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  1. Always good to have another IMO source. I can't say I'm a fan of the $750 per case review up-front cost without a clear description of what they require. I'd hate to blindly (from how it's presented on the flyer) shell out the cash and have them say that they can't do anything.
  2. Definitely meant to put quotes around any of the processes when dealing with the VA. I appreciate the additional context and info. No real issues with having to appeal any decisions by the VA. I just want to make sure I'm justified in an appeal should my additional secondary contentions be approved and don't have the original claim effective date applied. Only time will tell but I'll keep this post updated with the results.
  3. So I guess I'm a little confused. Is the second claim supposed to be absorbed into the earlier initial claim to include the effective date if it's within the first year of the initial ITF? I already have my second claim submitted. Just wasn't sure if it would eventually get folded into the original claim and be subject to the EED.
  4. I appreciate the response. The reason I'm curious is because it's the difference between 90% and 100%, so the backpay is several thousand dollars if it's the original filing date, however I'll extrapolate from your post that it wouldn't be. Other than that, my evidence is solid.
  5. So I have a partial decision from my initial claim already and would like to submit a claim for secondaries for some of the SC items I have been rated for. I've heard the new claim will get folded into the still open pending claim but what happens with the effective date of the new secondaries claim? Since it's still within 1 year of my initial claim/ITF, will these new items be subject to the effective date of my initial claim or the date noted on my latest ITF that was automatically created on eBenefits when I decided to file for secondaries?
  6. I recently noticed that my knee pain secondary claim was merged with my shin splint (bilateral leg pain) claim for my left knee/leg. I assumed these were supposed to be rated separately but I can't find anything in the eCFR that states this is the case?
  7. Thank you, sir! Glad to see how quickly the new appeals process moves!
  8. Yea, I definitely agree that nothing is set in stone until I get the decision letter. But eBenefits does indeed show the percentage increases which is nice to look at in the interim.
  9. Just an update. Found out a few minutes ago via a call to the DAV that both items in my appeal were approved! VA.gov still shows no info but eBenefits has them listed as increased! Appeal was around 27 days.
  10. Got it. Thanks for the info! I'm surprised they provided additional QTC exams for the supplemental appeal. Didn't think they did that until the higher level board. If you get a chance, I'd love to know what did/didn't help the appeal once you get your letter in the mail.
  11. Thanks for the info! Glad to know mine isn't just messed up on the website. For the approved/denied appeals, what kind of evidence was submitted?
  12. Yea, ever since mine has appeared on VA.gov it has said, "Status: We don't know your status.". I did call the VA yesterday and they said my appeal has been assigned to an RO with an estimated completion date of March 2020. How long did your appeal take and was it part of the new appeal process?
  13. Thanks, @broncovet I suppose I am jumping the gun and expecting the worst. Is it inappropriate to discuss the fact that I already had a positive exam with the new C&P examiner? I'm assuming that they'd be aware of the previous exam already being conducted and would have been able to review it. Feeling like that could easily be misconstrued.
  14. So I just received word that I'll be receiving a new exam for a claim I had for bilateral shin splints which was deferred. It was deferred due to inadequate objective medical evidence. However, the C&P exam was positive in that the examiner stated it was as least as likely as not a result of military service. I guess the VA rater just never received clarification from the examiner. Currently I have STRs for shin splints, that positive C&P nexus and a current diagnosis of bilateral shin splints from my private medical doctor. The question is, if I receive a negative result from this upcoming C&P, will it trump my previous exam and evidence or would this be an example of "benefit of a doubt?"
  15. Just an update: Called the VA yesterday to ensure they received my Supplemental Appeal. I knew they did through my VSO but I figured I'd grease the wheel a little bit and make the VA rep see it in the system. It appeared on VA.gov today (July 10) with an unknown status but my two claims I'm contesting are there. Hopefully I get some more traction soon.
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