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  1. Hello all, I'm just trying to see if anyone would have some insight or suggestions regarding my situation. I have received an appeal that in which OSA was granted secondary to service connected asthma. PTSD was remanded. This happened on August 13th, 2018 and I have not received any rating decision and it's approaching 10 months. Is this normal? I have contacted my RO executive assistant, the white house hotline, my congressman and my county VA rep and nobody seems to be able to help. I have submitted financial hardship forms and it has been flashed to no avail. They just keep saying there's no time frame and all they mention is the remanded PTSD until I bring up the granted Obstructive Sleep Apnea grant. It's like they don't even see that part or it's been lost and nobody looks into why this has been pushed aside. I originally applied for compensation in 2010. Is this normal these days for RO's to just ignore the BVA grants and not follow through with hardship and expeditiously processed BVA decisions? Thanks!
  2. Have you gotten any update on this at all? I'm curious because I have finally gotten a granted appeal from the BVA in August of 2018 but haven't received a ratings decision from my RO yet. Nobody seems to know anything, even the director of my RO.
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