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  1. Hi @BAM_ Thank you for the reply. Yeah I called and spoke to Peggy and she told me that the "Error" found was what my HLR request was for. They didn't take the IMO that I submitted from Dr. Anaise into account so my claim is being moved back into the Developmental phase. They told me that the current date it's set for is to be complete by October 2020... That really sucks that they lowered your rating and had the C&P examiner change her findings. How is that legal? I'm sure that when you get your hearing you'll win but it's such a dang hassle to have to go through. You know the drill though, don't stop fighting, it's what they WANT you to do. Good luck brother!
  2. ***Update*** I called Peggy today to see if they could tell me any information on what's going on since it shows "VA made a new decision" and that "The Veterans Benefits Administration is correcting an Error". She told me that a letter was mailed to me today that basically states the "Error" was not taking my IMO into account of the previous decision. That now my claim was being moved back into the "Development" stage and that the current date they have for completion estimates October 2020... I was really shocked she told me what the letter addresses, it was my understanding they weren't supposed to do that? Hoping for a positive outcome but being told it was essentially now being restarted at ground-zero of the claim doesn't give me much confidence. The HLR rater initially told me that I should have my decision as soon as last week, I didn't think she meant the decision to sent it back to the developmental stage. Anybody have any experience with this? This goes back to May 2018 so I was hoping I was close to finally closing this.
  3. Hi @BAM_ I was reading over your situation and mine seems to be also in the same boat. Did you ever get yours cleared up? This is where my HLR is sitting currenlty:
  4. @Kuwaitin08 mine is currently saying the same thing. Did yours ever get cleared up? This is what mine looks like:
  5. New Update It now says that The Veterans Benefits Administration is Correcting an Error. Is this good?
  6. Thanks @JKWilliamsSr. I called Peggy yesterday and they told me that the most likely situation is that the decision letter hasn't been processed/mailed out yet. I checked VA site again today and this was posted. So it's showing two updates on back to back days, so who knows what is going on...
  7. @Lejeune I'm in the same boat as well. This is what mine shows and I haven't gotten any update from Ebenfits yet. It goes all the way back to May 2018 so I'm hoping that we're waiting on financial signatures for backpay. I called yesterday and Peggy told me that the decision letter hasn't been mailed yet (according to their system).
  8. Just saw on VA.gov that the HLR got closed as of today. Anybody know how long it normally takes to hear the result? It doesn't even look like they've mailed a decision letter yet. I called Peggy and they told me that this most likely means the rater has made their decision on they just haven't processed all the paperwork to get it mailed out yet. Anybody have any thoughts?
  9. Hi @pete992 What I meant by that was everything that was related to the claim regarding the HLR. Wouldn't that be great though if they did go through our entire files each time and help us make claims individually?
  10. Hey @paulstrgn I just had the informal conference call for my HLR. I think it went really well. Took about 2.5 months for them to get to it but the rater basically told me that if the IMO documentation supported my claim then that would be the most likely scenario that she went with also. She couldn't say 100% because she hadn't reviewed everything in my file (she said they always do the call first just to get an idea of my we submit HLR requests) but all in all I liked what I heard. Who knows though, we've all been let down by the VA multiple times. Said I should know something by next week. Thank you for your help through this!
  11. Thank you all for the responses and amazing advice! I filed for a HLR in November and finally received my informal conference call with the rater today. I told her about my concerns that I felt like the IMO from Dr. Anaise was not considered or was not reviewed in its entirety. She was very friendly and told me she had my entire file in front of her that included the IMO from Dr Anaise. She said she couldn't say one way or another if the previous rater read the entire IMO but that she would review it. She also said one of the issues that the current system faces is that once you get an Opinion from an outside VA doctor and submit it for an appeal or supplemental claim, if they schedule you for another C&P exam they don't provide that Doctor with a copy of the evidence that you have sent to the VA, so basically whoever is doing the C&P is just going off of the documents that were already in your C-File. So if you have documents from the last C&P where the doctor says "I don't believe this is service connected" then the new C&P Doctor sees that as well. She told me that she would take today and tomorrow to review my entire claim but that if the documentation/evidence in the IMO meets the criteria a rating then that would most likely be the decision that she went with. I'm trying not to get too excited about the decision because the VA has let all of us down multiple times. She told me that they should have a decision to me sometime next week. This claim/appeal process goes back to Mayof 2018 so the plan is to donate 10% of my backpay to Hadit if it goes through. This site is amazing and has amazing people that take time out of their busy days to help us weave through this bureaucratic nightmare.
  12. @paulstrgn Did you get confirmation when you faxed in your HLR request? If you did, how long did it take to get that if you remember? I faxed mine on the 20th and still not showing up in the system. I know it's only been 5 days (including Saturday and Sunday) but just trying to figure out if I should send by certified mail also just to make sure they get it. This is the number i faxed to also: (844) 531-7818
  13. Hi @paulstrgn Did you ever get your official response from the HLR? I am filing mine by Fax today and was hoping to hear an official uplifting response about one since everybody else appears to be denied again during them.
  14. Thank you @Vync. From what i've been reading that's how i've been interpreting everything. I think i'll start with the HLR and just make sure they see the areas in the IMO that support my claim. Then if that fails go BVA and then so on. Thank you for taking time to comment on this again. All of your opinions and advice is greatly appreciated.
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