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  1. well just got another letter in and it seems they remanded the date from 2014 to 2017, SOB's !!! Don't know what to say at this point, break em and throw them away and lets continue to screw them.......
  2. how do you figure when they will start paying me at the 100% rate, housebound..? They will start the pay before they finish the back pay? That would be nice !!
  3. Evening, I'm sure a question like this or similar has been asked but hard to find exact parallels. I will be brief but hopefully detailed enough in order to receive some help ! I filed a claim in 2015 for my back which got denied and I filled NOD and so the process starts, During that time I was placed on SSDI. In April 2019 I received a decision to the NOD which I totally forgot about, but in a nut shell I was granted increased ratings for my back, sciatic pain. The judge granted me IU permanent (100%?), at the house bound rate and backdated that to November of 2014. According to the VA.gov site it takes or they said it should take 1-2 months for the processing. I called my DAV rep today and he told me 6 months to 1 year to process. There was 1 remand and that was TMJ and I already had the medical appointment for that, jaw locks up and can't open my mouth. I received the decision from Washington VA judge, went to San Diego office, and now it is in Sacramento office getting th first of 3 reviews...? 3 reviews...? Does it really take that long to process the grant decision? does the DAV time frame sound right ? Thoughts or suggestions? Thank you Semper Fi ! Tony
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