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  1. I agree @Buck52. Don't hurt yourself or your families. Give what you can afford and are motivated to give. This is a rough time for lots of folks. I am fortunate to have a great job (VA) and my hours have INCREASED during the pandemic. In my (limited) experience, the number of VA compensation claims are exploding right now. There's never been a bigger need (IMO) for this website to help Veterans/families with their claims.
  2. 1) Is your wrist service-connected? If it is, consider getting your own evaluation done. My understanding is that some VA medical centers offer "DBQ clinics". Get another doctor to fill one out. Conflicting medical evidence is a solid basis for appeal. If it's not service-connected, STILL get another evaluation of the severity of your condition. Severity is separate from the medical opinion about nexus. Try to make sure that any separate evaluation you get is in your record before the rating decision is issued. 2) Examiners refusing to do something associated with the exam is una
  3. This website does great work in the Veteran community and we need to make sure it continues to do so! If you can do so, please donate during the fundraiser. For those of us that have been on this site for a longer period of time, I challenge YOU. I'm committing to $150 a month for the next 12 months. One time donations are great, but this site has bills every month. If this is something you can swing, please consider an ongoing donation that will 1) help insure the site stays up; 2) takes some of the stress off @Tbird; and 3) help make sure this valuable site and its services aren't b
  4. Hi all, The 4138 that came with your RAMP decision is no longer valid to appeal those decisions. I believe the final date those were accepted was April 26, 2019. That said, I regularly see those claims opened and then cancelled, because a) not everyone knows the rules, and b) the rules have changed since the implementation of AMA. Your 10182 is the valid form to use to appeal to the BVA for a RAMP decision - or any decision issued on or after February 19, 2019. You can send the 4138 in if you want, but it should be (hopefully will be) ignored. Good luck with your review!
  5. That's gotta be a typo. They probably mean "leave" without pay - also called LWOP. The Veteran takes time off due to migraines and has used all of her sick leave. It appears she's had people donate some of their sick leave, plus she's having to take LWOP. I don't know about anyone else, but it sounds to me as if she's describing federal government pay/leave. I'm a federal employee and I've been in that exact position. I took leave for my disabilities and, when I ran out of leave, I took LWOP. I didn't ask for anyone to donate, but that was an option. Phury
  6. I'm not being snide or anything - I'm just pointing out. "Exposure" isn't a valid claim. Anyone making a claim to the VA needs to understand that they are making a claim for a disability. No disability; no claim. I have actually seen claims where the Veteran says he/she was exposed to "burn pits" or asbestos or Agent Orange, but they aren't claiming a disability. It seems obvious to people who've had a bunch of experience with VA claims, but newbies need to know (if they don't already) that your VA disability compensation claim has to be a claim for a disability. I left out the perti
  7. Hi Penguin, So I'm not an expert, but if it were me? I would withdraw the legacy appeal and submit the Supplemental Claim as I explained in my earlier post. I didn't make recommendations earlier, but you are specifically asking for one Here's why I would do that: I work RAMP (there are still some out there) and AMA claims primarily. But I regularly come across legacy appeals. The thing is, even if they are ready to rate and there is nothing left to do but assign it to a rater, I see them sitting there where the last suspense date is OLD and it hasn't been assigned to someone to co
  8. I'm not jumping in to the fray, but I will say that I've had all of the experiences described: I'm retired USAF; 100% SC; my husband (retired ANG) and I own our house right out the back of Davis Monthan AFB; we are living (different state - new job) 2 hours away from the Commissary/Exchange (it's only about 40 miles but we have some of the worst traffic in the nation); and we have lived in the middle of nowhere (North Dakota) where groceries were 50 miles one way and no Commissary in sight. Davis Monthan has closed multiple buildings/services (Shoppette, etc.) in the last 5 years. Smokey Po
  9. Hi! So, a couple of things. You can qualify for SMC S, which is the Homebound rate, if you have a single disability rated at 100% and another disability or combination of disabilities that total at least 60%. You don't need anything else and your employability is immaterial. You can work full-time and still qualify for SMC S if you have 100% (single disability) and at least 60% (single or combined disabilities). However, employability can be a factor in SMC S. The only way it's a factor is if you are rated unemployable on a single disability. That unemployability rating based on
  10. Yes and no - it's complicated. If you had a rating decision issued between February 19, 2018 and February 18, 2019, you have/had a one-year period to appeal the decision. To do that, you submit a 21-0958 NOD. You are in the legacy appeal system because your appeal doesn't qualify for review under AMA. HOWEVER. There are some big exceptions to this rule. 1) If you participated in the RAMP program and received a RAMP decision prior to Feb 19, 2019, then your appeal is SUPPOSED to be put in under AMA and requires the use of the AMA forms - if you are initiating appeal after Feb 19,
  11. The legacy appeal - 1 or more conditions appealed on the NOD - is 1 claim. However, withdrawing an appeal is a separate animal. Here's some manual quotes: and My understanding (I'm not an expert!) is that we (claimants/Veterans) have always been able to withdraw an appeal. It makes sense to me. If I appeal 5 issues in a rating decision and I (later) figure out that the VA had a valid reason for denying/effective date/evaluation, then I can choose to withdraw my appeal. It also makes sense that I might only want to do that for a single issue on a multiple issue appeal
  12. Hi Penguin, Thanks for updating You have an option here and it is not a widely advertised one because AMA is so new. Supplemental claims filed on 20-0995 can be filed on anything any time - pre and post 2/19/19 rating decisions. However, if you have a legacy appeal, you will have to withdraw it in writing to submit the Supplemental claim. Ideally, you would do that simultaneously. Withdrawing an appeal can be done on any form or piece of paper. It just has to be written - you can't do it by phone. I'm going to talk about that for a minute, but that doesn't mean I'm recommending it
  13. Coming soon to a military base near you! I'm attaching a document that was just released that describes new access granted to service-connected Veterans (not just IU/100%) to military bases and MWR activities including Commissary and Exchange activities. There are a number of categories of Veterans and caregivers that this affects. Spread the word! Phury & Rhage Expanded Patronage.v2.docx
  14. Here is a document that describes new access coming for caregivers. They (and service-connected Veterans plus others) will have access to military bases and MWR activities including BX/PX/NEX and Commissary. Spread the word!!! Phury & Rhage Expanded Patronage.v2.docx
  15. Hi Penguin, When you send in more than one application, on different days, each application (if it's valid) will result in its own claim. So, your reconsideration/reopen claim in December is totally separate from the Supplemental Claim you submitted in April. Even though both applications do very similar things, the rules say they can't be combined. Also, different rules apply to the SAME type of application, depending on when you submit it. Your reconsideration is its own separate claim. It appears that you haven't heard anything about the reconsideration, except what's
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