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  1. Love it! I understand what you are saying and agree 100%. The Agency that is working with me are not very good and was good for filing all the paperwork but my wife was the one that had to tell him the code and that I was eligible to get the 13 months 100%, he didn't have a clue about it. I should have taken the time years ago to get my rating increased but, I went from 20 years at 10% to now being rated at 90%. I blame no one but myself for not doing fighting for an increase but everyone I talk with at the VA said i didn't have a chance and I wouldn't go any farther.But again there is no one to blame but myself. when i was going in to have my knee replaced I was hopping i could get a couple months at 100%, I had no idea I would end at 90%.
  2. Thanks everyone for the information. We have been saving the extra, my wife has been concerned that if we are not supposed to get the 100% that they might come back on us for it.
  3. I had a knee replacement in May of 2018. at that time i was supposed to get rated at 100% for 13 months, June of 2019 would have been 13 months. i received notice in August of 2019 that they had made a decision on my knee it was rated at 60% and combined with my other disabilities they said my final rating would be 90% and I had 90 days to appeal. 60% is the max you can be rated on a knee replacement we didn't appeal the rating, that should have ended November 1. We are into February and i am still receiving 100%. Ebenefits says my knee is still rated 100%. Is there something I am missing? end of April will be 2 years at 100% does it normally take them this long to change your rating?
  4. Thanks, not sure where she saw it, but my wife is always right :)
  5. Thanks, i haven't called anyone, that's why it seemed strange. Then my wife saw that you are only aloud to do this once in your lifetime.
  6. Thank you, but who is Peggy and how do i get a hold of her?
  7. I am on Benefits and see it says I have i field an "INTENTS TO FILE"? what is this? I never field anything out and not sure why it would say this? is this normal?
  8. Thanks everyone for your help. I was finally able to get set up and back into my Ebenefits account. Took a while and a lot of phone transfers but I am back on!
  9. Thanks everyone, i finally was able to set me up on premium.
  10. Are you using Ebenefits to monitor your clams and there progress? I went there all the time to see what was going on. it was a lot faster then waiting to hear from them by mail. it will tell you if they need more information and let you submit it online.
  11. the representative that was working for me had me request my medical records from the VA. it made for a very interesting read. There was a lot going on that I wasn't aware of and it had all of the doctors notes. If you just send in your records and files i don't think you have much of a chance. Like I said in my previous reply you need to get an organization to help you and do what they ask you to do if your really serious about getting your VA benefits.
  12. I had 3 different ones with in a 9 month period, never understood why and all with different organizations. I would just go and make your case. I think you may have a better chance if all of the examinations come out with the same opinions. I wouldn't skip them, it is hard enough don't give them more reasons to deny your clams. It can be a long and hard process but you need to keep fighting. I put mine off for years and it cost me a lot but glade I finally got some help from a VA organization that new the ropes and what needed to be done. I regret not getting someone to fight for me sooner! They are free and there whole purpose is to get you what you have coming.
  13. I was worried about my information being compromised and someone getting in and changing my deposit information. I did get my disability check on the first so that was a relief!
  14. Thank you, I will email and call them
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