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  1. That is what i figured but wanted to check, thanks everyone for the help.
  2. Do I need to be at 100% for my wife and son to get medical benefits? I am at 90%, do my wife and son qualify for any benefits through the VA? Thanks
  3. Thank you Tbird, I will talk with my doctor, i have an appointment in September.
  4. I am at 90%, does my wife and son qualify for any benefits? My wife would like to go back to school and it would be nice if they qualified for medical like i do.
  5. Not sure what it's called but I am wondering if I can get the VA to pay for things I need to get around my house. I am at 90% and i am at the max for my rt knee. I have a lot of trouble standing from a sitting position in a regular hight chair. is it possible to get the VA to buy me something that sits me up higher? I use a extra cushion now to help me stand but still need to use both arms to push me up. Now I am having issues with my shoulders being sore and I know that is what's causing it. My house is also a 3 stories high and I have trouble walking up the stairs all the stairs, it can be really hard to walk up and because i have stability problems with my knee buckling i can only walk down the steps one at a time. what do I need to do to have the VA help me out?
  6. I had 4 for the same thing in the last year, 2 with VA doctors and 2 with privet doctors. I don't think it is that uncommon.
  7. Thank you, I will see if I can help. I have learned a lot this last year about the VA and things you need to know. most of it I found out the hard way. I would love to be able to help however I can, it can be really confusing sometimes!
  8. Thank you for the information. Yes I do have sleep apnea now and have been using a cpap for the last 20 years. I have had 2 sleep studies done in the span of 20 years. They say I stop breathing over 800 times a night. I consider it service related because I am obese and I am obese because of my service related rt knee not allowing me to walk or workout. I have just been rated at 90% of which i received a 60% for my rt knee replacement. I think from what I have read through the VA I would be at least 50%. Not sure it would change anything as far as my rating, it seems really hard once you hit 90% to get up to 95% to be rated at 100%
  9. I may have read that wrong it will just say 100% but not temp 100%
  10. I am temp 100 and it doesn't say anything about temp as you can see below. It can be confusing sometimes. If you go into "VA Letters" go to "Benefit Summary Letter" and go down to (see below) mine says "no" so that shows I am not permanently disabled. You are considered to be totally and permanently disabled due solely to your service-connected disabilities: No Total knee replacement, right (now claimed as knee straightening and flexion) 100% Service Connected 100% Total Combined Disability You have a 100% final degree of disability. This percentage determines the amount of benefit pay you will receive.
  11. I was wondering about this as well. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea 20 years ago by my privet physician and have records of my tests. I was thinking of sending in a clam. I also have used my CPAP for the last 20 years
  12. Fortunately, I work out of my house for the most part, but if that changed I would have a hard time working unless it was a government job that would give me preference for being disabled.
  13. Thanks, I was really surprised, from what I have read and my previous experience it seems like it is next to impossible to get ratings to go your way. I really feel bad for vets that have to fight for years to get what they deserve, I feel a little guilty that I got what I did as fast as I did, when there are so many others here that deserve to be taken care of. My wife says after 40 years at 10% they owe use. Still, I hope things are going faster for other disabled vets, I know it has been a lot different for me this time around.
  14. Thanks, unfortunately after 40 years of the right knee being bad and 12 surgeries now the left one bothers me as well. that was one of the other conditions that they took responsibility for in the 20%-20%-10% i mentioned above.. So as it gets worse I won't have to fight to get them to take responsibility. only got 10% but at least they are accepting that they are responsible. Even so at 90% all my medical is taking care of now it seems like it is really hard to get 100% the way they stack disabilities.
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