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  1. Thank you Ms. @Berta and @El Train for your responses. I have my 2nd C&P today at a civilian facility for my left knee, so hopefully since it's not an actual VA Facility I won't get any backlash/lip service for having an IMO. Depending on the outcome of this C&P I suppose my next steps would be to get an actual IME if I need to refute further. I've already spoken to Dr. Anaise about potentially representing me if this needs to eventually go to BVA. I suppose that's the benefit of being both an M.D. and J.D.
  2. Hi @GBArmy Thank you for responding. Yes my supplemental claim is within 1 year. I received my award letter from the VA in December of last year. Good to know that this C&P will most likely be based on the IMO I submitted. I will be sure to bring a copy of the IMO with me and confirm with the examiner that they have read it and are familiar with it.
  3. Last year I was diagnosed with tendinitis in both my knees but only was awarded Service-Connected for my right knee. I requested and received an IMO from Dr. David Anaise stating that it is more likely than not that my left knee is Service-Connected and submitted my Supplemental Claim in June of this year. I just received a phone call from the VA scheduling another C&P for my left knee. My question is this. Even though they have already diagnosed tendinitis in both of my knees, is this C&P being scheduled to refute the IMO that I received from Dr. Anaise? Ms. @Berta are you familiar with the VA scheduling a 2nd C&P after submitting a supplemental claim with new evidence?
  4. Hello All, My question is regarding my most recent claim. I put in a claim for both knees and lower back. They gave me 10% for tendinitis in my right knee but declined my left knee and lower back, claiming they were not service connected. Dr. David Anaise is currently reviewing my files to see if he can secondary connect my left knee and my lower back to my right knee. If he does indeed write me an IMO for this, should I file an appeal of the previous decision or file a new claim for my left knee and lower back? Thank you for your time and help.
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