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  1. Good Afternoon! I was told by Peggy that my treatment records needed to be scanned by the va records management system. The representative also, said it would be the last thing that is needed to make a decision. I had my C&P exam (which was favorable) done a month ago, and it has been almost 6 months since I've filed my claim. I'm still in the "Gathering of Evidence" status. Can someone please give me input on what the "scanned" items would be. I'm hoping it's not because they don't have my medical records, and would have to look through them for evidence. I would imagine that they would have received and viewed them months ago. Everything is quite confusing at this point. I'm not really sure of what happens after the C&P exam is done. Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. Hello, Everyone! I filed a claim almost 6 months ago for PTSD MST, Generalized Anxiety, Major Depressive Disorder and Panic Disorder for sexual assault and domestic violence while I was active duty. I provided police reports for the abuse, but for the sexual assault, I didn't have any evidence. However, I was pregnant at the time of the sexual assault and had a very painful miscarriage because of the assault. My pregnancy (sonograms) as well as miscarriage was documented in my service treatment records. It has been well over 15 years since the miscarriage, and I guess I'm nervous that all of my treatment records won't be there. I had my C&P Exam almost a month ago. It was really tough (I cried from the beginning until the end), but the C&P exam was very favorable for me. My VSO showed me the report and the examiner checked every box except 3. In her opinion, she said that I was totally impaired which my VSO said equates to 100%. Well, I called VA to ask about my status and was told that treatment records were being scanned into my claim. Do you think this means that they indeed found the records in my service treatment records? I also wanted to know if it is common for a MST claim process to he so long. This is my first time ever filing a claim and I juat guess I'm overanalyzing everything and my anxiety is through the roof. Thanks in advance for your help!
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