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  1. Just wanted to update. It turns out they didn’t have my VA mental health records so, after reviewing those and a comp exam, a week later my appeal was not only approved but my rating is now 100% P&T.
  2. I received my decision letter last week. They are reducing my major depression to 50% from 70% which reduces my overall from 100% to 90%. It is effective 1 month before I would have been 100% for 10 years. I don’t know what to do. I reviewed my blue button records and there is misinformation from the few counseling sessions I’ve had. They talk about me being a caregiver for my brother, husband and dad. I have only been there to give advice over the phone. My brother is independent and lives an hour from me. My dad was moved to a veterans nursing home, again, an hour from me and I am there to listen to listen to my mom by phone who has guilt as he is now 6 hours from their home. I am not a caregiver to anyone much less trying to take care of myself. I’m so upset as this will not only bring a reduction in disability pay but I will lose my dental benefits. Should I find a veterans disability lawyer or a VSO? I would t receive any back benefits as I’m already 100% so can’t imagine a lawyer would sign on to help appeal?
  3. Thank you for the replies. Should I see a psychologist for an independent evaluation? Is there a way to get the doctor’s notes from the review exam? I’ve only seen someone for individual counseling a few times over the last few years as it never helps and it is a 75 minute drive each way which is difficult when I’m having trouble even getting ready to leave the house. I looked at the notes from those appointments and he didn’t write much. The notes from the psychiatrist I have to see every 6 months and who prescribes my antidepressants, states that I have chronic suicidal ideation and get anger/grief issues. I don’t have any evidence to submit showing that I’m, in fact, not doing any better than I have over the last 15 years including before and after I retired. Thanks again!
  4. Hi! I received my decision letter from my last review. I spent just over 5 minutes with the psychologist for my exam. I’ve been rated at 100% since 1 Feb 2010. They said my mental health has shown improvement and reduced my rating. I’ve been on the max dose of anti-depressants for 8 years, I tried taking 3 college courses last year and had to drop 2 because it was overwhelming, I am dealing with not only what I was rated for when I retired but have additional diagnoses of gastroparesis, Narcolepsy, pudendal neuralgia, loss of bladder and bowel control and anger issues which are all service connected. I just never bothered creating a new claim as I was already 100%, though not P&T . I deal with almost weekly pelvic floor and pudendal nerve injections, have had 4 surgeries and am facing more with that whole mess, have no social life, suicidal thoughts, and grief over how my career went downhill over the last 5 years ending on a hugely sour note. But, they say I’m improved and reduced the mental health rating from 70% to 50%. My overall rating will be 90% which means I’ll lose my dental benefits too which is a concern with the constant throwing up with gastroparesis. I’ve had several appointments with a mental health counselor for one on one counseling but it takes everything I have to get myself together and drive the 75 minutes to the VA just to talk to someone who doesn’t seem to know how to help me. I don’t understand why they think I’m improved. We were also counting on the free college tuition offered in our state for daughter who is a junior so still had another year before heading off to college. I’ll lose that benefit as well. All that to say, do I appeal or request a hearing? I’ve had several reviews over the years but this was the first they have proposed reducing my rating. Thanks!
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