my bases. And am unsure about how to write a statement exactly. I don't want to submit a statement that is overlooked or would aggravate the rater.
  2. Are you saying the va will most likely rate me at 0 because of the kind of discharge I had even though all of what I was dealing with is in my records and still has a lasting impact?
  3. I'm in the process of trying to get my records. I was seen by mental health on more than one occasion while serving. And that was the reason I was discharged. It's in my separation medical exam and should be in my strs. But I have yet to receive those yet. My speration exam and discharge paperwork from the mental hospital have both been turned in for evidence already. I uploaded some papers for my current treatment plan and diagnosis. And will ask for any more papers that will help at my next appointment. I'm just really worried about the whole process and want to try and make it as easy as I can. I really don't deal with stress very well anymore.
  4. They put my discharge as honorable. Condition, not a disability. For suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety. Have been diagnosed with adjustment disorder, major depressive disorder, and general anxiety disorder.
  5. So I'm about finished with my statement. Is 5 pages too much? I'm trying to cover the events that led up to me getting discharged from the Navy and then from them until now. Doing like a timeline format I guess. I'm just worried if it's too long they will get annoyed.
  6. Ok so I'm in the process of writing up my statement, so much to remember and my memory is awful, anyway, does it matter if it is handwritten or typed? My writing is not very legible.
  7. I'm afraid to write too much. Are you saying that I should write as much as I can remember and get as specific as I can? And yeah I knew it wasn't going to be a very good exam... From what other veterans had said about him.
  8. I've definitely asked people to write up some lay statements. But I really don't know what to have them write? Just my issues now? Or a timeline starting with when everything started? Thanks for all the info. I had my exam. I almost had a panic attack because I got there 30 minutes early and he didn't call me back until 15 minutes after the appointment. Thought I was in the wrong place. Feel like he didn't want to know very much about me. Just covered the questions he had to ask and shooed me out the door.
  9. Well, it's been five years since I was discharged and on my way out I was treated like dirt, so I've been trying to deal with the depression and anxiety on my own. I was hospitalized 6 months after I got out but other than that I've been trying to deal with it the best I can. I really haven't had the money to actually get help. Now that I have decent health insurance I did just start seeing someone. I'm just really worried that I filed the claim without enough "evidence" and that the examiner will treat me as people have in the past.
  10. So I just got notices of my upcoming exams. I'm already really worried about them just because of all the horror stories I've read. But I was looking into my examiners, and the one for the mental health evaluation is very poorly rated on Google by other veterans that had him do their exam. They say he did not ask them any pertinent questions to their disability and wrote them off. Is there a way I can request someone different? Or should I just go ahead with it and take the chance?
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