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  1. Hi @shrekthetank1 Yes I filed a while ago and just had my exam today. He told me that the condition IS service connected since it occurred and was documented in 2010 while I was still active duty. I told him that it was giving me pain which is why I filed the claim. The plan right now is to talk to my private Dr. and see what he says. My wife is having our 2nd child at the end of January next year so we will already be at our deductible so I'll most likely have the operation next year sometime. I will for sure be speaking with other doctors about this.
  2. Hey all. Hoping you guys can help me out with what to expect. In 2010 while I was active duty I went to medical over what I thought was a potential hernia. They did an ultrasound and felt around but told me they didn't see anything and that if it continued to hurt come back. I got my honorable in January of 2011. A couple months ago, the pain occasionally still persisted so I filed a claim for a hernia/groin condition and they scheduled me within a few weeks. I just went to my appointment and the Dr. asked me if I had the hernia taken care of yet. I told him that I was never diagnose
  3. @Kuwaitin08 This is the timeline that my HLR took. For my error they did not consider the IMO that I submitted through my private doctor. Once everything was said and done my HLR was approved for my right knee to be secondary to my left knee.
  4. Absolutely! I told my wife yesterday once I found out that 10% was going to this site and she agreed and was really happy. It feels great to be able to donate to a site that helped me WAY more than any resource the VA provided. I received a couple of messages from TBird but didn't know if they were automated or not. Each time I get a new claim approved I will ALWAYS donate at least 10% of my backpay. This site is amazing and I want to see it up for generations of vets to come.
  5. Thanks @broncovet! It hit this morning and the first thing I did was make my donation here. On to the next denied claim!
  6. ***UPDATE*** Just received word that the HLR worked and they have raised my rating %. Here comes 22 months worth of backpay. As soon as it drops I'll be donating 10% to Hadit. It feels great to be able to give back to a community that has helped me so much. You guys are the real MVPs.
  7. Hi @BAM_ Thank you for the reply. Yeah I called and spoke to Peggy and she told me that the "Error" found was what my HLR request was for. They didn't take the IMO that I submitted from Dr. Anaise into account so my claim is being moved back into the Developmental phase. They told me that the current date it's set for is to be complete by October 2020... That really sucks that they lowered your rating and had the C&P examiner change her findings. How is that legal? I'm sure that when you get your hearing you'll win but it's such a dang hassle to have to go through. You know the
  8. ***Update*** I called Peggy today to see if they could tell me any information on what's going on since it shows "VA made a new decision" and that "The Veterans Benefits Administration is correcting an Error". She told me that a letter was mailed to me today that basically states the "Error" was not taking my IMO into account of the previous decision. That now my claim was being moved back into the "Development" stage and that the current date they have for completion estimates October 2020... I was really shocked she told me what the letter addresses, it was my understanding they weren't
  9. Hi @BAM_ I was reading over your situation and mine seems to be also in the same boat. Did you ever get yours cleared up? This is where my HLR is sitting currenlty:
  10. @Kuwaitin08 mine is currently saying the same thing. Did yours ever get cleared up? This is what mine looks like:
  11. New Update It now says that The Veterans Benefits Administration is Correcting an Error. Is this good?
  12. Thanks @JKWilliamsSr. I called Peggy yesterday and they told me that the most likely situation is that the decision letter hasn't been processed/mailed out yet. I checked VA site again today and this was posted. So it's showing two updates on back to back days, so who knows what is going on...
  13. @Lejeune I'm in the same boat as well. This is what mine shows and I haven't gotten any update from Ebenfits yet. It goes all the way back to May 2018 so I'm hoping that we're waiting on financial signatures for backpay. I called yesterday and Peggy told me that the decision letter hasn't been mailed yet (according to their system).
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