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  1. About a year ago my wife tried to get caregiver through va but they said not eligible because only post 9/11 vets. My doctor filled out the aid and assistance form 21 something for me at the time.
  2. it was in the letters from my doctors in my appeals.
  3. I have letters from my doctors stating my heart problems and sleep apnea and all the rest are more than likely due to service. But my appeals don’t list these either as items under review.
  4. try list all my rating. 70 ptsd, 60 chronic fatigue, 40 fibromyalgia, neck/back/jaw injuries is 20/10/30, my hands 10/10, 10 tinnitus. I have appeal for knees/legs/hips. They said migraines not service connection even though I get migraines from ptsd and pain from fibromyalgia. They try take away my service connected for knees/legs/hips so I have to appeal. I put in appeal for migraine but it doesn’t list it in as item being reviewed. I’m stuck in wheelchair a lot of time by my legs not work n pain.
  5. thanks so much for the support. I’ve been all alone in this. I am 70 ptsd, 60 chronic fatigue, 40 fibromyalgia, plus 20/10/10 back, neck, jaw from combat injuries. Does that qualify me for smc k?
  6. I’ve been pretty messed up for a lot of years and physically mentally unable to do anything with my va benefits until a few years ago when I got help, so I was 50% for 20 years. With ptsd since Iraq and chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia since 2010, i just finally got rated 100% p&t effective 2 years ago. My wife my caregiver all these years but I lost all other financial benefits except va so I am trying to find out how to get caregiver for my wife. I am 90s vet. I did read about smc l but my experience with c p exams has left me in a place where I’d rather eat a bullet.
  7. Guys i’m terrified here. My wife has been my caregiver for a lot of years. I was too messed up until a few years ago to even be able to try to get benefits increase from 50%. After 4 years of fighting the va, I’m 100% p&t finally. Now I need to either get caregiver or smc l. After the last examiner lied outright, I’m afraid filing for AA will mean another c p. I can’t go through that the last year and half fighting the va ruined what was left of my health. Help appreciated, my heads swimming and I did try to read postings here but my brain not working like it should if u file aa does it mean a c p? If p&t how come people still get c p exams? I have open appeals as well, so not all of my fighting done yet but I can’t take any more
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