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  1. So my former B more office burned you?! Becky buckle up I'm about to tell you how getting "burned" turned into being "Blessed!!" Drs are SHOCKED when I tell this story. I fell down gorgeous DC museum cobblestone steps in tourist VOMIT! Yes you have my permission to laugh!! Haha I laid there crying in pain screaming for help. A museum volunteer found me! I had him go alert my coworkers asap! Firefighters ambulance my coworkers etc were there FAST! I thought I was paralyzed from the neck down(Firefighter had me move toes I think to test)! My daughters were going off at GW hospital seeing me covered in vomit barely moving.Well OWCP DENIED THE CLAIM!! EVEN THE MUSEUM FED OFFICERS WERE SHOCKED AND GAVE ME REPORT TO FIGHT!! To this day WRITING THE OBAMA WH GOT THAT MONEY RELEASED!!!!!!! Claimed my Dr did bad report...MAYBE HE SPELLED VOMIT WRONG!! HAHAHA My agency swore up and down my OPM FERS disability wouldn't be approved so 8 months later (I was still out of office) she delighted in DENIAL!! I read it noticed my slick agency removed all evidence that helped me so I submitted all missing medicals(got expert report as well) 45 days later APPROVED!! I had the funds to hire a great lawyer BUT GETTING BURNED FUELED MY ANGER TO WIN!! I still remember the sad look on experts face when he said "What law firm do I submit my bill?" I pulled out MY CHECKBOOK!! BOOM Because VA knew my face was partially paralyzed from rare tumor and I've been through enough IU P&T WAS EASILY GRANTED AFTER SUBMITTING OPM APPROVAL AND MEDICALS!! So take getting BURNED AS FUEL!!! GOOD LUCK......
  2. Working the phones is a hard job because most if the time they're guessing! Raters always brought cases back to try to knock out everything at one time! Doesn't mean a denial! Try to stay positive!! I checked ebenefits and saw as an IU P&T case (increase)I knew why an increase was granted on one issue but other issues deferred! Remember my case is in B more office but no 2 cases are alike!!! I didn't get a denial because it went back!! Exam contractor even told me my case was marked possible increase but needs another exam! I take all of this with a grain of salt to stay sane!!!! PLEASE STAY POSITIVE!!!
  3. As a former VA VSR the guys/ladies in my barbershop know this subject sends my BP through the roof thinking we were all incompetent so I will be brief!! First guess who were the first to quit claims processing(15 ppl in one week left for soc sec)....VETS!! Yes calling/posting complaints is very different than when a stack of "very" difficult files are placed on your desk! My major VA complaints were MEDICAL professionals should be deciding ratings!!! Next can't hire fulfilling quotas!! The cases are difficult to work! I shouldn't be teaching a coworker how to pick up a phone call hospitals etc to "correctly" request records because so many requests come back done incorrectly slowing up cases!!! I found a mistake that got a vet a HUGE refund and he complained the check didn't release fast enough. I knew then I would be leaving VA as well.....I BURNED OUT!! My supervisor was MAD when I announced I was transferring!
  4. I used Rapids system then went to base (my last duty staion) and she told me Coast Guard depot was closer but I didn't wait long. VA dental just billed my private insurance BY MISTAKE but a 3 way call got it straightened out! VA billing guy got smart with me didn't believe I was IU P&T! I told him check my records just had a "free" dental implant!!!! Yes vets we must speak up for ourselves! I really enjoy using my ID at Lowes, Home Depot, Shades of Green (Universal tickets), hotels etc.
  5. How ironic I thought 2014 IU P&T (submitted OPM FERS disability approval, denial overturned in 45 days, lawyers are like WHAT?!?!)was much easier than social security denial which made me happy! FERS can't double dip and social security too much red tape for me! Social security said I have a permanent disability but not at its level. I didn't reapply after VA increase! FERS application required I apply for social security.
  6. I had a rare benign tumor denied service connection. My VA supervisor at the time (a former rater) said to me due to size and damage that tumor's growth had to have started while I was still active. So I found an expert, she wrote report I won appeal...it always gets back to medical evidence!! My story is why I tell vets NEVER GIVE UP IF YOU HAVE THE MEDICALS!!
  7. Everyone is correct file asap! I had a condition s/c I think 15yrs later because it was chronic, in my SMRs and I submitted proof I stayed under Drs care!! Now rated 60%! I still remember VAs request for more info (I wrote in statement) which I had to s/c! Good luck
  8. You're welcome!! I rarely post on boards like this because us vets can get upset and overstressed trying to predict VA outcomes but your post caught my attention!!! As certain posters have said every denial battle (OWCP FERS VA) I won was because I read the denial then attacked with my own "medical" evidence!!! For the record ebenefits on my claim as been correct but then I heard a joke former Secy McDonald (he helped me)marked my case!!! Haha
  9. I used to work in the B more office and my 100% P&T was awarded there. I'm also on FERS disability! In my opinion the B more office has greatly improved(my former excellent supervisor works with MD VA)! On a recent phone call with WH vet rep I was telling her my current issue is with exam contractors "pretending" they're working with vets to schedule exams (then lie to VA but I'm smart enough to upload statement of what REALLY happened) then sending me to a horrible eye Dr when I have JHs eye experts on my rare condition!! Like I tell fellow vets NEVER GIVE UP BUT DO THE LEG WORK TO GET MEDICAL EVIDENCE!! Good luck fellow female vet.......
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