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  1. broncovet, I originally filed the claim in June 2014, then in July 2016 got a partial denial which i filed a NOD with, so I'm pretty sure I was legacy. I got those letters to opt in to RAMP during the period I was appeal and took it to the VSO to look at and they advised against it since I was already in the appeal phase for awhile for a hearing, and that opting in wouldn't really make a difference or delay my case further. The problem with mine was that the 2 C&P examiners that saw me were trying to argue that my SC depression didn't get worse.....it was the non-SC part of the depression that did (what?), even though they clearly stated I WAS NOT employable and clearly listed how I severely deficient in most areas....but it was non-SC part's fault. My VA doctors, psychiatrists, LCSW, and VSOs were stupified by this, and apparently the judge was too and very sympathetic that I had to go through all this suffering dealing with this. Another factor was that I have never worked a job and had neither friends or family in these last 15 years since I left the service. Should have been a pretty open and shut case.
  2. Hi all, I just got my two issues granted! Both 100% depressive disorder and TDIU (which is..odd?). I'm just waiting for the award letter as to the specifics of whether it's P&T (which is mentioned numerous times in my records). April 15 2019 - BVA hearing scheduled May 16 2019 - BVA hearing May 24 2019 - Appeal granted (WOW!!) Holy cow! Less than a week after the hearing they made their decision! I was told that it may have to take 3-6 months to issue it. The VA staff that participated in my claim and the VSOs that represented me were absolutely flabbergasted at how fast the decision was made. Things were getting pretty dire, and I'm thankful that the timing of this was nothing short of a miracle.
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