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  1. I'm 70% disabled. I just started on Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Lots of men with hypogonadism begin TRT then they quit their SSRI. I've been on anti-depressants for about 14 years. I've been 70% disabled for depression for about 10 years. If I quit those drugs, will they make a reduction?
  2. TYVM brokensoldier244th, I guess I may be having a paranoid overreaction, especially since I have lived off my disability in Mexico, and like to always keep that option in my back pocket. I'm 35, I've got a 2 year old and a 7 month old. I've been asking my wife to let me get my nuts nipped. She's 37 and wants to have another one at 40. I guess this can protect against accidents, and I hear that the erections and orgasms will get better, so that may be really handy. We don't have any help where we live, and 1 baby per parent keeps us too busy as it is. I just now talked to a DAV rep. He told me that the only way they will look at reducing my depression/anxiety comp is if I ask for an increase, which I have before. I know better than to do that now. To get more than 70% one needs to be perpetually psychotic, which I'm not, thank god. I have a wonderful home life, i love my job, and love my city. Seems that fixing the low T is a big thing missing that's missing in my life. I certainly can use more energy, mental agility, focus, to help me at work and with the kids. thanks everyone for your great advice.
  3. Hi, All. Just a couple weeks ago I had my testosterone levels checked after suspecting I had low levels since before I served. The levels are abnormally low. I begin testosterone replacement therapy this week. I've been 70% disabled for depression for 10 years. I became clinically depressed just months after returning from Iraq 14 years ago. I've been on medication for depression for all that time. I'm now suspecting that getting my testosterone to normal levels (currently at 60, the normal range for men of 35 is about 600) will cure my depression, as it tends to have that effect. My hypogonadism isn't eligible for anything close to 70%. I'm looking forward to an improvement in my quality of life. I'm not looking forward to the possibility of losing $20k per year of tax-free income, which pays for my house and cars. It supported me without the need to work when I lived abroad after college. I'm getting my testosterone replacement therapy from the VA. If I begin to report that the testosterone is working very well, will the VA benefits people see those medical records and decide that my depression has improved and give me a rate of less than 70%? I'm excited about my life changing, but should I just go outside the VA for this? I'm not sure how the VA works. Worried for my family's financial security. Thank you in advance for your input.
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