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  1. Thanks bronco, just glad I finally got what I should have the first time in 2015.
  2. Funny thing is my appeal (disagreement with 10%) was denied in July after 4 years of waiting. SO right after that appeal was denied I just filed for an increase and boom... only took 2 months. Maybe they just didn't want to pay the back pay on the appeal?
  3. Checked my disabilities and also checked my letter and they are both updated so let's pretend it's fact for now. Went from 10% panic disorder up to 50% August 27th: Filed for increase September 16: C&P exam with LHI October 4: Preparation for Decision October 6: Preparation for Approval October 7: Awarded increase to 50% for panic disorder
  4. Was closed on the 15th and Peggy said I should be getting a letter soon. Yes it was one issue (appeal to raise PTSD/anxiety %) No change on ebennies or bank account anywhere so I gotta wait. Could "VA made a NEW decision" be good news since my appeal was denied at regular appeal and this is from higher-review? Guess we'll see because no one has ever typed those words in internet history when I searched it.
  5. Scared me Bronco but I finally got my backpay, now I can claim success
  6. I just closed an FDC in 35 days a couple of days ago, I'm seeing movement everywhere, but I need to chill.
  7. Update: Closed August 15th Wondering if anyone else has seen this before and if the timeline was about right?
  8. Very sad Bronco to think about the vets that died fighting the VA, I bet you knew a couple from this forum. My benefit letter and disability both show that it granted with my new rating. Says they've mailed the decision so I can't be 100% sure til I see that and the $ hit my bank account.
  9. Haha great point, just had my letter update today. Maybe I'll end up owing them money.
  10. Tinnitus FDC Claim July 1st - Filed Claim July 17th - C&P July 31 - Preparation for Decision August 3 - Preparation for Approval August 4 - Preparation for Notification August 5 - Closed rated 10% for tinnitus Just thought I'd let you know how the FDC's are looking. Not bad! This was Muskogee. Any new benefits at 20%? Thanks everyone who posts on this forum for the help.
  11. congrats wire, I just had a remanded appeal c&p a couple weeks ago hoping for a % increase, hope you get some definitive answers soon - I'll be here to read it!
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