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  1. Thank you for that info, this wouldnt be my first award, I am well into it now..... So basically then for example lets say that the VA grants a claim or appeal in your favor and its past the first of whatever the month happens to be, so you could get a VA Award deposit then on any day Monday through Friday, 1st thru the 31st then, I didnt realize that..... So another words then there is no set schedule for VA Awards for the day or date for when the VA awards a claim or appeal.....since its past the 1st of the month for May I could still get a VA Award for claims or appeals at anytime this month or the next or whenever they decide to grant it.....
  2. How valid are claims for Injured Knees and their effect on gait and secondary foot injuries because of it? Thank you
  3. How difficult is it to link Sleep Apnea to Asthma/COPD? Thank you
  4. Hi, Not sure what happened to my account, but I had to re-register and looks like a new website as well; although I have been gone for quite a while so I must have missed that briefing then lol..... Anyway my question was are VA Awards always deposited on the 1st of the month or can they be deposited at any time of the month depending upon when the VA decides on your claim? Thank you
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