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  1. Finally got the nerve to go out to a DAV and get help filing a claim. I was praying i would get someone that cared about my situation and willing to help. Unfortunately this guy could not seem more bothered by my mere presence. I felt the rage coming and kindly told him to fck off and told him i will apply online with the help of my fellow hadit members. Now the main thing im looking to file for is chronic fatigue syndrome. I was diagnosed back in 2006 while in service. As most of you know, you need multiple symptoms for this diagnosis which i also have records for like, sleep disturbance, asthma, memory issues ect. Should i file for this just as CFS and let them group everything together and let them figure it out or.. file under (Gulf War veteran with unexplained chronic multi-symptom illness) - not sure if afghanistan falls under this, and add all associated disibilities. guess im just trying to avoid pyramiding errors, i dunno. apologies if i made this seem confusing. thank you all. -steve
  2. put in dates of your deployment on the top left and choose afghan or iraq option. ( i included my base in search bar) it will show everything that happened during your deployment.
  3. are we allowed to use wiki leaks war diary web site as evidence in support of a claim ? https://wardiary.wikileaks.org/search/?sort=date
  4. Thank you for all the responses. I'll just try and get tested at one of the places you guys recommended, thanks.
  5. went to my local va hospital and requested test for Hep C and Brucellosis. guy got all pissy and told me they dont offer test for Brucellosis. Anywhere i can go to get tested for this ?
  6. I faxed in the sf 180 to the appropriate destination and got cd back with what looks like most of my records besides anything deployment. They wanted to send me home due to severe asthma symptoms and i declined and requested medication to help me cope. I took inhaler, pills and a dry powder inhaler. All i have in my records is 2 medication refills for inhaler post deployment. Maybe this will be enough of a link since i still need meds and have a few trips to emergency room. About that c-file though, You only get that once you start claiming stuff right or does everyone already have it ?
  7. I ordered my complete medical history from records management center, It did not contain anything from my deployment. Are these records elsewhere or do i need to request them specifically maybe ? thanks. deployment was Afghanyland 05/06
  8. if you had an illness like Chronic fatigue syndrom while in service but dont try and claim it till after you get out. any chance they would back pay to the date of illness or no chance ?
  9. I just looked again and its located in the disabilities tab not the claims one. sorry about that.
  10. this is all i found while in service. https://ibb.co/mqw8H7H https://ibb.co/SQ019B7
  11. So im looking on this e-benefits website and just browsing around and i noticed i have an old claim labeled non-service connected bipolar. Now i've never filed a claim but i was was forced to see someone for anger management post deployment in 06. is it possible a doctor put this claim in or maybe i did it while in a drunken blackout which is also entirely possible. Thoughts?
  12. Hello Friends, A brief history of myself, served 03/06 with the 82nd and one deployment to Afghanistan. I have never filed a claim mostly due to missing deployment records. I feel as though i have exhausted all options trying to obtain them but still working on it. I have however found some other things along the way. I will attach a couple pictures to give you an idea of symptoms. I also found some papers on inhaler scripts post deployment while in service. missing initial asthma diagnosis while deployed though. If i decide to go ahead and claim something, what should it be? I currently have abnormal white/red blood cell count, elevated liver enzyme, inhaler use, fatigue etc Couple questions.. 1- Is gulf war illness an option for me ? i believe Afghanistan does not fall under southwest Asia area of operations anymore unless you tested positive for one of their 9 listed diseases. 2- Will testing positive for the Epstein-Barr virus disqualify me for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ? Any help in this matter is much appreciated and I thank you all for what you do. PS: There is nothing wrong with my dick. PSS: three extra links provided if you need to enlarge. https://ibb.co/PgkmsJx https://ibb.co/LSYpH2Y https://ibb.co/s64CRsZ
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