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  1. To update everyone I called the 800 827 number. The lady told me she had no idea why they asked about my wife. About the C&P exam, she didn't see what it was for or that it was even ordered. She seemed new, but I will call again today. Maybe someone can give more answers. Even though my complete date jumps around it moves back by the week and currently says the 13th of this month.
  2. Thank you all for the advice. I sent a e-mail over to my attorney. My other C&P exam was with VES. This one is at my local VA hospital. I can only guess this new exam must be for the remand from the BVA. I heard that if you have appeals and put a new claim for anything else they will decide claims and appeals at the same time. To clear up any confusion I got a call from 800 827
  3. A few days ago I got a call from ebennies. When I called them back they asked me what city and state my spouse and I got married. Which is in Nigeria. I filed a claim last year, but was denied. I didn't submit this claim, but it is the same day I filed an initial claim. I am currently at 20% maybe they decided on something that brings me above 30%? In addition, I claimed back injury/back condition with some other things. I noticed that they attached scoliosis which was on appeal. Now when I check everything that was on appeal disappeared. I know dates can jump, but have never seen this. I did new x rays and everything with VES. I have an initial claim and both remand from NBA and DRO review appeals. The initial claim seems to be moving fast since I was approved for hardship before. I been scheduled for a C and P exam this week at the Chicago VA I have no idea for what. Thank you
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